The Power They Wielded Down Their Enemies?

The Power They Wielded Down Their Enemies?

The Power They Wielded Down Their Enemies?

“The Power They Wielded CUT Down Their Enemies” Answer: It’s a case of (Angel with a sword being assaulted with… Tentacles).

The Truth

Explore the many maps in the game, and by keeping an eye, you’ll find a myriad of hidden glyphs on the walls of buildings and other surfaces. There are 20 glyphs in the game, and we’ve laid each out. Pick a city’s Map in Glyph Locations to find out what symbols you’ll see within that particular city.

Finding the glyphs, however, isn’t the only challenge. Once you’ve identified a glyph using eyesight, you’ll be faced with various challenging puzzles that reveal “The Truth.” These are the answers to the challenges. Regardless of the sequence you choose to gather the glyphs, the puzzles will all be solved similarly.

In The Beginning

  • “Five of these mythic scenes share a CORE similarity.” Ten paintings are included. You have to choose five of them in which people are holding apples.

Sixty-Four Squares

  • It is as simple as turning the circles to make images. Portraits are easy to observe. We recommend beginning with a face, moving it towards the top of the circle, and then aligning everything else starting from the top.


  • Make use of infrared light and highlight each apple that is hidden within every photo to identify it.
  • In the photo with Roosevelt, the apple is placed on the table.
  • The apple appears just below Houdini’s right hand in the second photo of Houdini.
  • In the third photo of Gandhi, The apple is located on the right side of Gandhi beneath his shoulder.

Infinite Knowledge

  • “Its open MOUTH delivers the kiss of death.” Mark the weapon’s barrel strapped to the soldier’s back and identify it.
  • “Leading the YOUNG to their end.” Make sure to highlight the face of the soldier, crouching with his back to the left.
  • “The flames from its throat POKE out their eyes.” Make sure to highlight the swords of soldiers in the background.
  • “This MONSTER did not come from man.” The ball is flaming in the hands of one boy on their right.

Instruments Of Power

  • “The power they wielded CUT down their enemies.” Pick five paintings where you will see swords. Beginning from the top row, from left to right, this will include #3, #2, #6, 8, and #9.
  • “In their hands, the wise LEAN on a great force.” Pick five paintings where you can see a person holding an arm. Starting at the top of the row, from left to right, it includes #3, #6, #8 #10.


  • You have to connect a set of paintings to the dial-type puzzle. Certain pieces are linked and only rotate in tandem with each other. Begin from the middle of the painting and work your way to the edges.

“Keep On Seeking, And You Will Find”

  • “First plucked from a tree guarded by a snake, its powers perform miracles. Then, worn across the ages, torn asunder, hidden under a sea of RED, reconstruct the timeline.” Select the painting featuring the snake in the tree, in addition to those four portraits of individuals wearing red. Starting at the top of the row, from left to right, This includes #1, #5, #6, #5, 6, and #6.
  • On the picture of Jesus In the painting of Jesus, draw attention to the hidden shroud on Jesus’s left (your right) and identify it.


  • It is important to mark the area of each painting that triggers the loudest beep by using the cursor like a metal detector.
  • Czar Nicholas II Czar Nicholas II. Highlight the middle of the staff.
  • Joan of Arc – Highlight the middle of her sword.
  • On the Map, that is huge. Drag the flame toward Joan of Arc’s image, then drag Rasputin’s image in the middle of the Czar to the left.


  • “They made it look like an accident.” Highlight Houdini’s right breast and identify the apple.
  • “He almost BEAT them.” Then, highlight Gandhi’s heart and find the apple.
  • It is important to align the wheel of code so that the six on the wheels outer coincides with the number 1 on the inside wheel. Enter “312” as the password and click submit.


  • The hidden satellite is located near the bottom left border of the moon.
  • On the odd radar circle, align all the pieces so the sliver segments cut out are aligned to the solid Rays.
  • On the image from Apollo 11, highlight the hidden apple, which is located just under it, and then to the left astronaut’s right boot.

The Inventor

  • On the globe, map, Use your cursor for lightning to turn on every bulb. The photo of Tesla’s tower highlights the dormer at the highest point of the building. Find the hidden apple. In the photo of Tesla sitting in his chair, highlight Tesla and then identify the apple he holds in his hands.

Titans of Industry

  • The code wheel should be oriented to ensure that the number four on the outside wheel aligns with the number 1 inside. Enter “240” as the password and press submit.
  • In the Map, click the $ sign to switch off all the lighting.
  • On the image of Tesla In the photo of Tesla, you should highlight the glowing orb that is in his hands. Identify it.
  • It is important to align the wheel of code in a way its II** on the outside wheel aligns with the two on the inside wheel. Enter “II* III I**” (bar-bar-dot bar-bar-bar bar dot) as the password, and enter it.

“I Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds”

  • Place the code wheel so that the one solid triangle of the outside wheel is in line with the number 9 on the inside wheel. Make sure to match the following symbols to the numbers on the dial: 5 = circle, with two squares. 2, single circle 9 is one triangle.
  • Click the red button and the cursor on the screen next to it.
  • On the blank paper, mark the numbers hidden in the lower left corner. Find it.


  • “The seeds were planted as two worlds became one. Behold, the assassins, the children of two worlds!” You must choose the five paintings that contain immortals as well as mortals. Beginning from the top row, from left to right, these include #1, #6, #5, and #7. #10 is the last.


