How Much Does it Cost to Powder Coat Rims?

How Much Does it Cost to Powder Coat Rims?

How Much Does it Cost to Powder Coat Rims? | Total cost explained

Out of all the parts and accessories on the exterior of the car, the wheels would receive the most punishment. Every time you get on the road, motorcycles, cars, off-road vehicles, and camping trailers are exposed to hundreds of external forces. 

Within a short period, brake dust, road tar, freshly painted highway lines, and stone chips could all be seen on the wheels. If not noticed in time, the residues could discolor and detract from one of the vehicle’s most attractive characteristics. Though retail cleaning and touch-up kits are available, they are more of a temporary repair than a permanent one.

It is challenging for some folks to determine how much it costs to powder coat rims. Powder painting rims might cost a fraction of the price of new wheels while also giving them the look of being brand new. Spraying electrically charged powder coating materials into the grounded section would be the method of choice. This powder would cling to the wheel due to electrostatic attraction and would be subjected to heat, allowing the powder to flow and cure over time.

The majority of vehicle owners must consider powder coating rims for various reasons. Even though many people believe that powder painting rims are expensive, it is worthwhile to learn more about them. Learn more about powder coating wheels by watching this video. 

How much do powder coating rims cost? 

As a result, powder coating rims might range in price depending on who offers the product and service. Powder-coated rims, which cost $50 each, are a good option for individuals on a tight budget.

However, most providers would charge $60-$75 per rim as a typical price. You may already be satisfied with the cost’s outcome. If you have enough money to spend on powder coating rims of superior quality and attractive appearance, you could as well go for almost $100 to $125 per rim. 

Powder Coating Rims Is Expensive For 5 Reasons 

Many individuals believe that powder painting rims are too pricey. Most of them would like to have their wheels coated because they want them to look better or want a new look. However, the method and, more importantly, the expense may not be as simple as simply painting. As a result, before determining whether or not to powder coat the wheels, you should be aware of some of the reasons why it is thought to be costly. 

1. They’re not easy to deal with. 

Most current automobiles have thick and big wheels, making them difficult to maneuver. There would also be the cost of some rims and the special upkeep that would be required once the wheels had been coated.

18 to 20 inch or larger rims are possible. These must be hung on specific hooks on large racks and handled one at a time. So, while someone might move the wheels around, it is not easy.

2. The Key To Success Is Preparation. 

It doesn’t mean that someone who claims to powder coat the wheels can do it. Once you’ve decided on a suitable powder coating or another coating job, you’ll need to do some serious prep work. 

First, the metal must be identified because aluminum and steel wheels may react differently to the preparation, affecting how well the coating service will handle the rims.

All of the non-metal components must be removed. The wheels must then be burned out to remove practically all oils and other contaminants. If you do not do this, you may experience pitting due to residues causing outgassing, which may further damage the coating. 

The second step is to sandblast the rims to ensure that the coating adheres properly. Next, the wheels should be cooked in the oven to the proper temperature, depending on the metal. 

3. The Trick Is Considered To Be An Excellent Primer 

You risk corrupting the metal beneath it if it is tampered with. Proper priming is necessary for any wheelset that will be powder coated. It’s possible that if the powder coating’s shell is weakened, the metal beneath it will rust. This primer will safeguard the steel rims when the exterior coating’s integrity is damaged. It is necessary to apply a primer to every coated wheel to provide additional protection, which increases the cost.

4. It’s possible that not all powder coatings are the same. 

Most individuals would have their rims black powder-coated, and several companies would bring the wheels in and swiftly etch and powder coat them for a small fee. However, the money could be squandered if something wrong happens within a few days due to the powder coat’s poor quality. 

That is why it is necessary to pay a little more for a high-quality powder coating job that will last longer. True, a high-quality powder coating will cost more, but you’ll receive numerous coats, distinctive textures, and top-coat protection. It would help if you did not settle for a low-cost black but invested in higher-quality powder coating materials. 

5. Maintenance Is Unquestionably A Beneficial Preventative Measure 

If you have your wheels coated, you must ensure that you take proper care of them. It is necessary to maintain them clean. When you have a significant scratch, dent, or chip, you must ensure no exposed metal. Indeed, a little care and upkeep would go a long way toward extending the life of the work coating.

If you have your rims powder coated, make sure you pick a coating that will last as long as the wheels. You might pay less upfront and more in the long run, or you could pay more upfront for excellent work and a long-lasting coating.


Indeed, the cost of powder coating rims may be determined by the coating, procedure, or service you select. You have the option of choosing between the inexpensive and the pricey options. However, the most crucial factor to consider should not be the cost or price, but rather the coating’s quality and capacity to last a long time, as it will be well worth the investment.