Shield Master Feat 5e vs. Resilient Vs. Blade mastery | Which is good

Shield Master Feat 5e

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Is shield master 5e a good feat?

Shield master 5e feat would be better than Resilient or Blade Mastery 5e. The only reason I would choose the resilient feat and choose DEX is if I was playing a DEX-based sword and board character. It uses finesse weapons and light armor, as well as a shield. It would (if you add the DEX mod with 1) increase your AC and your Initiative, increase your attack and damage bonus, and make it proficient with DEX saves. You may go for the 5e shield master feat whenever possible. You can’t use the shove thing until you have used your attack/attacks. That can be a great way to benefit your party members, even if you don’t. It will depend on the group. The additional benefit of the Shield Master feat (PHB, page 170) does indeed work against single-target spells. It also works well with Fireball 5e. For a spell-like fireball, the target is the point in space where the ball of fire erupts.

Dex Save for 5e Shield Master feat

You can also use your reaction to avoid taking any damage if you are successful on a dex save if you take only half the damage. Resilient 5e (Dex), which will increase your DEX and give you DEX savings proficiency, will allow you to be more resilient. While proficiency in DEX saves can be a good thing, what else does it offer? Even if you have a Mod increase of 1, heavy armor won’t increase your AC. It will only give you +1 Initiative. Medium armor will only increase your AC if you have a DEX below 14. It won’t affect your strength-based attacks or damage.

I would therefore say that the Shield Master feat is superior in most cases.

Shield Master 5e vs. Resilient

Resilient (Dex) gives you a +1 to Dex, and you can perform Dex saves. A sword or board fighter’s Dex will not be very high, but it is after Str and Con. You may not get an increase in your modifier if this is what you do. That means you get + Prof for your Dex save. It’s not an option for a Sword and Board-type, but you might be able to increase your Dex to get a +1 modifier.

Shield master 5e, on the other side, allows you to push, which can be situationally helpful, but knocking down the target prone could be very important in the right circumstances. Both Shield Master (Dex) and Resilient are remarkable feats. The least exciting part of Shield master is the +2 on Dex saves. More interesting is the ability to Shove (knocking down enemies prone or moving them) and the ability to not take any damage on a successful Dex save. Your DM’s interpretation and the composition of your party will determine how useful the Shove ability is.


Sage Advice initially ruled that the bonus Shove could be taken before using your attacks from your main actions. It allowed you to knock your enemy prone and then attack them with an advantage. Later, they flipped the script and said that you must take the Attack action and use all the attacks before using the bonus action.

The efficacy and effectiveness of the feat are affected by how it’s ruled. *

If you have many melee allies, knocking them down prone will significantly help them (everyone wins!). If your allies are mostly firing rifled attacks, they will hate it (everyone loses!).

*As a DM, you must take the Attack action first. That requires you to take at least one attack. After that, you can split your attacks and use the bonus Shove between them.

 Shield Master feat vs. 5e Blade Mastery feat for a Champion Fighter.

Make it a point to attack the party with the Shield Master PC with an AoE Dexterity Save Attack at least once per level. Outside sessions, I’d remind other players that the Shield Master PC can help reposition enemies and potentially be a significant tactical aid in combat.

Blade Mastery is most effective long-term. Although Shield Master 5e feat has a great ability, it can be overwhelming if you have to make a DEX save. At level 9, all champions (and fighters) will learn indomitable, which allows them to reroll any saving throws. It still has its benefits, but a blade is better because you can use it every time. The champion’s abilities are so well-defined that you can only make melee attacks and fish for crits. You don’t know what you should do with your reactions. Blade Mastery is a powerful tool that allows you to: You’ll use your sword every turn, and you’ll get +1 for every attack.

  •  You can add +1 to AC whenever it is not your turn.
  •  You can also take advantage of Attacks of Opportunity.
  •  It also allows you to use a longsword and dual wield for an extra action attack or shield for +2 AC. It doesn’t limit your options.

So given an opportunity, which feat will you choose between Shield Master 5e vs. Resilient Vs. Blade mastery?