Funny Things to Do When Drunk

Funny Things to Do When Drunk

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Funny Things to Do When Drunk

If you’re drunk and can’t get your head back into the right place, there are several things that you can do to have a good time. These include: Swinging, Screaming at people outside the bar, and playing Jenga. However, you should be careful not to scream so loudly that people inside the bar will hear you.


Whether you’re feeling hungover after a night of drinking or just need a good laugh, there are plenty of funny things to do when drunk. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a game of drunk Jenga. It’s like normal Jenga, except each block has a fun challenge. The game’s object is to stack the blocks up as high as possible, but you chug a drink if one or two blocks fall off the board.

If you’re feeling playful, you can also play a game of Jenga with your drinking partner. However, you’ll have to be careful not to show too much of your teeth. Nevertheless, this is a fun game, and you can be sure to find a partner who’ll find it funny. All you need is a table and a couple of cups to play.

Screaming at people outside the bar

If you are out in a public place and see someone getting rowdy, you may be tempted to yell at them. However, it is better to avoid doing this. First of all, it is not appropriate to yell at people when you are drunk. It can make people uncomfortable and make you look bad in front of other customers.

Swinging while drunk

Swinging while drunk is a great way to pass the time. You can do this while alone or with a group of friends. You can talk and listen to other people while swinging. You can also do this with a partner. There are a few tips to remember when swinging while intoxicated.

First, drink responsibly. Swingers typically drink alcohol, but excessive drinking can lead to breaking the rules. Therefore, newer swingers should stick to limits. Having a full stomach will slow the absorption of alcohol, so eating beforehand is a great idea. Drinking on an empty stomach can make you drunker.

Swingers often create their own guidelines for their relationships. These guidelines may differ from those of non-swingers, but they must respect each other’s preferences. They also have a common goal: the development of a healthy relationship. In fact, swinging can even be beneficial for a couple.


If there was ever a time to belt out Ice, Ice Baby and not care who was listening, it’s when you’re intoxicated. As much as you don’t want to acknowledge it sober, being plastered is the perfect reason to declare that you not only know that song by heart but that you actually dressed up like Vanilla Ice – and not only for Halloween. Most karaoke dives are already packed with other inebriated patrons, so why not join in and perform like the frustrated nightingale you are? Remember, there’s no water running in the background to conceal how bad you genuinely sound. Good thing everyone else stinks exactly as much.


You’re guaranteed to earn a few tips if you dress up like a Playboy bunny, no matter how wasted you are. Whether the tips you receive are monetary or simply folks advising you to put on some clothing will most likely be determined by how wonderful you appear dressed as one of Hef’s girls. Whatever the situation, you may blame the Jaggerbombs on your inappropriate pole dancing, especially if you’re performing during your company’s masquerade party and are expected to be dressed much more appropriately than a call girl.

Party like Crazy

The year 1999 was memorable. The New York Yankees won Major League Baseball’s World Series. With its tagline, “I see dead people,” The Sixth Sense broke box office records and became a worldwide phenomenon. Y2K terrified an entire universe and managed to convince the entire populace that the world as they knew it would crumble overnight. Even the singer formerly known as Prince released a song in 1982 about partying like it’s 1999, most likely because he believed the world would end that year. We’re quite sure people were just as sloshed back. 

Taking a drink

Funny things to do when drunk are hard to come by. After a few drinks, most people can’t think of anything. However, there are some things that people do when they are drunk that are worth noting. The following are just a few examples.

Truth or dare

Funny things to do when drunk can involve playing games that can be quite wacky. Truth or Dare is one of the most popular games around. It can be played on any occasion and has many different variations. Players take a shot if they tell a lie or fail to complete a task. This game can be fun and teach you a lot about your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Another game that can be played while drunk is ‘Bombing.’ In this game, one person has to point out a person who they think would do the most stupid thing when drunk. The person they point out gets one drink for every number on their finger. The other person who got the first guess is then forced to answer a question.

Another funny thing to do when drunk is to yell at people. This is a great way to release your aggression. You can also yell at people or break their property. Ask a sober friend to drive if you’re too drunk to drive. Then, lean out the window and yell insults. The insults are funniest when you’re drunk.

If you want to spend an evening with friends and don’t feel like dancing, plenty of restaurants are also open at odd hours. Go there with a bunch of friends and pretend you’re sober – you’ll laugh hysterically while doing it. You can also play video games – they’re also fun while drunk.