The broken spell of Pass without trace 5e attack, work & stacking in dnd

Pass without trace 5e

All you need to know about broken spell of Pass without trace attack, work & stacking

Does an additional 10 Stealth bonus that comes with the Pass without Trace 5e spell added to the present Stealth reward?

Yes, passing without trace is a bonus to the character’s current Stealth test. The spell “pass without trace” description reads: A haze of silence and shadows erupts from you, obscuring you and your friends from being noticed. The duration is for 30 minutes. Every creature within 30 yards of you (including you) receives a bonus of 10 on dexterity (Stealth) checks. They are unable to be tracked unless by magic methods. A creature who receives this bonus doesn’t leave trails or other evidence of its travel.

The spell doesn’t state that it is replacing your existing Stealth check modifier. Therefore it’s an additional feature. Suppose two features in a game don’t have identical names. Their advantages are stacked on top of a basis. (In this scenario, there’s no way to have two different abilities or features being stacked; it’s one bonus that is stacked on top of the standard or existing bonus.) It’s not without limits.

It is important to note that the spell’s description states that it only adds an advantage to your Stealth checks and blocks the possibility of being traced later on. Still, it does not make your voice invisible, completely inaudible, unrecognizable (as Jeremy Crawford clarified on Twitter) or even impossible to spot with other senses.

Additionally, the spell’s description states that it will grant these benefits to those who are within 30 feet of the caster. Crawford clarified on Twitter that the spell is designed to help creatures only if they remain within 30 feet of the caster. However, the spellcaster can select different targets throughout the spell.

Suppose the enemy is on looking for the party. They need a place to cover themselves with; if they walk out in the open, enemies will be able to spot them, whether they use a spell or not. The party will keep away from the eye and adhere to the hidden rules, that’s right. 

Is Pass without trace 5e a broken spell in dnd?

5E Pass with no trace is inexplicably broken. Giving +10 to stealth roll for those within 30 feet of the caster’s 2nd level spell? The obscured tracks and trace of Passage must be at + to DC for them to be recognized. However, all stealth checks starting at +10? No. It’s an awful adaption of the earlier versions.

The original spell added 4 (plus the caster’s adjustment to stats) in terms of difficulty to monitor the group. (except the path could display enchantment upon detect magic, making it easier to follow the group!) There is no bonus for stealth checks, simply the added challenge of tracking.

Stealth alters sight and sound. The spell also affects both. Also, it leaves the absence of tracks. For sound and tracks, it could be that the spells produce the illusion of a soft minor levitation beneath everyone’s feet, which blocks the most sounds from walking, and blocks contact with the ground. The spell may cause minor camouflage for the sight piece, which helps to blend in with the surrounding.

What exactly is “Pass Without Trace 5e attack ” work in D&D 5E?

Very simple. The spell can cause the “traces” of your journey, such as sounds, sights, smells and so on, to be more difficult to detect. It’s a complete overkill; it’s an “I Win” button for stealth. There’s no reason why a three-level Way of the Shadow monk should be scoring 30+ on check for stealth. The same bonus can be useful to the entire party to make matters worse (to the DM most of the time). It allows you to carry your party mates with dexterity issues through challenging detection situations effortlessly.

Does the beneficiary from the Pass Without Trace spell change depending on the person within the 30-foot radius for the time?

The “pass without trace” description of this spell is ambiguous on both of these points. Additionally, Sage Advice Compendium Sage Advice Compendium does not provide any guidance on edges-cases concerning the spell. However, the rules creator Jeremy Crawford has unofficially clarified the two cases on Twitter.

It is only beneficial to those who are in the vicinity of 30 yards from rolling.

Crawford clarified that the benefits are still valid even if the individuals targeted are beyond the range of the benefit in a tweet in January:

The Pass’s Targets without Trace must be within 30 feet. Of the caster to keep benefits?

“Pass without Trace” is intended to help you only when you’re within the spell’s range.

It’s a plausible way to interpret the spell’s descriptions because the way it’s stated to work is “A veil of shadows and silence radiates from you”. It is only able to extend a certain distance away from the person casting it.

(How the Stealth check is handled after the target is no longer within the 30-foot range is unclear. However, I believe the most simple and sensible approach is to subtract the bonus of +10 from the previous Stealth check. Otherwise, you’re Stealth check will remain in effect until you’re found out or cease being a fugitive.)

You can modify who gains from it over time.

Crawford answered a question regarding the spell’s target throughout July tweet from:

bypass Can different targets be chosen for each round throughout the event, or are only the first targets affected?

Pass Without Trace: you can choose different targets throughout the game.

One interpretation is the same way as Crawford has suggested. It could be a plausible interpretation of the description of the spell: “For the duration, any creature you choose to put that is within 30 yards of you. That it’s not a once-only decision but rather a regular selection that you will continue to alter or change during the duration.


Tracking without Pass 5e dnd: A shadowy veil and silence envelop your body, obscuring you and your friends from being noticed. They are unable to be tracked unless by magic methods. In the duration, every creature that you select within the ’30s of your (including you.) It receives a bonus of 10 for the Dexterity (Stealth) checks. The creature that gets this bonus does not leave a trace of any other evidence from its Passage.


Casting Time 1 action
Classes Druid, Ranger
Components V S M
Concentration Yes
Duration Up to 1 hour
Level 2
Material Ashes from a burned leaf of mistletoe and a sprig of spruce
Range Self
School Abjuration
Target Self