Naruto Shippuden Fillers To Skip And Filler Arcs

naruto shippuden fillers to skip and filler arcs

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Naruto Shippuden Fillers To Skip And Filler Arcs | Anime 2022

“Naruto Shippuden ” is a sophisticated anime masterpiece in which one dynamic plot arc leads to the next, culminating in Naruto’s captivating hero’s journey. The anime begins with the criminal organization Akatsuki making significant moves to eliminate the mythical-tailed beasts conn’s jinchuuriki hosts. It concludes with Naruto becoming next-level powerful and joining his allies in the Fourth Great Shinobi War for the sake of humanity’s future. Even yet, any anime that lasts 500 episodes will include some filler.

“Naruto Shippuden” is overflowing with filler. Some of them are genuinely entertaining, depicting great battles. Some feature elements connect to the plot or provide further context to the main story. Well, you can skip them entirely if you want to. Fortunately, there are some brains on Reddit who can assist you.

These episodes are based on the manga and follow Naruto’s journey to fulfill his destiny with the help of his friends from Konoha and the other secret villages and his long-standing friendship with his original comrades Sakura and Sasuke. This is Naruto’s bildungsroman, as told in “Naruto Shippuden.”

He first appeared in the original “Naruto” series as a nuisance and a weak student shinobi. “Naruto Shippuden” concludes with him as the planet’s most potent shinobi, equipped with various evolutionary forms that he may act as the combat heats up. Naruto starts as a despised troublemaker, but he’s the world’s savior in the end. These are not to be missed if you only want to watch a few episodes.

Many of these episodes are stand-alone or mini-arcs with little connection to the main plot, with some flashbacks to a younger Naruto and his buddies embarking on some ridiculous, meaningless trip. Naruto and Yamato are seasick for a long time while they go to Naruto’s training with Killer B (at one point, Naruto’s clones turn on him).

One of them, Episode 271, exists solely as a promotional piece for “Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie,” and it should be noted that none of the films is canon, but they are entertaining. These filler episodes offer nothing to the plot and aren’t worth seeing. As some of these drag on, you’ll wish you could skip on to the canon episodes.

Adult Swim is worth seeing

These “Naruto Shippuden” episodes contain interesting plots and reveal some extraordinary new powers. Any ninja story with famous fighting monks is always fantastic, and we witness a Land of Fire monastery full of formidable fighters. (Look at some of the old Shaw Brothers kung fu films.)

Several Akatsuki members demonstrate their strength by eliminating some extremely powerful monks to collect bounties, including one monk who uses the Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed Murder Jutsu, which appears to be a precursor to later Justus involving manifesting powerful, more giant beings. (I’m thinking about Hashirama’s Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands.)

Furthermore, these episodes suggest that a warrior can have some tailed-beast chakra and reap the benefits. The idea that a portion of a tailed beast’s chakra can reside inside someone, transforming them into a partial jinchuriki and even granting them a tailed-beast cloak, will be important later.

Fighting monks are always entertaining.

This is filler, a story about Orochimaru’s collapsed empire’s remnants, and you are not required to see it. Still, it’s worth seeing, if only to see some incredible fights and learn some great new Jutsu.

Numerous aspects contribute to the canon. One is the revelation that Orochimaru compounds are teeming with powerful shinobi, each with their own set of unique and, in some cases, genuinely terrifying Jutsu.

According to a fascinating, even an “evil” Orochimaru disciple can transform for the love of another. The Three-Tails appear in several episodes, more than at any previous point in the series. We also see the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier being deployed on a tailed beast, which will play a vital role in the Fourth Great Shinobi War’s conclusion.

At the very least, watch Episodes 100 to 112, though you should manage all of them if you want to comprehend the entire arc. Episodes 144 through 151 of Adult Swim’s “Naruto Shippuden” follow a filler arc with little to no impact on the main story, yet it’s one of the more exciting filler arcs. The central plot is about a banned Jutsu capable of destroying entire communities. It has an eerie resemblance to an atomic explosion.

This banned Jutsu is contained within a girl, and a shinobi with a highly unusual bubble Jutsu is tasked with keeping her safe. The two have something akin to a sensei/student relationship, which Naruto takes very seriously. Plus, as time passes, we learn more and more about the shinobi.

Atomic bomb metaphors, unique Jutsu, and the Six-Tails jinchuriki all appear in this arc. As a result, it eventually has the Akatsuki, implying that anyone resisting the Akatsuki’s quest to collect all of the tailed creatures is in for a rough time.

176-196: Filler – but it’s all worth seeing.

After the significant arc in which Pain destroys Konoha, only to be saved by Toad Sage-mode Naruto, this stretch of filler takes place. Although Konoha had been crushed, Pain could bring its inhabitants back to life following his meeting with Naruto. And the youngster who was once ridiculed and dismissed as a knucklehead has become a village hero.

Most of these episodes begin and end with the villagers working together to reconstruct the Village Hidden in the Leaves. However, we typically receive flashbacks in between the open and close.

Many of them are about Naruto and how the shinobi who are rebuilding the village remember the troublemaker from years ago and are pleased with the shinobi he has become. Although they are entertaining, none of the episodes change or add to the story, and the opening and end of each episode are part of the main plot.

Episodes 284 to 295 are filler, with more flashbacks and storylines that have nothing to do with advancing the main story or explaining what is about to happen. However, there are a few exceptions worth watching because they not only contribute to the Great Shinobi War but also feature some great combat.

Watch Episodes 284 and 285 for conflicts between reanimated elite shinobi and members of the allied shinobi forces, including Sai and Kakashi facing a member of the Legendary Swordsmen the Mist in Episode 284.