10 Best Skate Parks in Dubai

10 Best Skate Parks in Dubai

10 Best Skate Parks in Dubai | Best Skate Parks for Kids

Dubai is one of the most populated cities in the Middle East. Thus, there are plenty of locations to skate. There’s no shortage of places to skate in the city, from legendary street areas featured in skate movies like “We Are Blood” to recently developed skate parks.

After spending over two years in Dubai, I had the opportunity to skate all of the city’s top parks and places, and I wanted to compile a guide to assist any other skaters traveling through. We’ll go through the top skateboarding spots in Dubai in this article.

Best SkateParks In Dubai in 2022


The DAMAC Hills residential development lies in the heart of Dubai land and features one of the city’s top skate playgrounds. The thriving community’s 2000-square-meter skate park is accessible to people of all skill levels and is situated against a lovely green setting. This Dubai skatepark is designed for trick skating and is open to the public.


The Block, a recreational space with a basketball and volleyball court, is the next must-see skatepark in Dubai, located in the scenic, artsy suburb of d3. The D3 skatepark is free and available to the public from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., ideal for beginners and seasoned pros.


This Dubai skatepark has a 12-foot concrete half-pipe and is adjacent to the neighboring emirate of Sharjah. Ramps are also available for more daring visitors who wish to try their hand at a thrilling skatepark experience in Dubai.


The Bay Avenue skate park, located behind the Bay Avenue shopping center in Business Bay and nestled between jogging tracks and lush green gardens, brings our list of skateparks in Dubai to a close.

Don’t be deceived by its tiny size and unassuming appearance. It can be challenging to master the rails, ledges, and slopes. There are ledges, fences, and a small quarter in the concrete park. It is open to skaters of all ages and ability levels and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Aside from these skateparks, skateparks can be found in well-known residential neighborhoods, including Mira, Arabian Ranches, and Town Square. However, they are gated communities with facilities available only to residents.

5. Nahida Skate Park

Nahida Skatepark is a brand-new skatepark in the heart of Dubai’s downtown district. The Nahida skatepark is divided into two areas, each of which is connected by a tunnel. The first portion has more skatepark obstacles such as transitions and quarterpipes, while the second section has more street obstacles like rails, ledges, and manual pads.

The park is small in terms of space, but it has a good flow and doesn’t seem too crowded even when many people are there. It contains something for everyone regarding difficulties, but it is especially suited to those who enjoy skating technical features such as ledges and manual pads.

Even though there are a dozen or more skateparks in Dubai, the Nahida skatepark is the most popular. Residents and local skateboarders can use the park.

It’s in the city’s heart, yet far enough away from everything that there aren’t many pedestrians, and skateboarders are left to their own devices.

6. Business Bay

Business Bay skatepark is within a 10-minute walk from Nahida skatepark. Business Bay Skatepark is a modest skatepark that stores and restaurants surround. Because of the park’s high foot traffic and limited size may soon get congested, mainly when parents and their children utilize the ramps as slides.

Business Bay may be a great skatepark despite its tiny size when it’s not too crowded. Because the obstacles are gentle, it’s an excellent place to learn new tricks. When the park initially opened, it provided a spectacular view of the Burj Khalifa, its tallest structure. Although neighboring towers have partially hidden the vista, there is still some outstanding architecture.

7. The Block Skate Park

The Block skatepark is recently constructed in Dubai’s Design District’s D3 shoreline.

The skatepark is rarely famous, despite its location in the heart of a busy park with basketball courts, playgrounds, and outdoor gyms. The Block skatepark has a bowl and a street element around a basketball court. This helps to spread out the park and create a pleasant flow.

The park’s bowl area may be tough to adjust to, and it’s somewhat downward, making it harder to maintain a run, but the street sections can be a lot of fun. Several ledges, banks, rails, manual pads, and even a little water feature.

8. Kite Beach Skate Park

Kite Beach Skatepark is both one of the greatest and one of the newest skateparks in Dubai. The park is well-designed, has a decent flow, and offers a diverse range of skating opportunities. It has a bowl, a pool, rails, ledges, half pipes, and nearly everything else.

Unlike other public skate parks, Kite Beach is also shaded and illuminated, which is ideal if you visit during the summer. If you require any last-minute skating gear, there’s even a small skate shop there.

Kite Beach skatepark is one of Dubai’s busiest skateparks due to its position on one of its most popular beaches.

9. Dubai Hills Skate Park

Dubai Hills is a new town still being built and will not be completed for some years. The sections themselves are already finished, and two wholly constructed skateparks are there.

Both skateparks are now a bit of a trip to get through, but parking will most likely be considerably closer as the construction progresses. Both skateparks are positioned in a substantial communal park in the development center.

The first skatepark in Dubai Hills does have a lot to offer, including a bowl, a pool, and a well-designed street portion.


On our list of the most excellent skateparks in Dubai, the XDubai Skatepark near Kite Beach comes in first. And it’s not without cause.

The park comes with two bowls, 11 bowled corners, and three-flat banks and was built for skaters by skaters in Dubai. The outdoor skatepark, located on the shore at Kite Beach, is one of the UAE’s most extensive multi-faceted facilities, with spaces ideal for everyone from beginners to professional skaters.

The low-profile skate plaza, which has unique transitions, street elements, and quarter pipes flawlessly merged for continuous skate runs, is ideal for beginners. The central plaza, which includes more sophisticated obstacles like steps, banks, poles, and roles, is available to professional skaters. The 3.2 m and 2.1 m heights are prominent features.

Final Verdict

The majority of the obstacles at this park are street-based, including steps, rails, ledges, and manual pads. The blocks come in various sizes, making them ideal for learning new feats and progressing. The park’s overall flow is decent, and it’s spaced out enough that it never seems crowded.

The skatepark in Damac Hills is located within the Damac Hills gated neighborhood. The security gates make it appear private at first look, yet it is accessible. 

Because the skatepark is just next to a Carrefour, it’s easy to get beverages and munchies after your session. Damac Hills Skatepark was undoubtedly several of the top skateparks in Dubai if you’re a street skateboarder.