The Best Begging Signs To Consider For Your Next Begging Activity

The Best Begging Signs To Consider For Your Next Begging Activity

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The Best Begging Signs To Consider For Your Next Begging Activity

Over the past few years, while residing in slums and inner cities, I have grown to know a lot of poor friends and neighbors who approach total strangers for assistance. There are only difficult lessons to learn; there are neither simple answers nor surefire solutions.

You’ve seen all the funny, clever, and creative begging signs, but how do you choose the best ones? Here are some ideas that might work. The most effective begging signs are clever and funny, not to mention original. So let us help you decide which begging signs will make the most significant impact on passersby. Here are the best begging signs to consider for your next begging activity:


Have trouble deciding what to give a beggar? Here are some examples of funny begging signs to make your decision easier. As a child, begging was one thing I avoided, so I would make up stories about why people begged for money. As an adult, I’ve started collecting signs from homeless people who beg on street corners.

The Best Begging Signs To Consider For Your Next Begging Activity

Since then, I’ve compiled hundreds of funny begging signs. These can be Photoshopped or made up. For example, a North Vancouver dog-poop sign has become Johnny’s Tint Station, a United Methodist church, or a Ray of Hope. There are countless other options, but nothing makes a sign as hilarious as a broken neon sign. It can be a joke, a serious message, or a sign that reflects the owner’s personality. 


The most common criminal acts committed by children are stealing and begging. Despite these statistics, children sometimes survive by doing things like marketing and begging for ratings. And in New York City, the weather and sea level rise make life a bit more dangerous for the homeless. Luckily, there are a few ways to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not looking to become a begging addict, consider being creative.


There is no shortage of creative begging signs that will pique your curiosity. Many begging signs feature a sad story – “My wife stole my car, and I need money for karate lessons” is one of the most famous examples. Some signs are even hilarious. One South African man even designed his sign. He promises never to tell his wife if he gets paid! Other signs include: “I’m willing to share my lunch with you for a small fee!” 


When you see a homeless man on the street, you might think to yourself, “what do they want?” It’s likely a food item. But creating creative signs is another way to make money from begging. Those who grew up in South Africa used creative signs to make money from strangers. The South African man in the above picture makes a funny sign when begging. His wife won’t know if you give him money because you paid him for lunch. The concept of creativity in begging signs isn’t entirely new. Numerous examples of animals have survived as long as us without creativity. The horseshoe crab, for instance, has been on Earth for 445 million years. However, it doesn’t appear creative. This creative nature of human beings is why creativity is so essential in society. Without creativity, civilization wouldn’t be possible. Without it, buildings wouldn’t exist, and indoor plumbing wouldn’t exist.