What episode do Elena’s memories come back?

What episode do Elena's memories come back?

What episode do Elena’s memories come back? | Which episode was it?

After numerous hurdles in The Vampire Diaries season 6, episode 20, “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You.” As a result, Alaric’s previous attempts were thwarted, and Elena’s memories of Damon were resurrected., beginning with their hilariously awkward official first date.

Vampire Diaries (season 6)

Damon and Bonnie were locked in an alternate prison world when Season 6 began, and Damon couldn’t return to Mystic Falls until a few episodes later. On the other hand, Bonnie was tormented by a new figure named Kai until later, when she met her family again.

In season 6, Elena was back in college earning a medical degree, Alaric had returned from the dead/was the hottest teacher ever, and Caroline and Stefan had yet to confess their love for one another — at least, not in terms that weren’t wrapped in total and utter ambiguity. Bonnie was still dead, and Damon was killed, right? But T.V.D. Fans know better than anybody that dead doesn’t always mean dead unless you’re Nina Dobrev and have publicly announced your departure from the program. And, while we’re on the subject of Nina Dobrev, don’t forget about Elena Gilbert’s addiction to a “drug” that caused her to have Damon hallucinations. That’s something I don’t recall learning about in D.A.R.E.!

There’s a lot to speak about and believe me, I could go on for a long time — but, for the sake of efficiency, let’s focus on only the most important storylines in the last season to get you ready for Season 7 debut. 

Damon and Bonnie were able to return to their home

Damon and Bonnie were locked in an alternate prison world when Season 6 began, and Damon couldn’t return to Mystic Falls until a few episodes later. On the other hand, Bonnie was tormented by a new figure named Kai until later, when she met her family again. Bonnie, by the way, has a near-infinite amount of lives.

Kai tortured everyone 

Kai, dubbed “the sh*t stirrer,” was Season 6’s main enemy. Kai attempted to ally with Damon and Bonnie as they tried to break out from the prison realm. He’s the one who, among other things, arranged the horrific wedding slaughter (probably too many to recount here). Damon killed Elena after learning that he was the one who put her to sleep for the rest of her life. His legacy, on the other hand, has left an unmistakable mark.

The Damon and Elena Story Continues 

Elena tried hallucinogenic drugs to cope with Damon’s “death,” but when they didn’t work, she turned to Alaric for assistance, pleading with him to make her forget all memories of Damon. It worked for a while, but then Damon had to come back from the dead and, of course, ruin everything.

The two try to resurrect memories, but Elena can’t seem to remember how to love him. Elena always hates demons just because he is cold-hearted. She ended up dating Liam, but their collegiate relationship didn’t work out because Liam isn’t Damon.

After finding their way back to happiness, the two decide to become human together, and then BOOM — Elena departs for good/Damon most likely has a substance abuse problem. I’m telling you, this is cyclical. Elena always loves Stefan and Caroline as they are her best friends and her classmates.

Caroline and Stefan were finally able to get together

Stefan and Caroline’s friendship had been solid for a few seasons, but during Season 6, it blossomed into love. (Praise!) He was there for her while she grieved the loss of her mother, and the two turned off their humanity together and fell in love (read: had very aggressive vampire sex). 

The Wedding Massacre, Alaric, and Jo

Poor, Alaric. Homeboy can’t seem to get his act together. After falling in love with Jo, the gorgeous doctor, he became an expectant father and soon-to-be husband. That is until Jo’s nasty brother Kai (shown above) crashed the wedding and killed her and the unborn children. It got black very quickly. Oh, and then Tyler murdered his girlfriend, Liv, in an attempt to revert to a werewolf. I told you it was dark.

Jeremy Went On A Real-Life Vampire Hunt 

Jeremy feigned to go to “art school” but instead chose to follow Alaric’s footsteps and become a vampire hunter. Then he reappeared in the series finale, asking, “What did I miss?!” What you didn’t know was that your sister was in a coma for the rest of her life. But, how was art school? What happens next with Jeremy is still unknown.

Together with her prison family, Damon and Stefan’s mother has returned

Elena and Bonnie rescued Lily from the prison world, but it turned out that Kai was the one who freed her “prison” family: the Heretics, a gang of witch/vampire hybrids. They wreck devastation on Mystic Falls, as witnessed in the Season 6 finale’s final moments. Lily also causes Damon/Stefan to have a lot of mommy issues.

Elena Becomes Human and Sleeps Forever

Elena obtains the Vampirism Cure and reverts to the human form. She also regains her memories of Damon, which makes the following events all the more tragic: Elena’s life linked magically to Bonnie’s, which means Elena is rendered unconscious because Bonnie is now alive. Until Bonnie passes away, that is. In essence, they can’t both be alive at the same time.

Critical response 

The sixth season has an 81 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average of 7.71 out of 10. “The sixth season of The Vampire Diaries seeks to give Elena the fondest farewell among the horrific melodrama,” the site’s critics agree.


There was a lot of data to take in, and I still have many unanswered questions. and a lot of strings I’d like to see tied up in lovely little bows. Hopefully, Season 7 will provide some answers, and despite Elena’s absence, it will remain the show we all know and love.