Snape Hated Harry | Then Why Did Snape Protect Harry?

Snape Hated Harry | Then Why Did Snape Protect Harry?

Snape Hated Harry | Then Why Did Snape Protect Harry?

You’re not alone in wondering why Snape hated Harry and then protected him. It’s one of the most common questions about the series. Snape hated Potter, but he did care about Lily  (Harry’s mother). That’s why he saved Harry’s life multiple times. 

Snape is a complicated character in the Harry Potter movie because he has deep feelings for Lily and hates James Harry’s father. He protects Harry while pretending to be his enemy. He sacrificed his own life to protect him. 

It all goes back to Lily: Snape loved her, but she chose someone else, which explains his feelings toward her son. He tried to convince Voldemort that he was on his side by mistreating Harry; it was all an act. However, he did care about Harry and wanted to redeem himself by saving him from Voldemort’s grasp.

Why did Snape save Harry Potter’s life multiple times?

An Unbreakable Vow is a magical contract in the Harry Potter series. Severus Snape promises Narcissa Malfoy that he will protect Draco, so he can’t help but protect Harry too.

Snape’s love for Lily Potter made him do anything to keep her son safe, and he was willing to risk his life to make sure of it. He may have been rude, cranky, and mean towards Harry, but deep down, he was still a good man at heart and knew that both Lily and James would have wanted him to help their son out.

Snape was still in love with Lily Potter, even after her death. He truly loved her. And he did not forget the love of his life. His passion was so strong that he could never stop thinking about her and always loved her. 

He couldn’t stop loving Lily Potter. Snape was a very passionate man, and he always thought about his dearest friend Lily Potter. Since Harry looked exactly like his mother (Lily), Snape’s emotions were constantly stirred up when being around Harry. He did it to keep Lily’s final words to him as a promise.

You may have noticed that Snape was never all that hard on Harry. He always seemed to go a little easier on him than any other student, and he certainly never tried to harm him. Well, that’s because he did love him!

Snape has one-sided true feelings for Harry Potter’s mother And not just because she was his crush in school, but because she saved Snape’s life by sticking up for him. She defended him when no one else would, and after her death, Snape felt indebted to her memory. Protecting Harry was the best way he knew how to honor her memory and pay back the debt he owed her.

Did Snape love harry

But not everyone is convinced. For evidence, they point to Snape’s often cruel treatment of Harry. After all, if he did love Harry’s mother and thus actually loved Harry as well, why did he treat Harry so poorly?

There are two things to consider here. First, Snape hated James Potter. Reminded constantly of James by seeing his son, Snape had to deal with the fact that James was alive and well and happy in a way that he never could be after Lily died. Understandably, this would affect how he treated Harry at School.

Second, you need to remember that this isn’t just a story about good guys fighting evil guys. It’s also about love triumphing over hate; friendship over vengeance, sacrifice over selfishness. 

In other words, it’s a story about forgiveness and redemption, which is why the final scene between Snape and Dumbledore is so powerful. Dumbledore accepts Snape for who he is, as does Harry, even though both men have reasons not to do so (Snape killed Dumbledore).`

Why did Snape hate James potter?

Snape was often bullied and outshone by James. And then he discovered that Lily Evans, whom he had adored from a distance for years, preferred James Potter’s company. Snape valued loyalty and saw this preference as the ultimate betrayal.

Snape showed up to protect Harry because he owed it to Lily, who saved his life so many years ago when she was 12 years old herself. So when Voldemort killed Lily, Snape promised her dying wish that he would help protect her son from harm.

Why did Harry hate Snape

Perhaps the most compelling reason Snape protected Harry is that he was loyal to Dumbledore. Even when he disagreed with the headmaster, as was often the case, Snape proved himself to be a faithful follower in the end. He carried out Dumbledore’s plans even when they were painful for him, even though his mentor rarely shared the full details of those plans with him.

Additionally, though we do not have many examples, there are instances of Snape being kind to both Harry and Ron, who are members of Gryffindor’s house, just like James Potter was. These instances may be few and far between, but they still prove that Snape’s hatred extended much further than just Harry Potter.

Why did Snape sacrifice himself?

Snape’s loyalty to Dumbledore and his cause came before any other loyalty. After Dumbledore’s death, he realizes how much he cares about Lily and her son. He had been loyal to Dumbledore in an attempt to turn back time and make things right for his one true love. 

When Harry asked if Dumbledore knew about the unbreakable vow, Snape revealed that his plan was always to kill Dumbledore at the end of year 6. This shows us that his ultimate loyalty was always to Dumbledore, then Lily, and Harry because he felt guilty for loving a woman Voldemort killed.

Final Words

Snape was in love with Harry’s mother. Certainly, he was still very deeply in love with her when she died, for she had been his first and only true love. Still, though Harry may have resembled her strongly himself, his mother died to save him, and his resemblance to her is all that remained of her.