Why should you not watch Boku no Pico?

Why should you not watch Boku no Pico?

Why should you not Watch Boku No Pico? | Why some people do not like it?

Natural High’s Boku no Pico is a Japanese original video animation (OVA) hentai series. It was dubbed “the world’s first shotacon anime” and marketed primarily to male audiences.

Many manga and anime are massively popular, and they live up to expectations. However, there are exceptions and commitments to every rule, and Boku No Pico is one such example of an overrated anime series.

This article will discuss why Boku no Pico gets so much hate and why you shouldn’t watch it.

Boku no Pico 

First of all, everyone should know that Boku no Pico is not an anime series. It is, in fact, a femgirl hentai anime. However, with only one episode of 34 minutes, it can be classified as an OVA.

It’s also incredible that this anime first aired in 2006. And it’s still the most trolled anime that can drive people insane even after more than 15 years. It is only because of the anime’s success. No one has created anything scarier than Boku no Pico in this period. Pico will almost certainly haunt you in your dreams after you’ve finished watching this anime. 

That’s not all, though. Boku no Pico’s journey did not end there. It produced three more spin-offs in the years after that, none of which are well-known. Hardcore fans, of course, decided to give it a shot because they were practically numb to any pain they felt during the first part.

What is the meaning of the name “Boku no Pico”?

“Boku No Pico” is a slang term for “anything too dreadful or horrifying that can give you nightmares.” The Japanese word “Boku” means “I” or “me.” No is a particle that signifies ownership and a relationship.

As a result, Boku-no means “mine” in Japanese. Because “my” is possessive, Boku No Pico is read as My Pico, which means Pico’s property. The phrase “Boku no Pico” has become a slang term. The series’ content makes viewers feel uneasy, disgusted, and dreadful.

Why should you not watch Boku no Pico Anime?

Although all of the sex in Boku No Pico is male/male, the tone is markedly different from that of yaoi anime, which is aimed toward women. 

Despite its flaws, the anime series is fun and enjoyable, such as unnecessary explicit scenes, low-grade animation, and poor character development. However, it’s frequently used as a troll idea to anime newcomers and a shocking video due to its explicit sex scenes and ped*philic nature. 

The majority of people who saw the Boku No Pico series had a negative attitude toward it based on what they saw on the screen. People who have seen this show dislike it for many reasons.

But, many people think that the ending is heart-wrenching. The anime series draws heavily on the Anglo-Spanish and Franco-Prussian Wars.

Why do people hate Boku no Pico?

After watching this series, people went insane, and the internet became flooded with trolls. They shared and recommended each other to watch it, but no mention was made of homosexual sex. People would be surprised because it would make them feel strange, and this series is unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

Almost everyone who watches anime has watched Boku no Pico and had a bad response to what is portrayed in the media on screen. Viewers disliked this program for a variety of reasons.

We’ve made a list of some of the most common reasons people say they shouldn’t watch Boku no Pico.

  • The anime Boku No Pico lacks a comprehensive storyline. The Boku No Pico episodes aired over three years, with one or two episodes released each year. Almost every episode was also extremely violent and contained a lot of sexual content.
  • Pedophilia was depicted in the anime, in which an adult man has a sexual relationship with a younger boy. Tamotsu, a Bebe employee who mistook Pico for a woman, seduces him. Even after discovering Pico is a boy, he moles and rapes him.
  • Unrealistic character and relationship portrayals
  • The series has no character development.

Where to watch “Boku no Pico”?

There are several other ways to watch Boku No Pico online if you think about “Boku No Pico watch online.” The majority of them, however, are third-party websites. 

Many legit streaming platforms that offer internet series, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, have made it challenging to watch Boku No Pico online. The consensus is to avoid watching this series because it objectifies children.

What happens in the end in “Boku no Pico”?

In the final episode of Boku No Pico, Tamotsu met a girl named Coco, whom Pico had seen the night before and who is the story’s main female protagonist. Over time, the three of them began to bond with one another. 

She lives in an underground tunnel in a hidden base. However, Coco began to distance herself from Pico and Chico after an incident. Still, they all eventually meet at Tokyo Tower thanks to the power of friendship.


Most people who watched the Boku No Pico online series had an unfavorable opinion. Viewers disliked this show for many reasons. For more updates, make sure to sign-up for our newsletter for more information worldwide.