Pick a Number Questions Game Dirty

Pick a Number Questions Game Dirty

Pick a Number Questions Game Dirty

The “21 questions” game is a great way to get to know someone and spark a conversation. The rules of the game can be summarized in a few words. But do you understand what it is and how to play it so that you have the most fun? In this place, we find out everything we need to know.

In the hilarious number question game known as the “dirty pick a number game,” players develop their own sets of questions in numerical order.

The next step is to poll your close circle with questions. Each player must select a set of questions they feel comfortable answering or would like to answer. Participants may be asked to select a specific number when responding to a question.

The following are some questions for the dirty pick a number game:

Have you ever been in one of these predicaments?

  1. Classes that are a waste of time and money
  2. Used controlled substances
  3. attempted self-harm
  4. drank excessively
  5. Relationship breakdowns
  6. Fallen in love
  7. Kissed someone
  8. Hugged someone
  9. Slapped someone in public
  10. cried alone in bed at night
  11. i fell in love with someone online. