10 Best Skate Parks in London

10 best skate parks in London

10 Best Skate Parks in London | Best Skating Park for Children

Skateparks come in many shapes and sizes, and they can feature a wide range of terrain. In the UK, indoor and outdoor skateparks and parks combine the two, such as The Front in Weymouth.

As a result, answering the question, “What is the finest skatepark in the country?” is subjective. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of arming oneself with as much info as possible. That’s when we come in handy! We’ve visited the best skateparks in the nation, so you know exactly what to expect before you even pick up your board.

Parks can now be found throughout the United Kingdom, and we want to reflect that in our list of the best skateparks in the country. So whether you’re racing your BMX in Brighton or elsewhere, We’ve got you covered whether you’re skating in Stranraer or riding a scooter in Cockermouth.

Here are 10 best skate parks in London

1. Unit 23 Skatepark – Dumbarton

Dumbarton’s Unit 23 skatepark may easily be called the birthplace of BMX and skateboarding in the United Kingdom. Kris Kyle, one of the best BMX riders in the UK, grew up in Unit 23. But it’s not simply the well-known inhabitants that make the town great.

One of the UK’s most giant indoor skate and BMX parks, the gigantic 56,000 square-foot skate and BMX park is among the largest in the UK. It’s so large that this has to be divided into three halves. Hall One is more classic in feel, with ramps, boxes, rails, bowls, micro ramps, quarter-pipes, and other features.

2. The Front, Weymouth

The Front Skatepark is located directly on the beach, with Weymouth Beach and the wonderful Lodmore Country Park on the opposite side. It has Weymouth’s only indoor ramps park and an outdoor underground ramp park. The interior space is a relatively new development. It has a sophisticated skate area with flat banking, rollovers, clutch pads, gaps, and jump boxes that give it a street vibe.

A small curving ramp with a steeply pitched inner edge makes up the outdoor ramp park. Nearby is the spine park, which has a sequence of spines, half pipes, flat banks featuring rollovers, and hubby.

3. The Level Skatepark, Brighton

The Level has been refurbished, and all of the previous wooden ramps have been replaced with a 1,400m sq. concrete floors skatepark. Since its inception in June 2013, it has become a must-see destination for bikers from all across the United Kingdom. There’s a great transition space and a plaza-style street segment.

Punts, rails, flat and curving ledges, hip, stair sets, pyramids, banks, and a pole jam can all be found in the street sector. Two bowls with varied lines and mini cement ramps opposite each other make a vert ramp with one rolled side in the transition area.

4. Hereford Skatepark – Hereford

When it comes to skateparks in the United Kingdom, Herefordshire will not be the first place that comes to mind. Hereford skatepark is a small treasure loved by those known, more famous for becoming the former home of the guy who portrayed Yoda in Darth Vader and was misspelled by Robert DeNiro in Ronin.

It’s a huge outdoor park developed in three parts, giving it three unique zones that combine to form one skatepark ideal for BMX and skateboarding. A big, curving bowl sits at the skatepark’s heart, flanked by a little gnarlier bowl.

5. Rampworx Skatepark, Liverpool

Rampworx, founded in 1997 in Liverpool, has grown to become the UK’s largest indoor skatepark (70,000 sq ft) and one of Europe’s largest skateparks. The transition portion is located in the central area, which spans 30,000 square feet and contains many obstacles. This space is split into three sections.

The first portion contains a lot of boxes and jumps, the second has ledges and rail for grinding, and the third section has a lot of step-ups, fun boxes, and flat banks. The bowl is the next portion and is one of the biggest in the UK, with varying depths ranging from 5ft to 7ft and 9ft.

Although slightly smaller, the street segment features a broader range of obstacles than the previous sections. Then comes the final part has a massive front ramp, a quarter tube on the left, and a roll-in just on the right.

6. Creation Skatepark, Birmingham

Birmingham’s Creations Skatepark is underground (23,000 sq ft). It’s made out of bespoke wooden ramps that are placed in concrete. The park’s transitional elements are kickers, sapiens, pads, ledge, flat bars, and jumping boxes.

It also contains a full-sized vert ramp (standing at 12ft 6′′ high and 26ft wide) that was rebuilt in 2014, a flow bowl, a flow portion, a vert barrier, volcano, many quarters, and even a foamy pit. A new Street Section with a stair set, tiny quarter pipe, flat banks, manual pads, and grind rails launched in December 2017.

7. House of Vans, London

Skateboarding, art, movies, and music thrive at House of VANS. It’s a hip indoor street scene modeled off LA’s notorious Lockwood bank. The location is 33,000 square feet and has five different long tunnel chambers. The primary section is a concrete ‘bowl,’ the second is a street scene,’ and the third is a tiny ramp with replaceable center obstacles such as a pole trap, fire hydrant, flat metal rail, and DIY elements. A large rubber floor links the five separate tunnels together.

8. Radlands Plaza Skatepark, Northampton

Radlands was a Northampton indoor skatepark that opened in 1992 but had to retire 12 years later. Then, in 2012, it reopened. It is presently an all-concrete outdoor street plaza with a diamond-shaped ultra-smooth surface. Several rails, ramps, ledges, sliders, kickers, hips, banks, and a stripe running through the middle is jam-packed with boxes, rails, stair sets, manual pads, and more!

9. Skate Plaza – Stoke-on-Trent

The skate plaza, located on Wheatley Street in Stoke-on-Trent, is the best skate park in the UK. It’s an open-air park that costs £500,000 to construct and is enormous. This park was created to resemble the street environment where skateboarding is popular.

It’s a remarkable achievement, with a beautiful street segment that could be confused for an open plaza inside a city center; it’s a lot of fun to skate, and the variety of obstacles ensures that everyone, regardless of skill, has a good time.

10. Hyde Park Free Skate Park – Leeds

This free park is located in Hyde Park on Woodhouse Moor, just outside Leeds city center and close to the main University campus. The park is made of concrete and well-designed, with careful consideration given to the overall narrative of the ramps. It is one of the most excellent free parks in the north and is almost always full. A mini section with three minis linked by spines and roll-ins, multiple ledge and blocks, quarterpipe, a gigantic flat-bank, and some fantastic grind rails are among the ramps.

Final Verdict

Birmingham’s Creations Skatepark neither was born great nor had greatness pushed upon it. It’s a venue that has worked hard to earn its reputation as one of the top skateparks in the UK.

Closings revamp, continues to struggle to afford rent, or even disdain from a few in the skateboarding and BMX world, to name a few of the challenges Creation has faced, there was something of a rebirth in 2013 thanks to granting funding and a refit by FourOneFour, one of the world’s leading skatepark designers.

Inspiration is an indoor skatepark that has an old-school vibe about it. In 2014, a street part was added, although Creations is renowned for its ramps.