Why is Google Putting Such a Great Focus on Cybersecurity Upskilling in India?

Why is Google Putting Such a Great Focus on Cybersecurity Upskilling in India?

Why is Google Putting Such a Great Focus on Cybersecurity Upskilling in India?

Google recently announced a brand-new initiative in India where it will provide vital training for cybersecurity researchers and developers. It sees the nation as a hugely important market for the future of the internet and realizes that it is crucial to ensure that businesses in the country know how to protect themselves against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is one of the most pertinent issues online and having the right systems in place is imperative for attracting customers in the modern age. The cybersecurity industry must keep adapting and evolving to deal with new threats that continue to emerge.

Google Announces Program for 100,000 Indian Developers

Google identified India as the next frontier for the internet more than a decade ago, and it has operated in the country since 2004. At that time, it only had five employees. In the years since it has expanded massively and now has more than 1700 staff members working locally. Indeed, Google’s India hub is now it’s second largest outside of the USA.

Internet use in India has shot up in the time since Google set up shop there as well. In 2004, a mere two percent of people had access to the internet. Now, it’s estimated that 60 percent of the country will be online in 2022. That’s an impressive rise, and Google has capitalized on it. It’s only going to get bigger as well, with projections suggesting India could have one billion internet users by 2025.

With India being one of the most fertile markets in the world for online businesses right now, it also represents an opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of weak security protocols in companies that may not be enough in tune with the need for up-to-date cybersecurity. That’s why Google has decided to focus on developing people’s skills in the country in this regard, as improved internet security makes the online world a safer space for everyone.

The campaign will spread through multiple cities across the subcontinent, at which Google will run its Cyber Security Roadshow. This will involve the sharing of state-of-the-art tools needed to combat online hackers. It will also come with lectures, tutorials, and specialized one-to-one services. The aim is to ensure that everyone involved learns the best security practices for building apps and web pages.

The program will be available to more than 100,000 computer whizzes in the country, and it will focus on both Android and Google Cloud. The different workshops will be geared towards slightly different businesses within the tech industry, including developers who build consumer apps, enterprise developers, and security administrators.

Security is a Key Factor for Consumers When They Choose Services Online

There’s no doubt that cybersecurity has become one of the most pertinent issues online, and consumers are now aware of the need for tight defenses at sites they use. Awareness is growing in India as well and, as the market in the country becomes more competitive, businesses with tight protocols in place will be able to set themselves apart from their rivals.

In the most saturated online sectors, businesses need to ensure that their security is as tight as can be to allure customers. If it isn’t, consumers know that they can easily look elsewhere. The bustling iGaming sector is a prime example of one in which players can afford to shop around for sites that have the best protocols in place. Indeed, nowadays, players in the most competitive markets like Canada simply turn to review sites that recommend the most reliable pages. To find the best real money online casino in Canada, players can compare the different sites listed based on their bonuses, payment methods, mobile options, and how advanced their security measures are. They know that if a site has been recommended by experts, it’s going to be safe to play at, with a valid gaming license and independent auditing.

When online consumers are keying in payment details at sites, they need to be able to rely on them being safe. If an online business falls victim to a security breach, it could mean that it will never be able to attract customers again. That’s why companies need to be aware of the different cybersecurity risks and how these keep evolving. This is true for any booming market online, from India to Canada. However, growing regions like the former need to be particularly careful because they could be targeted more easily in the early stages of their development when hackers know that some security measures will be relaxed. In markets like Canada, there are online resources available to help people with their cybersecurity needs.

How Has Cybersecurity Developed into a Global Issue?

There are some frightening statistics surrounding cybersecurity in 2022, and there is no doubt that this has become a global issue. Indeed, if cybercrime was the eurekaindustryeureka itself, it would be worth $10.5 trillion every year by 2025 according to some estimates. That’s why major companies like Google need to work on making sure the best security protocols are in place. The war against cybercrime is an endless battle, and one that keeps evolving, so professionals with the most up-to-date skills are needed.

Research has shown that 68 percent of business leaders feel that risks in cybersecurity are worsening. However, this hasn’t led to increased vigilance across the board as it has also been discovered that only five percent of companies’ secure drives are protected with all the necessary safety features. That figure highlights how online business owners must be educated on the risks of cybercrime properly. This is especially true in expanding markets like India where people may be less experienced in these things.

More than half of businesses around the world believe that their IT departments are unable to handle advanced cyberattacks. That’s why it has never been more important for companies like Google to train people on the best security measures. India is a prime target for the campaign because it is one of the fastest-growing internet markets in the world.