Clear And Unbiased Facts about Sissy Hypnosis

Sissy Hypnosis

Sissy Hypnosis

The therapy of hypnosis has been used for centuries to help people overcome a variety of illnesses and mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety syndromes, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and even mood swings. Illnesses such as arthritis, irritable bowel, lupus and other autoimmune diseases have been reportedly helped by hypnotic therapy practices as well. Lets know some facts about Sissy Hypnosis

Yet, some disreputable practitioners of hypnosis use their talents and skill in a more subversive and demented way, such as those who perform what is known as sissy hypnosis, a form of trying to hypnotize a man into acting the role of a woman in his mind. This practice is truly a despicable misuse of what could be an otherwise helpful practice to some.

Feminizing Men With Sissy Hypnosis

Some men may have a twisted desire to be more feminine like a woman, whether they are homosexual or heterosexual. These men may desire to live out their unfulfilled fantasies in some way in order to become the ‘sissy’ that they have always dreamed they would be. These men may suffer from an identity disorder, as they may have always wanted to secretly become women for one of many reasons

These men could have been abused as children, and now they are living in homosexual lifestyles as a result of that abuse. They could also be married men who desire to live out some kind of dark, demented fantasy to be a woman. Those who practice sissy hypnosis are not true professionals at all but a fringe group of pleasure seekers who want an erotic thrill.

Sissy hypnosis should not be considered as a viable therapy of any kind for anyone. This so-called hypnosis is really a deviant form of inducing repulsive thoughts into someone’s mind for simple sexual pleasures. Sissy hypnosis often goes in the same category as those promoting bondage and sado-masochist forms of sexual ‘torture’ techniques and other revolting ideas.

These practices are a sad fact of life in our modern times, yet they should be avoided by all people who seek a pure and moral life. With ideas such as these which abound in our landscape, it is imperative to try and protect children from practices such as sissy hypnosis, as much brainwashing in these matters is geared toward children. Pedophilia follows close on the heels of such practices as well, and even while there is freedom in the United States, practices such as this should not be tolerated, as they are beneficial for no one who participates in them.

The process of “sissification” (becoming a sissy), which is the ultimate goal of sissy hypnosis  (to hypnotize the viewer into “feminine” contortions), is explicitly sadomasochistic

“a process where submissive men learn to take on traditionally female roles. The submissive, known as a sissy, learns to adopt ultra-feminine behaviors and perform feminine activities under the guidance of his Dominant partner.”

The male genitals of the sissy are termed the “clitty” and the an*us becomes the new “pu*ssy” – which exists, in sissy ideology, for the singular purpose of pleasing men


Powerlessness is a major theme. According to transgender academic Andrea long Chu – who himself claims that sissy hypnosis “made him trans” — sissy po*rn functions as a type of “meta-po*rnography” in which the viewer becomes aware of the psychological effects of the content they are absorbing through the medium:

Sissy po*rn’s central conceit is that the women it depicts are in fact former men who have been feminized (‘sissified’) by being forced to wear makeup, wear lingerie, and perform acts of sexual submission. Captions further instruct viewers to understand that the very act of looking at sissy po*rn itself constitutes an act of sexual degradation, with the implication that. Sissy hypnosis, in this way, is beyond po*rn for the sake of mindless consumption; it is perhaps unique among po*rn genres in that its creators have an explicit agenda.

The central idea is that you, the target of the meme – usually an adolescent or 20-something, confused (as most young people are), sexually frustrated, nominally heterosexual male – have always been a woman deep inside. The proposition is that, until sissy hypnosis came along to tell you who are, you had no idea of your true nature.

As a relatively new phenomenon, the long-term sociocultural effects of sissy hypnosis “meta-po*rn” that actively solicits adherents to make dramatic, life-altering medical decisions remain to be seen.

Sissy hypnosis po*rn frequently and persistently demands that its viewers actively pursue “feminization” by undergoing some combination of HRT and gender reassignment to “complete the transition” into womanhood.

  • Po*rn platforms.  

Po*rn conglomerate Mind geek — “one of the top five bandwidth consumption companies in the world” – owns and operates Po*rn hub, You Po*rn, Red tube,, and Tranny Tube. Sissy hypnosis content is found on all of these platforms. Mind Geek generated $460 million in revenue in 2018. Countless other “boutique” sites like Hypnosis Tube generate tens of thousands of page views each day.