How Much Does the Bad Girls Club Cast Get Paid?

How Much Does the Bad Girls Club Cast Get Paid?

How Much Does the Bad Girls Club Cast Get Paid?

When you think of the Bad Girls Club, you probably think of drama, parties, and plenty of booze,all things that can potentially lead to big bucks! But, while that may be true for many members of the Bad Girls cast, it’s certainly not the case for all of them.

Reality TV is more profitable than you might expect it to be. Many cast members who join shows like The Real Housewives or Teen Mom get paid next to nothing,or even receive free products!

What is the Bad Girls Club?

The Bad Girls Club is a reality show that follows seven women from all different backgrounds who are thrown together to live in a house and compete against each other for prizes.

There is always one ‘bad girl’ who emerges as the season’s champion and walks away with prizes worth up to $200,000. If you want to learn more about this show, read our wiki page on what it’s like to be on the bad girls club.

Predicting how much money an individual will make from participating in the Bad Girls Club can take time and effort. Still, it is clear that those who get paid well have a lot of experience in modelling or acting.

Even though these people are already making money before their appearance on the show, being cast as a bad girl may help them secure even higher-paying jobs or endorsement deals following their time filming.

How much does the cast get paid per season?

The cast members of Bad Girls Club are paid very well for their participation in the reality TV show. However, each season of Bad Girls Club has a different number of episodes and cast members, so it is difficult to calculate an average salary.

Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas’s cast members were reportedly paid $5,000 per episode. It had ten episodes per season, which equals $50,000 per season.

New York City’s cast was reportedly paid $4,000 per episode with 12 episodes per season or about $48,000 per season. Miami’s cast was paid about $3,600 per episode with 16 episodes or about $53,200 for the whole season. Finally, Chicago’s cast paid around $3,000 per episode with 14 episodes or $42,000 for the season.

Atlanta’s cast received around $2,800 per episode with 15 episodes or $37,500 for the season. Los Angeles’ cast earned approximately $2,400 per episode with 18 episodes or $36,000 for the season. Orlando’s cast members were reported to have earned around $2,100 per episode, with 20 episodes equaling approximately $33,000 for the season.

New Orleans’ cast was said to have been paid under two thousand dollars at roughly $1,900 per episode, with 22 episodes totaling about $27,600 for the whole season. Washington D.C.’s cast was reported to have been paid $1,600 per episode with 24 episodes for the entire season, which equals about $24,000.

Lastly, Hollywood’s cast members were supposedly paid a mere $750 for each episode, or only about half as much as some of the other cast.

What other benefits do the cast members receive?

Cast members receive a weekly stipend of $1,000 for their out-of-pocket expenses. They also get a $2,500 stipend for their appearances in the show. In addition, they get free transportation to and from shoots and all meals during filming.

The girls are allowed three personal phone calls per week, with unlimited text messages. In addition, each cast member gets an expense allowance for clothes, make-up, hair stylists, and fitness trainers that ranges between $300 and $600 per week.

All these perks come at a high price; the monthly cost can range from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on how long they stay.

Are the cast members required to sign a contract?How Much Does the Bad Girls Club Cast Get Paid?

The cast members are not required to sign a contract; some have gone on to have successful careers in film, television, and music. The show is filmed in Los Angeles, California. For people to apply, they must be at least 18 years old or older and provide two references.

To be considered a potential show member, they must live with no more than one roommate in their home and cannot work as exotic dancers while filming. In addition, they cannot work in any profession involving nudity or being filmed by hidden cameras, such as being a masseuse or housekeeper.

Applicants also cannot be convicted felons. If selected, each cast member will receive $2500 per episode. There have been a total of 15 seasons aired so far. The youngest cast member was 17 when she started, and the oldest was 40 when she finished. Members get paid every time there is a new episode (which can happen up to twice a week).

No matter how long it takes for a person to graduate from the show, if they were chosen for it in the first place, they would get paid as much money ($2500) as everyone else who remained on it longer.

What are the consequences of breaking the contract?

Breaking a contract with MTV can be a big mistake. If you break your contract, MTV has the right to sue you, and there are some severe consequences for doing so. The penalties for breaking a contract include: being sued by MTV, being fined $5,000-$25,000 per episode or season not delivered, and paying any damages arising from your breach of contract.

So what should you do if considering breaking a contract with MTV? First, be aware of the consequences before making such a huge decision. Make sure you read through the contract beforehand to know exactly what you’re signing.

Remember that contracts aren’t made up; they are signed agreements between two parties in which one party promises something in return for the other party’s promise; it may seem unfair at times, but without a contract, we wouldn’t have any legal ground to stand on. Always have an entertainment lawyer go over all contracts before signing them.


The cast of Bad Girls Club usually gets paid between $1000 and $2000 for each episode. They also do promotional work for the show, which can bring in more money.

Some girls can make over $100,000 per season. So it is no surprise that many stars have been arrested for theft, assault, drugs, prostitution, and much worse offenses.


Who is the richest bad girl from BGC?

Norma Nunn Natalie Nunn, a reality television personality in the United States, is worth $325,000. She gained fame most notably for taking part in the Bad Girls Club fourth season on Oxygen in 2009–2010 as one of the housemates. In Oakland, California, Natalie Nunn was born on December 26, 1984.

Do you win money on Bad Girls Club?

Female contestants on “Although members of the “Bad Girls Club” do not get cash prizes, Booker claims that many of the women “show some improvement” after participating. They have gained insight into who they are. This is the reason the programme invites a life coach.”

How long do the girls in Bad Girls Club stay in the house?

They were advertised as “charismatic tough girls” on the programme. For three months, the cast of “bad girls” would live a life of luxury in a home provided they followed certain restrictions. A production team captured footage of their daily activities both inside and outside the home.