  • Turn the circles around to create the image. Most of the rings are linked to each other, which can make it an issue, but begin by starting from the center, and you’ll be completed.
  • Use the Assassin’s logo on the globe to mark all the locations.

The Cavalry

  • The Map will display a variety of names of cities. If you highlight the wrong city name, the names will be changed. The prior letter listed “Tunguska,” which is the correct name for the city. Move your cursor over “Tunguska,” The names disappear, leaving an arrow above Abstergo. Abstergo logo. The cursor is moved over the arrow, transforming into an Arrow. The arrow can be used to touch the face of Nikola Tesla.

The Bunker

  • Place the code wheel so that the symbol with the lower-than on the outside wheel is in line with the number 4 on the inside wheel. Be patient as we attempt to explain the password: Bowtie shape, double-diamond.
  • In the next image, you can highlight the hidden Assassin logo at the right-hand edge of the image, which is on the exterior wall of the dormer’s roof.


  • It is important to align the wheel of code so that the Y-shape icon on the outer wheel corresponds with the number 5 on the inside wheel. Let us attempt to explain the secret code: three Y-shapes. The stack of seven Y-shapes, an X symbol left of them, three lesser symbols, and one Y shape.
  • The second one is where you can use the diamond cursor to change the synapses to blue. There are eight synapses in total.

The Fourth Day

  • “Once worshipped, now ignored, it watches and waits from a distance.” Highlight the five sun-themed paintings. Beginning from the top row, from left to right, it includes #2, #3, #5 and #8, and #9.
  • The image of the sun draws attention to the blue, small orb to the right of the words, which says, “A container of ashes …”

The Origin Of The Species

  • Rotate the rings until they form the design. Always it’s ideal to begin at the center and work your way out. Naturally, certain rings are connected, but we believe in your ability to solve the mystery.
  • On the image that follows from the picture of the circle puzzle, draw the eye on the right and then identify it.
  • You can type in any password that you wish on the following screen.
  • Move the cursor around every part of the skeleton to alter it.

Assassin’s Creed II

In the Assassin’s Concert franchise, players assume the role of the Assassins. The group’s focus is on defending human freedom and liberty. However, their strategies are not always similar, and the strategy of choice is completely up to you. You can choose to opt for the option of public execution or choose the more discreet assassin type of approach.

It’s an update to the first game. In this game, you can take on the character of Ezio Auditore, who inherits the Assassin’s mantle of his dad. He is a child in Florence and spends most of his time on the city’s rooftops. But, in the end, his life takes on an unsettling twist when his family members are threatened. Then, the Assassins are informed of a plot permitting the Templars to attack Florence. The Templars will then deploy the field troops in an attempt to destroy Florence, which is an Assassin stronghold. But, avoiding the Templars and even killing them is possible.

The most important aspect of the Assassin’s storyline tells us that Templars are managed by a group known as the order. They were created to protect and rule the world. But they were not the only group that was in control. Moreover, the order did not represent the only one who ruled the world. Many other groups were involved, and the Assassins weren’t an exception. One of them was the Hashshashins, a group of assassins that gained popularity between the 12th and 11th centuries.

Another organization formed in this period was the Templars which were formed to be powerful and dominate the world. However, these groups didn’t always have the same power positions, and there were a lot of Assassin murderers. The majority of them would die in open combat with the Templars. However, the methods were not always the same. Some were religious and others were not.

Another key character from Assassin’s Creed is Altair. Altair is a part of the religion called Nizari Ismailism, which was an Islamic Muslim sect. The character’s mother was Christian, and his father was a Nizar Ismailist Muslim. In his time, his tragic affair with the Templar girl.

The Assassins’ Creed franchise has been loved by people who love it. It has produced a range of amazing characters. In addition to being a collection of amazing video games, it’s also been a goldmine for Ubisoft, the creator of this series. With an abundance of games, an overwhelming amount of free content, and a plethora of fan-favorite stories, this franchise is an absolute winner!

If you want to play an experience that will keep your attention for hours or just want to play by yourself, Assassin’s Creed is an excellent option. If you’ve never played any previous titles in this series, you must check them out.


Who were some historical figures who were renowned for exercising control over their adversaries?

Many historical figures, such as conquerors like Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as political leaders like Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin, are renowned for their capacity to exert power over their adversaries.

How did these historical figures become so influential?

The means by which authentic figures acquired control over their adversaries differed relying upon the individual and the conditions of their ascent to drive. Others used military conquest, political maneuvering or propaganda, and personal charisma and leadership abilities.

What were some of these powerful people’s strategies for defeating their foes?

Military strategies like surprise attacks, overwhelming force, and tactical retreats were used by powerful historical figures to defeat their foes. political maneuvers like alliances with other groups and propaganda campaigns; and psychological strategies like public executions, torture, and intimidation.

How did these historical figures’ power affect their societies and the world as a whole?

The impact that historical figures had with their power varied from person to person and from context to context. While others caused a great deal of suffering and destruction, others used their power to establish vast empires or usher in prosperous times. The world today is still shaped by the legacy of these individuals.

Are there any contemporary examples of people who have control over their enemies?

Yes, there are numerous modern examples of political leaders, military commanders, and influential businesspeople who exert control over their adversaries.

What ethical considerations apply when using power to defeat adversaries?

Questions about the justifiability of violence and coercion, the treatment of civilians and prisoners of war, and the potential long-term consequences of actions taken in the pursuit of power arise when power is used to defeat enemies.