Waking Up At 3 AM Liver

Waking Up At 3 AM Liver

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Waking Up At 3 AM Liver

The intrinsic and strong bond between humans and the sun has developed over thousands of years. Before the invention of electricity, human sleep patterns were governed by the limitations of daylight. Today, however, our minds and bodies may continue to function beyond sundown thanks to electricity and technology stimulation, which might be detrimental to our health. Our bodies are literally designed for sunlight and darkness to control several hormonal functions. Without this natural stimulation our bodies and minds have to suffer and we dont life which is called ideal. It should come as no surprise that having a regular sleep schedule is crucial to preserving good health. 

Chinese people have been searching and finding ways to get a better life for years. According to Chinese medicine it’s not how much sleep you get but also when you get it. You may think all the statements made by doctors or health care professionals to get 8 hours of sleep are mandatory but there is another statement worth reading is that the quality of your sleep depends on which type (hour) you are pursuing your sleep. 

Circadian Cycle of body

Our circadian rhythms are separated into 2-hour intervals throughout the 24-hour day in Chinese medicine. An internal organ’s qi (energy) and blood concentration peak throughout each time period, providing it an opportunity to reset and regulate. For sleep, this is crucial because When an organ controlled by time wakes up on time, there is an imbalance.

Important Time To Sleep

Many of us often stay up late and don’t give it much thought, especially if we get enough sleep each night. But in Chinese medicine, the timing of your sleep is just as important as how much of it you get. To be asleep by 11pm, when the liver and gallbladder begin to regulate qi, process emotions, balance hormones, and detoxify the body, it is recommended to go to bed by 10:30pm (at the latest). According to Chinese medicine, preserving health is most crucial between the hours of 11 PM and 3 AM, which correspond to the liver and gallbladder, especially as we become older. The proverb “Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after” is one that many of us have heard.

Modern sleep research supports this theory, showing that the first third of the night is when we experience the deepest stages of sleep. The most restorative phase of human sleep is this deep sleep, also known as Slow Wave Sleep (SWS). The parasympathetic nervous system is more active and the stress hormone cortisol levels are lower during these hours, allowing us to fully unwind and escape the fight-or-flight reflexes that rule our waking hours. Learning and memory are linked to SWS. Lack of this kind of sleep might impair daily functionality and alertness and leave you feeling rested when you wake up. Human growth hormone is also released from 9pm to 7am, making each hour more important for healing our bodies from damage sustained on a daily basis and maintaining health.

To put it another way, your body is essentially operating at full capacity to restore harmony to that organ. Similarly, persistently limiting sleep due to staying up late can damage that organ by preventing it from processing throughout its recuperative period. This has the potential to quickly spiral out of control. Therefore, how do you do it? To begin with, pay attention to your body. 

Liver association body clock

So what is it about the liver that is causing you to awaken between 1-3 in the morning? One of the organ systems most impacted by stress is the liver system. Stress, rage, and frustration are all symptoms of stagnant or excessive Qi in the liver system. This stagnation can cause a buildup of heat that disturbs the spirit (Shen), which can make us more irritable and cause emotional disturbances that can keep us awake at night or prevent us from falling asleep. Our dreams might become more bizarre or unpleasant the more heat there is in the system. A tightness in the chest or rib sides is another indication that the Liver Qi is disturbed.

The spirit (Shen) is expected to get firmly established in our Blood during the night so that our mind and emotions can rest and recover. Because there is insufficient liver blood to anchor the spirit, it might be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, causing our minds to rush when they should be sleeping. 

Other indications of blood deficiency include pale or brittle nails, lightheadedness, hazy eyesight, pale skin, and for females, scanty periods. You may be experiencing exhaustion, palpitations, anxiety, and poor digestion due to this sleep pattern, which is typically linked to heart and spleen deficiencies.

You have to just correct your blood deficiency for proper nourishment of body and brain. 


Liver congestion can be fatal. Could you imagine that the clearing centre of our body is congested. How can your body be regulated and detoxify with this liver when the liver is itself full of toxins? Many people think that alcohol consumption makes them sleepy but that is not true. Your liver takes more time to overdrive the metabolic process and you suffer the whole night. Certain medications or OTC painkillers can also toxify the liver  when taking in excessive amounts. 


Additionally, you might be ingesting too many toxins from your environment (consider the quality of the air and water), household products (cleaners), and cosmetics, which are not subject to strict FDA regulation. As a result, these products may contain heavy metals, chemicals, and hormone-disrupting plastics, which can worsen liver congestion.


moderate drinking of alcohol Regular exercise (lack of movement physically goes hand in hand with emotional stagnation). Take brief breaks from your desk job. To reduce eye strain, put on glasses that block blue light. When facing a challenging situation, practise deep breathing. Instead of repressing your feelings, find constructive ways to express them. Download the Think Dirty app to find cleaner household and personal care items. You can check the rating and ingredients of products you already use as well as scan items in stores before bringing them home.

What To Do At Waking Up At 3 am

You may get frustrated by waking up in the middle of the night and start thinking.

  1. Make sure the room where you are sleeping should be of normal temperature and airy.
  2. Readjust your pillow and make your position comfortable for sleeping 
  3. You can try breathing techniques 4-2-6. In this breathing exercise you ,have to inhale your breath for 4 seconds, hold for 2 sec and exhale for 6 seconds.