Is Martin Short Gay? 10 Things You Did Not Know About Him

Is Martin Short Gay? Things You Did Not Know About Him

Is Martin Short Gay? 10 Things You Did Not Know About Him

Martin Short is an entertainer in his own right. The singer, actor, and stage performer has played various TV characters, including Ed Grimley, a favorite of Second City Television and Saturday Night Live, and the clumsy and inappropriate Jiminy Glick.

Short has appeared in films such as Three Amigos! and the Father of the Bride series on the big screen. Pure Luck and Inner Space are two lesser-known comedies in which he has appeared. Short has had a one-person show on Broadway, toured with his good friend Steve Martin, and regularly appears on Saturday Night Live. His never-ending vigor seems to know no limitations.

Short has remained relatively unscathed when it comes to scandal, conflict, or drama as a Hollywood mainstay. 

He Survived A Heart-Rending Interview About His Marriage After His Wife Passed Away

Nancy Dolman, Short’s wife of 30 years, died of ovarian cancer in 2010. Short appeared on The Today Show two years later, where co-host Kathie Lee Gifford praised him and Dolman for their long marriage:

Short informed her they’d been together for 36 years, and when questioned why they were still “madly in love,” he said he’s “attractive.” He never said anything to Gifford about his wife’s death.

Short’s “enormous grace and kindness” was later credited by Gifford, who later apologized for the error. He expressed his gratitude for the apology, saying, “People make mistakes on live air. There is no malice in this.”

“Nan and I had one of the finest marriages in show business,” he said, adding that Gifford wasn’t entirely wrong.

His Father was an Irish stowaway who was deported at first

Short’s Father, Charles, immigrated to North America as a stowaway from his home in Ireland. He arrived in Texas, was deported, and then made his way to Canada. Charles moved on to work for a steel firm in Hamilton, Ontario, where he resided with his five children and wife Olive (a child prodigy).

According to sources, the family was unusual in that they didn’t mind spending all of their time together because they were “extremely snarky” and entertaining. To put it another way, “Growing up, there was a lot of laughter in the house. There was a lot of laughter.” He’s regarded as one of the most excellent individuals in the entertainment industry. 

If you ask David Letterman, he’ll tell you that “I’ve never heard someone say anything negative regarding. That’s a difficult feat for a comedian to accomplish.”

Short’s people, including Steve Martin, agree, putting it down to an intrinsic capacity to be hilarious rather than “competitive, needy, or desperate.”

Short isn’t “the finest person at something… [he’s] just ‘the best person.’ Period,” according to Tom Hanks’s wife, Rita Wilson.

Short attributes it to his heritage as a Canadian: “Nice” is not a popular descriptor for comedians, but it is for Canadians. It appeals to me.

Canada has produced a coin. In Honor of Short

Short was born in Hamilton, Ontario, in the year 1950. Despite having dual citizenship in Canada and the United States, he is proud of his roots. He has earned countless distinctions in Canada, suggesting that the country is equally proud of him.

Short and fellow Canadian Michael J. Fox shared the Governor General’s Medal for lifetime accomplishment in broadcasting in 2017. 

Unlike Fox, however, Short has another award – a coin that, in his opinion, “embodies Canada’s natural beauty.” Short assisted with the coin’s design, which was released in 2013. Its face value is $3, and only 15,000 were ever produced.

Short Turned Down A ‘Saturday Night Live’ Contract Extension

Short’s transition from SCTV to SNL in 1984 was supposed to be a one-year contract. He, Billy Crystal, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer agreed to participate in producer Dick Ebersol’s final year.

The shift from SCTV to SNL was difficult because the latter’s writing, editing, and filming schedules were substantially shorter. Short was awarded a contract extension in 1985 after Lorne Michaels returned to SNL as producer. He remembered his talk with Michaels:

Since the season was over, I went to Lorne’s place, and he was going to give me the Three Amigos screenplay. And he kept talking about how I felt about him returning. “Now, if we got back together…” we talked about it. “No, I don’t want to go back,” I continued. “How can I go back if I make this movie?” I reasoned. “Well, things can be worked out,” he says.

Short stuck to his guns and said he didn’t want any more time on SNL

I had it all figured out in my thoughts. I had a new baby that I hadn’t seen in over a year. I had a feeling. I’d done three years of SCTV, so this was my fourth year. I just knew it wasn’t something I wanted to do. I thought a year was a fantastic opportunity.

Short Pursued A Career As A Social Worker In College

Short attended McMaster College in Hamilton, Ontario, before pursuing a career in acting. In 1972, he earned a bachelor’s degree in social work, joining comedians Eugene Levy, John Candy, and Dave Thomas as McMaster graduates.

Short got an honorary doctorate from McMaster in 2001 and a lifetime achievement award from his alma mater in 2016. Short had this to say about his time in college:

When I think about McMaster, I think of four years of entirely new experiences, a different existence in which I was able to express all elements of my life and embark on an entirely new journey. I would not have gotten into the company if it hadn’t been for Mac.

Short had not intended to pursue social work as a career. “I wasn’t interested in science, which sounds vital,” he realized after abandoning his plan to become a doctor.

Gilda Radner is a well-known actress. Was There a ‘First Love’ For Him?

Short first met Gilda Radner in 1972 when he was cast in the film Godspell. Victor Garber and Eugene Levy also appeared in the Toronto production, with Paul Shaffer providing musical accompaniment. However, it was Radner who drew Short’s attention. He praised her “hilarious and delightful” personality, marveling at “a woman so at ease in her oddity.” 

According to Sources, Gilda and I were more or less living together full-time at her house by September 1972, and I was deeply in love. “Heady” is a clichéd phrase, but it truly captures the whirlwind of [the] early months, which included my first time living outside of Hamilton, my first job, and my first love… Gilda and I dated for about two years, on and off.

Their relationship didn’t last in the end, but Short found love again among the Godspell cast. Radner’s understudy for the musical was Nancy Dolman, whom Short later married.