I lost all my money gambling | Will my wife divorce me ?

I lost all my money gambling | Will my wife divorce me ?

I lost all my money gambling | Will my wife divorce me ?

Addiction is an illness that can affect people in many ways. Gambling addiction can affect you in ways that you can’t even think of. If you have lost all your money in gambling, you need to go through this article.

Let’s look at some of the possible consequences that you may face after telling the truth. 

Gambling Spouse Divorce

Gambling Addiction is a severe problem and needs to be seen immediately as it can affect even the most vital relationship. Moreover, keeping it a secret from your spouse is another problem. Not only but it can cause serious financial problems on both ends. 

Before the family gets into serious debt, you need to take care of this problem before things get out of hand. 

A lost huge amount in gambling does it have any implication to the conjugal partnership?

Partners are susceptible to the harmful effects of gambling disorders. Still, little research has been conducted to understand partners’ experiences from distinct viewpoints. Therefore, this qualitative interpretive study investigated the effects of gambling disorders on spouses.

The financial costs of gambling disorders on partners were significant and far-reaching. Some partners were obliged to work extra hours to support home expenditures and pay off gambling-related debts. Others lost their savings, homes, valuables, and established ways of life. 

While these effects were substantial, spouses also faced a spectrum of emotional effects that were equally severe. For example, their gambling partner’s falsehoods, dishonesty, and hiding of problems and gambling behavior caused significant loss of trust, grief, and a sense of betrayal.

These experiences destroyed these partners’ sense of self-identity and led to severe problems in their relationships. Along with cumulative emotional and physical health consequences, these issues lead to many individuals’ separation and divorce. These findings highlight the need for understanding partners’ experiences and public health programs to safeguard partners and their families from the negative effects of gambling issues.

Will my spouse divorce me?

Some spouses attempt to control their partner’s habit, but this is usually ineffective and does not result in a long-term solution. As with any addiction, the addict must “hit bottom” before beginning on the challenging route of recovery — with a lot of aid. 

Speaking with a professional who can guide you and your family through the recovery process will quickly help you find the right option.

When you know that your spouse has a gambling problem, their spouse and children suffer. Divorcing a gambler can be challenging. There may be numerous disputes, unpaid debts, job losses, and budget adjustments. 

When faced with this difficult situation, the best thing you can do is consult with an attorney about the potential of separating your finances from your spouse as soon as possible.

The right and legal way

Many people have misunderstandings about what are the severe consequences of gambling. However, even if your partner does not gamble every day or can afford to lose money, they may have a gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction can be determined if they have these following traits:

  • Having a strong desire to keep gambling a secret
  • Gamble when you don’t have enough money to spare.
  • Struggling to keep your gambling under control?

Spouses and children are frequently penalized due to one person’s gambling addiction. Eventually, Bills could go unpaid, budgets cut, and gambling may result in job loss. 

It may sound cliche, but gamblers must have a strong desire to seek help. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to help your spouse in any way until they realize that quitting gambling is now necessary and they are willing to seek therapy. Nonetheless, your spouse must follow the treatment plan and, in most cases, refrain from gambling.

But if all goes in vain, the first thing you should do is consult with a divorce lawyer. While well-meaning friends and family members are often full of sound advice, they may be unfamiliar with legal jargon.

Your divorce lawyer will be able to explain how child support payments are calculated and how your marital property (or debt) will be divided. They will also respond to any questions you have about the divorce process, taking into account your unique situation.

Finally, Get Help

If you cannot leave your spouse for any reason, this is the last and only option you are left with. If you live with a loved one and any of the above lines sound familiar, it is time to seek help. There are multiple non-profit organizations in the public and private sectors where those suffering from addiction issues can get the necessary assistance and treatment. 

Rehabilitation centers can assist clients by connecting them with appropriate treatment providers based on their unique circumstances. In addition, you can contact your local expert advisors for more information and tell them the whole situation, so they can schedule a plan for formal therapy sessions.

Negative Impacts from Gambling

Losses from gambling can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on your life and the lives of those around you. In some cases, a person’s gambling debt may be grounds for divorce. All shared property, including most debts and assets, is divided between the two spouses during a divorce.

Furthermore, gambling addiction can hurt your marriage on multiple levels: Trust: Compulsive gamblers frequently lie or distort facts to conceal the fact that they have a problem. Emotions: From betrayal and shame to guilt, hurt, and outrage, your partner’s gambling problem can have a significant impact on your emotional health.


Gambling is an addiction, and quitting it is another enormous challenge. You have to be very careful before filing a divorce, as seeking expert advice is better to guide you better on the division of assets and liabilities. 

However, you can help your spouse by making them feel that gambling affects their relationship, financial situation, and family. For more updates on gambling issues, make sure to sign-up for our newsletter for the latest information worldwide.