Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough

Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough

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Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough

In Persona 4 Golden, you need to max out your social link with Naoto, who is your final party member. You only have a short time in the game to max out Naoto’s s-link. Fortunately, we’ve got a Persona 4 Golden walkthrough that will help you achieve this goal! We’ll also discuss the romance with Naoto! The guide will cover everything you need to know to get her to rank 10!

Persona 4’s social links

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that Persona 4 has quite a few social links. While you’re playing the game, you can group these social links together and level up together. However, some of these links may not be accessible to you until you’ve beaten the main story line. Fortunately, the game’s FAQs have confirmed solutions for most of these challenges. Listed below are some of the most common social links.

Social Links are a feature that first appeared in the Persona series. A Social Link can be formed with another Persona of the same Arcana, which gives the fused Persona experience point bonuses. You can level up before combat by fusing two Personas. In the game, creating Social Links with girls automatically results in dating them. However, this has its drawbacks. For example, if you want to make friends with a girl, you should consider becoming friends with a guy who is not a Social Link.

Another feature of Social Links is their importance in the game. If you want to unlock strong Personas in Persona 4 Golden, you’ll need to talk with other characters to improve your Social Links. Not only will talking increase your Social Links, but it will also help your party members unlock new abilities. It also means that the Personas in the party will be more compatible in battle. If you have strong Social Links, you’ll be able to win more battles!

Yosuke’s s-link

The protagonist in Persona 4 Golden can initiate a Social Link with Yosuke, a Magician Arcana Persona, when April 16 comes. Yosuke’s social link is quite strong, and is perhaps the best way to fully integrate the silent protagonist into his team. The Social Link will increase Yosuke’s strength, while Yu will offer emotional support and even fight alongside him at the end of rank 10. The early ranks of the Social Link are slow and forced, but the fusion of Mada and Yosuke’s character traits will soon become apparent.

Yosuke’s link is very short, but it portrays many important themes. First, Yosuke’s self-esteem is a concern; he lacks self-worth. He doesn’t see patience and kindness as qualities, but his dialogue with Yu builds up Yosuke’s self-esteem and sets the stage for his bromance with Yu. Yosuke’s s-link, like all his other ones, has a number of elements that make it believable.

Yosuke asks Yu to help him at Junes and overhears Saki and his senpai talking about Saki. Afterward, Yosuke decides to ignore the insults from the girls and his senpai. He vows not to lie to himself. During the process, Yu is also able to use the S-link to defeat Yu, but it takes him longer than expected to get to that level.

Yosuke’s fox

The new version of Persona 4 features Marie, a young girl with no memory. She is named by her deceased grandmother, Margaret, and meets Yu in Inaba. She asks Yu to help her by discovering more about her past. Her story will play a central role in the new Social Link side story. Yu will also encounter new characters, including the fox Susano-o. She will learn new techniques and powers from the game’s social link system, including fusion.

The fox is a non-player character in Persona 4, but plays an important role in Midnight Channel exploration. It has orange fur and scars on its right eye, forehead, and left leg. It wears a red apron with a heart pattern. He is a loyal friend and can always be found at the Tatsuhime shrine. He hopes that if you grant him a wish, you’ll visit his shrine and give him an offering.

The Ultimate Persona is unlocked at level 76 after you max out Dojima’s S.L. It has powerful physical and magical attacks, but doesn’t specialize in any area. Ultimately, it’s a good choice for leveling up as soon as possible to use the Ultimate Persona. You’ll be glad you did! So, if you’re looking to use a special ability, Yosuke’s fox is the one for you.

Farming 60,000 EXP

Having a high level and character with the Almighty ability, you can farm 60,000 EXP in Persona 4 by killing enemies with golden hands. This method can be repeated for money and leveling fast. The game will be released on June 13, 2020, and features Denuvo anti-tamper tech, cheat trainers, and unlimited HP and EXP. The key to farming 60,000 EXP in Persona 4 Golden is to kill enemies in one-hit-kills.

You can find the Reaper in any dungeon. However, if you are not able to find the Reaper in the first place, you can go back to the first dungeon and save your game. This way, you can try again. Just remember to save the game after each dungeon to avoid getting stuck in the same area twice. If you fail the first time, try to open two chests on floor 5.

Farming 24,000 yen

In Persona 4 Golden, you can farm for yen by doing several activities. For example, you can take up Part Time Jobs and complete quests to earn money for the character. You can also farm for yen by completing dungeons. These activities help you earn extra EXP and unlock powerful equipment for your main character. The more money you earn, the better your character’s Bond will become.

One of the best ways to farm for yen is to collect gold in the game’s dungeons. There are several ways to do this, including completing the dungeon’s stairs. A few of them can even force Golden Hands to spawn. Just remember to keep the items handy to make your quests easier. Farming for yen in Persona 4 Golden is not easy, but it is definitely worth it!

Obtaining Persona

In obtaining Persona 4 Golden, you will be able to carry over all of the protagonist’s Social Stats, levels, and Social Link statuses from the original game. You can also obtain the end game Personas, including the ability to fuse them. The only things you will lose are the Social Link items that you already have. The good news is that you can acquire them again. Here are some tips for obtaining Persona 4 Golden.

The 37th quest in Persona 4 Golden is titled “A Twin’s Independence”. This quest first becomes available on August 22nd after completing Quest 35. Unlike the previous quests, this one requires you to find Power Rocks, which you can find on most floors of the dungeon. The B3F-B4F floors contain several of these rocks. Once you’ve collected enough, you can sell them to the Daidara Metalworks in the Central Shopping District. After obtaining all of the items listed in this quest, you can purchase the Invincible Mini from this merchant.

As with other Personas, you can only summon certain creatures at certain times. To find and obtain Personas, you’ll need to register them in your Compendium. You can also fuse two Personas to create a new stronger creature with greater battle stats. But how do you go about doing that? Here’s a guide! There are many ways to get golden in Persona 4! If you’re a fan of Persona games, you’ll love this game!