Good movies to trip to on Netflix?

Good movies to trip to on Netflix?

Good movies to trip to on Netflix? | Best movies to watch in 2022

Many people’s bucket lists include taking a road trip. Movies about road trips frequently convey a more profound message than simply getting from point A to point B. They depict the transformations of those who embark on them. We understand how essential road trips are to you. We also understand that sometimes you need a little push to summon the courage to leave everything behind and go on one. So we’ve listed some of the best Netflix road trip movies that will inspire you to take your road trip.

Mississippi grind (2015)

Gerry appears out of luck when he meets Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), a young, charming, and lucky gambling player. However, Gerry decides to take the young man on a road trip to the South to put his new lucky charm to the test and recover from his financial difficulties.

However, the film does not center on the road trip or the journey but rather on the true nature of a gambling addict. It’s even sad to see the two men risk everything to feed their addiction at times.

The Task List (2007)

‘The Bucket List’ is a sweet and touching story about two men (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) who meet when they share a room in a cancer ward. The two grow closer over time, and one of them discovers that the other has a bucket list of secret things he wants to do before he dies. So with only a few months until they “kick the bucket,” the two men decide to go on a trip and fulfill their last wishes. Along the way, they find newfound peace and joy in each other’s company.

Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

After being dumped by their girlfriends, two guys meet an older woman named Luisa. They tell this new beautiful lady that they’re going on a road trip to a secret beach to impress her. Luisa, who is looking for an escape, decides to join them.

As the three embark on this journey to an imaginary beach, they learn a lot about sex, relationships, and life in general. The film has a lot of heart, and most people will admire the outstanding characters. The film also has an open heart when it comes to sex and intimacy, making it both sexually explicit and compelling at the same time.

The Trip to Spain (2017)

‘The Trip to Spain’ is one of six films in a series created by actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon about a trip through Europe, precisely a spin in this one, with stops at eateries and beautiful sights. This one is more of a documentary than a film, and it simply follows the journey of two men who love to travel and eat delicious-looking food.

The dialogue is raw because the actors aren’t acting out their lines but speaking their minds at the moment. Don’t expect to see a great film; instead, expect to enjoy it for what it is, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Kodachrome film (2017)

His father, a well-known photojournalist, frequently overshadows Matt (Jason Sudeikis). When Matt’s father is diagnosed with cancer, his dying wish is to take his son on a road trip from New York City to Kansas to develop his last few Kodachromes before it’s too late, and those memories can be lost in unprocessed films. The film will undoubtedly bring back fond memories for those who used Kodachrome film to take photographs with Kodak cameras before the company went bankrupt and was forced to close down.

Overall, the film is very predictable, but aren’t most road trip feel-good movies? We don’t watch them because the plot is predictable. Instead, we watch them be touched and, at times, deeply inspired by the overall positive vibe that the film exudes.

The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

Put the Antman star, Paul Rudd, in any film, and you’ll get excellent performance and some memorable jokes. One such film is ‘The Fundamentals of Caring,’ in which Paul Rudd plays a writer who has recently lost a loved one.

To get over it, he decides to work as a caregiver. So it is when he meets an angry and frustrated adolescent who has never left his house due to his disability. The two become closer and better understand friendship and aspiration throughout the journey. When you’re in a good mood, this movie is a pure entertainer that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Disguised Girl (2010)

During a particular education class, a fat, insecure, homosexual, and depressed adolescent meets a promiscuous, daring, infamous, and scandalous adolescent.

The two have nothing in common except for one significant difference: they are both unwanted misfits at school. Tired of their meaningless school lives, the pair decide to take a road trip to re-discover themselves and deepen their friendship while jamming to classic 80s tunes.

If you judge it by its title, which I did, it sounds like some stupid adult film with no material, but it’s the opposite. So ‘Dirty Girl’ isn’t dirty at all, and it should be near the top of your list of road trip movies because of its unique characters, soothing soundtracks, and meaningful plot.

Burn Burn Burn! (2015)

Burn Burn Burn is a moving story about two friends who decide to take a road trip in memory of a friend who has recently died. On the way, they spread his ashes, which they carry in a small Tupperware container. The film has a very indie feel-good vibe and is ideal for a weekend with a loved one. The actors, too, deliver very raw and poignant performances, allowing you to absorb their emotions and the pain of their loss on a much deeper level. It hits you right in the feels and leaves you with a mix of happiness and mild sadness.


So we’ve listed above some of the best Netflix road trip movies that will inspire you to take your road trip. (8) Mississippi Grind (2015) Gerry appears to be out of luck when he meets Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), a young, charming, and lucky poker player.