What is Nuru Massage? Is it a sin for a married person to take one?

What is Nuru Massage? Is it a sin for a married person to take one?

What is Nuru Massage? Is it a sin for a married person to take one? | Nuru Massage Tips 

Nuru massage has many benefits, but it is very sensual and has too much body-to-body contact in this massage. Hence, it can end up very shady, and it might sound like cheating with your partner. But is it cheating?

This article will discuss if Nuru massage is good for you and is it a sin for a married person to take one.

What is Nuru Massage?

A Nuru is a type of erotic massage. It is famous for its highly sensual massages that get sketchy at the end. The unique feature is that it becomes slippery when massaged. This technique started in Japan. The term “Nuru” is derived from this. The word translates to “slippery” or “smooth.”

This name comes from the slick Nuru gel commonly used in Nuru massages. The gel is a completely nori algae-based product. Nuru-Gel is colorless and odorless, and it does not stay in the body for lengthy periods while providing smooth gliding pleasure. After that, the hydrating Nuru gel can be washed away.

Is Nuru massage another name of sex?

If the Nuru massage is only being done to stimulate relaxation and will finish after a full body massage. If the focus is on the romantic side, generally, a complete body massage is also done to the front. 

The massage has been performed on the entire body once. Suppose the person being massaged is a man. In that case, he will often be unable to control his physical excitement due to the intense bodily contact. 

During a complete body massage, an expert female therapist might help invisibly by relieving tension with her hands and breasts as if by accident. Following then, the massage continues, resulting in a friendly and pleasant feeling of stress while being massaged.

Is getting Nuru massages a sin if you’re married?

It is cheating to have a “happy ending” without your wife’s knowledge or agreement. Here, it’s your WIFE’s opinion that matters. After the consequences, Nothing you can do or say will make her feel better if she feels betrayed and cheated on if she believes you breached your marital vows. So make sure you’re ready for a divorce.

If she’s open and casual about it, on the other hand, she might laugh – and give you a massage. Each marriage has its own set of rules for cheating or lying. Likewise, different rules apply to different types of relationships. 

It is not cheating to have sex with other people if you are in an open relationship where both parties can have sex with other people. However, having sex with other individuals is considered infidelity in most completely monogamous couples.

As awkward as it may sound, your best option is to sit down with your partner and talk about your intentions and what you might expect during the massage. Usually, a happy ending massage is cheating with that individual. If someone else is getting you off, it feels like a betrayal to them. However, suppose they believe that cheating is restricted to actual sex. In that case, a message is perfectly acceptable, and they will appreciate the fact that you asked.

You must be honest with yourself if a happy ending is more essential to you than your significant other. If you can’t respect your significant other’s sexual activity wishes, he isn’t significant at all. It may be time to find someone else if you and your partner can’t agree or be honest with each other.

Is Nuru massage Worth it? | Benefits of Nuru massage

  • A sensual massage’s advantages and uses cannot be stressed. Sex therapists often use erotic massage to enhance desire or improve a person’s ability to respond positively to sexual stimuli. This type of massage is sometimes used as foreplay to promote sensitivity before another interaction, including sexual pleasure and gratification. Erotic massage is frequently used in a professional setting to assist men with sexual issues such as premature ejac*clation by extending arousal and increasing enjoyment.
  • Another advantage of Nuru massage is the ability to sleep more soundly. A sensual massage might help improve serotonin levels, an essential hormone for comfortable, extended sleep, for anyone having trouble falling asleep, waking up frequently, or having insomnia. Massage can also assist an individual fall asleep more quickly by relaxing the body and calming muscles with varied hand strokes.
  • Regular erotic massage has several surprising health benefits, including increasing white blood cells, critical in protecting the body against illness, disease, germs, and viruses. Sensual massage regularly might increase immune function and overall wellness. Anxiety, fibromyalgia, headaches, sleeplessness, soft tissue strain, muscle aches and pains, and traumas are among the problems that can benefit from erotic massage.
  • One of the most important reasons to massage is to relieve tension. Massage strokes help to break down and smooth knotted muscles, leaving the body more flexible and relaxed. A sensual massage can help lower cortisol levels in the body, a stress hormone linked to weight gain. Massage can also boost oxytocin levels, an important hormone linked to feelings of love and bonding.

Having these kinds of conversations with your partner is extremely difficult. It takes a bold person to put oneself out there and open up a dialogue like this. 

Many sex therapists and even counselors exist to ease complex subjects. Bringing one in may be helpful if you have difficulty speaking.

Bottom Line

In this article, we discussed the Nuru massage. We discussed whether it is considered cheating or not if you get a Nuru massage while you’re married. Honestly, it depends on the couple and the person getting massage intentions. Suppose the couple is okay getting the Nuru massage. There are no terrible intentions (Happy Ending) or something like that. In that case, it is entirely okay to go on. 

Nuru massage is questionable because it involves erotic and skin-to-skin contact that can make things shady. For more updates, make sure to sign-up for our newsletter to keep yourself updated from information around the world.