What does Siri say when I see a slight Silhouette of a man?

What does Siri say when I see a slight Silhouette of a man?

What does Siri say when I see a slight Silhouette of a man?

Pranking someone is very tough, I agree, but if you know how to prank someone and handle the situation, you will enjoy the best life ever, and sometimes you also need a companion in the prank.

The companion can be anyone, your friend, your family, your roommate, but if he is funny, it will be good for you, and you must have a good bonding with him. You have to understand your partner and what prank you must do, then move on.

What is the reason we add Siri?

When you want to make a story or any funny thing, you must add Siri; humans are not counting because humans commit many mistakes in many situations.

When you want to make your partner someone, you will ask him to mess it up. Now the question is, how will you make a prank, including Siri? What is her role? Please don’t be worried that we will discuss all that.

If you want to add Siri to your prank, you have to allow Siri to stage a complete stage. First of all, you have to tell Siri some specific numbers or codes then Siri will perform some funny tasks. For example, you will tell Siri 108 or 112 it is also part of a prank.

Though if you tell Siri 112, it will cause a lousy route, and it will be called an emergency, but there is no emergency. It is a prank but remember that it will not land in jail. You have to tell me, “see a little silhouette of a man Siri” and this is your job. It will do after telling this. Now you are thinking about the features of this, right? Don’t worry, and it cannot be the correct emergency number?

What occurred when you said to Siri I see a slight silhouette of a man?

When you tell Siri that you see a slight silhouette of a man, then Siri will start singing. It looks like Siri is the biggest fan of the rock band “Queen” and told Siri that she has a slight silhouette. She will be starting the sing-song of a famous queen , Bohemian rhapsody. It will be a fun part of our life if you continue this and enjoy the moment that the prank is just around the corner. If you tell the other part of a snippet to Siri, she will start to sing the song of this part.

If you take it seriously, Siri will stop doing all these things, but now who will think that Siri will again sing a song? Is this a prank? Now read the paragraph carefully, which is below.

How to prank the stage?

The mastermind is needed to prank someone, which will be funnier. If you add so many people to the prank, it will destroy your enjoyment, so you have to design your stunt better than it will be funny.

For example, you are coming with your friend late at night and partying now. It means you have enjoyed yourself a lot because friends are the most important and beautiful part of life, so you have a lot.

When you are going home late at night with your friends, try to go through those routes where the crowd is not more. If the group is less you can enjoy more and the public is more, you can’t prank in a much more enjoyable way.

Now move forward. Tell your friends that you have seen someone behind you and he is strange to you. You have never seen him before. Hold your friend’s hand tightly and move fast. Remember that your friend can’t see back and her mobile should be in your hand so that he cannot call anyone in this situation.

When you think that now your friend is anxious that someone is following her and he is strange to them, tell your friend that “I see a little silhouette of a man.” At that time, Siri will start singing. We know that your friend cannot understand what happened to her. Your friend’s face will be enjoyed and always remembered in your life.

You can also prank in another way with someone. There are thousands of ways to have fun with anyone. Many versions are available here. Another version of the prank is when you reach the doorstep of your house. You tell your friend that you see the silhouette, it will be astonishing for him. Then you tell your friend that “I see a little silhouette of a man.” At that time, Siri will start singing. It will be a prank.

Remember to prank

Whenever you prank, you have to focus on some points. Follow all these things to make your prank enjoyable and happy.

  • Your friend doesn’t know about the meaning of “I see a little silhouette of a man.” If your friend knows this purpose, it will not be a prank.
  • If your friend is now more anxious, end the joke because your friend’s safety is more important than a prank.
  • As I say that safety is the first thing, so never compromise on it. Because if your friend works with you so you can enjoy it with him and if you lose, there will be no benefit of the prank.


Suppose you want to prank someone. You have to add Siri. When you add Siri, then the prank will be hilarious and enjoyable. You have to tell everything to Siri so that pranks will be placed nicely. When you prank someone, you have to mean “I see a little silhouette of a man.”

 Then Siri will start singing, and the prank will end, but one thing to remember is that in your prank, more people will not be involved; otherwise, it will not be enjoyable. If you want to prank, you also have to focus on your friend’s safety because it is much more important than another thing. If you think the prank is enough now, then end it.