How to Unlock the Bathroom Door with Hole from Outside?

How to Unlock the Bathroom Door with Hole from Outside?

How to Unlock the Bathroom Door with Hole from Outside?

If you want to figure out how to unlock a bathroom door with a hole, then continue reading. Push-button locks are the most common type of remote lock. These locks have a little spot instead of keyholes. Fortunately, push-button locks are more accessible to unlock than front door locks like deadbolts. Manufacturers created them intending to maintain privacy. Such locks are usually present in bathroom or bedroom doors.

You can unlock a bathroom door with a hole in various ways. This article will present you with a variety of methods to choose from. You have the freedom to choose whichever strategy works best for you.

Method 1: Use a Screwdriver


One of the easiest ways to unlock a bathroom door with a hole is with a tiny screwdriver

For this, you’ll need a screwdriver with a flat head. The screwdriver needs to be of the smallest size available, typically 5/64. Cellphones and other electrical gadgets are usually fixed with this type of screwdriver. 

5/64 size is ideal for opening a bathroom door with a small hole.

However, a metal paper clip of a bigger size can also be used as an alternative, If you don’t have any small screwdrivers with a flat head on hand. It would be best if you first straightened the metal paper clip for it to fit into the small hole.

Moreover, other more readily available options include a bobby pin. Bobby pins must also be straightened beforehand. However, bobby pins aren’t strong enough, so you need to ensure that the one you are using is sturdy enough to push the lock’s button.

Step 1: Insert a tiny flathead screwdriver into the door’s hole

First, insert a tiny screwdriver with a flat head into the lock hole. Make sure that the screwdriver fits well and will not be stuck inside.

The size of the screwdriver you are using is very crucial. It needs to be a perfect size, i.e. small enough to avoid touching the hole’s contours. It’s also helpful to keep it straight for it to press the button inside simply.

Step 2: Insert the screwdriver into the hole

After placing the screwdriver into the hole, ensure it’s in the proper position. If your screwdriver is in the correct position, you will probably face a little resistance. After positioning it correctly, push the screwdriver as much as you can. You will hear a clicking-sound on the screwdriver being appropriately positioned. The door has now been opened.

Step 3: If nothing else works, turn the screwdriver until it falls into a slot.

Pushing screwdrivers doesn’t work when it comes to turn-style locks rather than a push-button lock. In such cases, crank the screwdriver until it falls into a slot to open a turn-style lock. Carry on with this procedure until the door has been successfully opened.

Method 2: Using a Plastic Card

If you don’t have any other tools on hand to unlock a bathroom door with a hole, another technique is available—this technique involves opening the door with a hole, including using a knife or a plastic card.

Make sure the card you use is not very important one, like a membership card or a gift card, but instead a card you are not concerned about destroying. The pin should also be strong enough to resist bending or breaking when trying to unlock the bathroom door with a hole.

Our second option is a knife, specifically, a butter knife, as butter knives are the best knives for unlocking doors and other tasks. Usage of knives with sharp edges should be avoided since these knives are typically thin and can break under pressure.

Step 1: Take a firm grip on the doorknob

If you don’t have anything to unlock the lock, you can open the door using a card. To begin, use your non-dominant hand to grasp the doorknob. Hold the doorknob with your left hand if you are right-handed. This is required because constant pushing and pulling of the door are necessary while attempting to hit the lock’s strike plate.

Step 2: perpendicularly insert the card while leaning your body against the bathroom door

Lean your body against the bathroom door to make the gap between the door and the door frame as wide as possible.

Insert the card perpendicularly to the door after positioning your body against it. Bend the card while sliding it to reach the strike plate. Push a little harder on the doorknob.

Step 3: Slide the card upwards and downwards until the door unlocks.

Slide the card upwards and downwards with the appropriate amount of force. Pushing and pulling the doorknob while wriggling the card if you’re having trouble opening it. It helps to reduce the friction and pressure generated by the latch.

The door will automatically open whenever the lock’s cylinder retracts.

Using a Strong Force as a Third Method

Step 1: Determine the optimum location for kicking the door open. 

In case of an emergency and need to open the bathroom door as soon as possible, this method can be used. It would help if you kicked the door as near the handle as possible without actually kicking it. Moreover, kicking the door in the middle must be avoided, as you might hurt and injure yourself.

Step 2: Kick in the front to the best location you can find.

If you are not good with front kicks, avoid trying this method because you might get hurt. It would help if you kicked through the bathroom door for it to open. We still suggest you try the other methods listed above to avoid injury and damage to the door if the situation can wait. You can hire a locksmith if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the most helpful tool to unlock the bathroom door with a hole?

A small flathead screwdriver is the best tool for unlocking the bathroom door with a hole. It can be used to open a turn-style lock and unlock push-button locks.

  1. What is the function of the small hole in the knob’s center point?

A privacy lock is a name for the tiny hole. It’s most commonly found on bathroom doors. The door may be unlocked in an emergency by pressing the button present inside this hole.