Step by Step Guide to Selling a House by Owner in 2022

Step by step guide to selling a house by owner in 2022

Step by step guide to selling a house by owner in 2022

Many house owners find selling their house to the owner a highly appealing choice. The ability to sell on your terms and timeline, the ability to fix what you want — or not make any repairs or changes before selling, and the fact that you don’t have to work with a Realtor or pay their commission once the house is sold are just a few of the advantages.

However, selling a house on your own presents its obstacles. You’ll be on your own to navigate the volatile real estate market, with no one to help you get the word out about your house, show it to potential buyers, negotiate offers, or ensure a smooth closing.

How to sell a house by owner?

Make your house ready to sell.

Whether you’re selling through an agent or on your own, you’ll want to get your house in decent shape before any showings to enhance your chances of getting a good deal.

Declutter, make minor repairs, repaint, downsize furniture, and deep clean. Mow the lawn and pull weeds outside, and improve your landscape.

Take High-Definition Photos of the house.

It’s critical to have high-quality images when marketing your house online. You want to make sure they’re good, as this is one of the first things potential purchasers will see. Your real estate agent should hire a professional photographer to picture your property. 

As many agencies work with photographers directly or have one on staff, the process should be as straightforward as feasible. Professional photographs may entice potential buyers and assist in marketing your house.

List your house on the internet.

It’s finally time to put your house up for sale on the internet. While you can build FSBO listings on famous search engines for free, you’d have to post them one by one, and your listing wouldn’t reach the bulk of buyers and agents.

Pay to get your house listed on your local MLS platform for agents to share listings and major real estate websites – to get the most exposure.

Only MLS members who are licensed real estate agents and brokers can post to the MLS. However, you have two alternatives for gaining access: employing an agent to post your property for you or using an online FSBO site.

Pay a realtor to list your house on the MLS.

A local realtor could be willing to list your house on the MLS for a set price without getting involved in the rest of the process. If you decide to go this way, inquire if the charge includes any necessary updates to your listing.

Make use of an FSBO platform with the MLS option.

Whatever you pick, read the tiny print carefully because some sites may charge hidden fees or even deduct a portion from your transaction.

Set up Open Houses and Showings

It’s time to start showing your property after prepping it for sale and devising a marketing strategy. Open houses and showings are part of the process. Potential buyers come to visit your house in person during showings. Open houses are when you leave your house unlocked for a specific length of time so that anyone can look around.

It’s critical to be flexible when scheduling showings and open houses. You want to make sure that potential buyers can view your house at their leisure.

Set a competitive price

Establishing an indicative sale price for which the property could be offered is an important step in For sale by owner websites. It is recommended that you conduct a market analysis first. 

Analysis should incorporate an economic perspective and local housing rules in each town. This price is usually indicative and serves as a starting point for talks with potential purchasers. As a result, the price agreed upon may not be the ultimate amount at which the sale is completed.

Property Description

When selling a house by owner, one of the most crucial characteristics is the property description. The seller must communicate to the potential buyer all information you have. Hiding information will slow down the purchasing and selling process while conveying a lack of confidence and professionalism. 

The description should have the basic details of the rooms, kitchen, baths, and appliances. It could also contain the location significance and any unique neighborhood traits. 

Negotiate the building’s sale.

The owner of the for-sale building will meet with possible buyers in this step, transparently exchanging information on both sides and remaining completely secret in the presence of third parties, if desired. It is recommended that you research potential buyers’ backgrounds before negotiating with them to guarantee that you are dealing with a serious and solvent buyer.

You have to master two strategies for sale by owner websites – Countering an offer or requesting Highest and Best offers. The trading stage usually takes the longest, ranging from a few days to several years. If all preceding things are completed correctly on time, you can significantly shorten the meetings and sale negotiations.

Check documents before closing the deal.

As a house owner, selling a house is difficult and time-consuming. Statement of Closing Costs, HUD-1, Certificate of Title, and Deed are common documents in practically every state. There is also state-specific paperwork that you must complete as a business owner.

Before the scheduled closing date, go over these crucial documents. First, there’s the HUD-1 or Closing Disclosure, which lays out the fees you’ll be paid, any loan payoffs you’ll have, and the net proceeds you’ll take to the bank. Depending on how much equity you have in the property, you may need to deliver a check (or send a wire) on closing day.

Signing the deal for the sale of the house

Finally, the seller and the buyer of the building meet to formalize the contract for the sale of the building once the decisions have been taken and the parameters of the sale and purchase operation have been agreed upon.


We understand that thinking about How to sell a house by owner can be a stressful process. You can make it a smooth procedure with a little planning and guidance from Houzeo.