Endermen in The Walking Dead-What Blocks Can Endermen Pick Up?

Endermen in The Walking Dead-What Blocks Can Endermen Pick Up?

Endermen in The Walking Dead-What Blocks Can Endermen Pick Up?

Endermen are mysterious creatures in the popular television series The Walking Dead. They can pick up and move blocks, making them an exciting and influential presence in the show. They can also pick up and transport items like chests and tools, making them highly versatile and valuable assets to survivors. Endermen, on the other hand, cannot pick up blocks inside a structure, such as with a building or a fence, because these are considered part of the structure. Read on to learn more about the mysterious Endermen and their capabilities!

General Information

Endermen are a mysterious and powerful mob found in the popular post-apocalyptic TV show, The Walking Dead. Endermen can pick up blocks and carry them around.

This ability makes them dangerous and unpredictable and can be used to cause chaos and destruction in the world of the Walking Dead.

The answer is all blocks, from small dirt blocks to large stone blocks and even building materials like wood and metal. Endermen can also pick up weapons, food, and even other mobs.

The ability to pick up blocks gives Endermen an edge in combat, allowing them to create walls or other obstacles to protect themselves or ambush unsuspecting survivors.

In addition, it allows them to quickly move from one area to another without relying on traditional means of transportation.

It’s important to note that while Endermen can pick up blocks, they cannot place them. This means they must have a clear path to their destination before they start picking up blocks.

In addition, Endermen are unable to pick up items that are too heavy for them to carry.

Overall, Endermen in The Walking Dead is a powerful and mysterious mob that can wreak havoc in the world. Their ability to pick up blocks and other items can significantly threaten survivors. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye out for these creatures and be prepared to act quickly if they appear.

Can Endermen pick up blocks in The Walking Dead?

Endermen are a mob in the popular video game, The Walking Dead. In this game, Endermen can wander around various areas and often carry blocks of various materials. So naturally, this has led many players to wonder.

The answer to this question is simple: Endermen in The Walking Dead can pick up almost any block, including dirt, stone, sand, gravel, glass, wood, and even more, like iron and gold. Endermen can pick up almost any block in the game, making them a great asset in mining or building.

However, one limitation that players should be aware of is that Endermen cannot pick up blocks placed by the player. If the player has placed a block in the game world, Endermen will walk past it without picking it up.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to gather resources for your base or build a structure quickly in The Walking Dead, bring some Endermen! Their ability to pick up almost any block will make your life much easier.

Which blocks can Endermen pick up in The Walking Dead?Endermen in The Walking Dead-What Blocks Can Endermen Pick Up?

Endermen are one of the most mysterious creatures in The Walking Dead universe. They are humanoid yet otherworldly entities with strange abilities and unpredictable behavior.

But what exactly can Endermen pick up in this post-apocalyptic world? 

The answer is… anything! Endermen have the unique ability to teleport themselves, as well as objects, from one place to another.

This means that they can lift and transport a variety of blocks, from stone and dirt to blocks of cobblestone, clay, and even obsidian.

They can also lift blocks such as glass, torches, and stairs – even if they are part of a structure or building. 

It’s important to note that Endermen can only lift manageable blocks, such as those that make up a large house or complex structure.

Also, when transporting blocks, they must take great care to ensure that they do not damage any of the surrounding environment or cause any harm to people nearby.

Endermen are one of the fascinating creatures in The Walking Dead universe, and their capabilities are truly remarkable.

They can be valuable allies in this zombie-infested world, from lifting and transporting various blocks to teleporting items from one place to another.

How do I make an Enderman in The Walking Dead?

Endermen are an essential part of The Walking Dead, as they are used to create obstacles and other kinds of threats.

In The Walking Dead, Endermen can pick up a variety of blocks depending on the type of terrain they’re in. They can pick up wood, cobblestone, and even sandstone.

Endermen also can pick up some more exotic materials like End Stone, Obsidian, and Netherrack. Other important factor to consider when determining what blocks Endermen can pick up is their strength.

As they are hostile mobs, Endermen can be powerful and pick up heavier materials such as stone and iron ore.

If you’re trying to ensure that your Enderman can’t pick up certain blocks, you can use Bedrock, as any mob cannot pick this up. Endermen can pick up a variety of blocks depending on the type of terrain they’re in and how strong they are.

To protect your base from these creatures, it’s essential to understand what blocks they can and can’t pick up. You should be able to stop them from picking up blocks with higher densities than themselves.

For example, suppose you place gold ores too close together and set them too high off the ground. In that case, Endermen will only be able to get them if they’re too heavy for Endermen to carry. You can also create barriers like Redstone Dust which Endermen will not go through.


In conclusion, Endermen can pick up a variety of blocks found in The Walking Dead, allowing them to travel around and acquire resources for survivors quickly. Their ability to transport items also makes them invaluable allies on the battlefield.

Knowing what blocks they can pick up can be a great advantage. As a result, endermen have become an increasingly important part of The Walking Dead universe.

They can be seen scavenging for blocks to add to their teleportation gates, which allow them to move quickly from place to place. Endermen can pick up most of the blocks in The Walking Dead, including dirt, cobblestone, wood planks, stone bricks, and more.


Which block Endermen not pick up?

Except for obsidian, Enderman can pick up any entire block. Glass, glass panes, stairs, half-slabs, and other transparent building materials cannot be picked up by them.

Can enderman pick up Endstone?

The blast resistance of end stone is 9, which is 3 more than that of regular stone. Other than anvils [Bedrock Edition only], ancient detritus, and blocks of netherite, this block has the highest blast resistance of any block that can be moved by pistons. Additionally, it cannot be taken by endermen or destroyed by the ender dragon.

What does the enderman hate?

Endermen are vulnerable to all common sorts of damage, but they have a special flaw that makes them stand out from other enemies: water. Endermen are the only mob that completely despises anything related to water, except from fire mobs that may struggle in water.

What scares enderman away?

Consider putting three lengths of water around your house because endermen despise water. Build a bridge across the water so you may enter and exit. Additionally, substitute glow stones for torches within your home.

Is Endstone TNT proof?

If harvesting obsidian is difficult, it is ideal for blast-resistant constructions since it has a stronger blast resistance than normal Stone. Only the 6 neighbouring blocks of an end stone structure will be demolished if TNT is placed in the midst of it.