Why there is no official Toril Map 5e or Faerun?

Toril Map 5e

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Toril Map 5e

There must be 5E maps of Toril. The borders of the east of Faerun have changed. Cities have been established, and some have been destroyed. Certain places have been given new names. Phannaskull changed its name to honor the current ruler Skalnaedyr. I often wonder if Wizards of the Coast even has an updated map of Faerun/Toril which doesn’t only consist of what’s known as the Sword Coast?

What is Toril and what does the map consists of?

Toril was considered sililar size to our Earth. Toril was the third planet from Sun located in Realmspace. It was orbited by a single moon named Selune and a group of asteroids known by The Tears of Selune.

Toril. Through the majority of its time, Toril was known less frequently in the name Abeir-Toril. “Abeir-Toril” was archaic, meaning “cradle of life” in an ancient and defunct language. It was the time of Spellplague and the discovery that there was a planet-sibling named Abeir and Toril. It was also possible that Abeir Toril and Toril were previously united. The former name became a formal reference to the once combined worlds of Abeir Toril and Abeir.


Toril was similar in size to Earth and had the equatorial radius of 250,000 miles (40,000 kilometres). The circumference of its polar region was slightly smaller, with about 24900 miles (40,100 kilometres).

Toril is comprised of a variety of islands and continents. Faerun, Kara-Tur, and Zakhara in the central supercontinent and, for the majority of its time, Anchorome, Maztica, and Katashaka located in the western part of the globe. It also included one vast and mysterious continent to the east of Kara-Tur named Osse the nature of its inhabitants and geography were largely undiscovered.

After the Spellplague, The Spellplague was averted. Still, Maztica was transported to Abeir. The sibling world of Toril and a brand New continent called Laerakond, which was located in western Europe, also appeared. Maztica came back to Toril in the Second Sundering.


Map of Toril is with all its known continents in the late 14th century in the DR.

The Faerun region: It is the westernmost portion of Toril’s central supercontinent. It is a diverse region inhabited by various races and cultures, such as humans and elves, dwarves, halflings, and Gnomes.

Zakhara: It is a predominantly hot, dry realm controlled by the elements and an ideology about Fate and Honor.

Kara-Tur: The east that is steeped in history from the beginning of time.

Maztica The primitive cultures bound together by the oath of their gods performed blood sacrifices to gain power. At the same time, those who opposed the ritual struggled to live.

Anchorome: It is not explored much, appearing to be home to dangerous elves and many people found in Maztica.

Katashaka: South of Maztica. Unexplored.

Laerakond: A continent that was once part of the realm of Abeir, the land of dragon empires along with “new” cultures.

Osse: It was inhabited by spiritualists as well as Druids. The spirit world and nature ruled the life of its inhabitants. Unexplored.


The timeline of Toril extends over thousands of years. It extends to the epochs of mist following the time that Ao divided the Abeir-Toril world in the aftermath of the Tearfall, breaking it into two separate planets: Abeir and Toril.

The Dawn Ages

The Dawn Age was a period that lasted between -30,000 DR to 24,000 DR in the wake of the powerful Empires of Creator races vanished from the surface of Toril, and giants and dragons took over their territory. A constant struggle for the part in Faerun caused the formation of powerful kingdoms and empires.

The First Flowering

The First Flowering was a period in the history of Faerun that spanned a time between 24,000 DR and 12,000 DR. 

At the beginning of this time, the elves had been divided into five main worlds: Aryvandaar, Illefarn, Keltormir, Miyeritar and Shantel Othreier, and numerous smaller ones, such as Eiellur, Ilythiir, Orishaar, Syorpiir and Thearnytaar.

During this period, the elves performed an ancient ritual called the Sundering to form the Isle of Evermeet, which also led to a massive disaster that devastated or altered the landscape of the globe.

The Founding Time

The Founding Time was when humanoid civilizations started to grow. In an era when the numerous giants and dragons had been defeated, and the elf conflict did not loom over the world as an existential threat.

What did the Toril map 5e construct during The Age of Humanity?

The Age of Humanity was from 3000 DR until 1358 DR. The period began with the fall of the dwarven and elven empires. And then the growth of human kingdoms throughout the world.

The Present Age of the Toril Map 5e

The Present Age was the time that began at the time of 1000 DR and continued to the current. It was considered to be one of the most turbulent eras throughout the history of Toril. It was a period of constant battle but also one of exploration and discovery.

It also included catastrophic incidents.

  • The Time of Troubles of 1358 DR  
  • The Spellplague from 1385 DR and 
  • The second Sundering of 1480s DR

Why is it that WoC decides on a plan and release an official map of Faerun?

The maps differ between editions due to two things.

The world has changed and editorial decision-making (basically, the previously drawn map did not match the latest game philosophy and was redrawn).

2e to 3e

The D&D 3E decided to include a map for a poster of Faerun included in the setting book for the campaign. The team had to use different paper formats.

They decided to fill up the map to the maximum extent possible and tilt the entire continent to get rid of an enormous triangle of the sea from the southwestern portion.

Certain countries or areas were moved around following the tilt to ensure that there were no spaces left unoccupied.

3e to 4e

The design philosophy of D&D 4e that was exemplified in the default setting switch from Greyhawk to the more general Points of Light was to allow as much room as possible for players to add their ideas into the game’s world.

Because 3e maps were filled to the brim of official geography and a massive catastrophe that transformed a portion of the globe with a twin planet created new wilderness areas over existing landmarks. A considerable part of the Underdark collapsed, altering the terrain to a greater extent.

The maps of 4e are pretty different due to 3e geography not being in existence after a century or two, which separated the two sets of maps.

3e to 5e

It’s not an error. We are offended at the people who created 4e, which transformed the world’s cosmology and geographical geography. Ed Greenwood and R.A. Salvatore (the creator of the setting and author of the most well-known books set in the background) had planned a significant event that could change the world. It would return most of the world to the pre-4e state. A few of the more famous new additions, such as Tymanther and Tymanther, were left out of The 4e Realms.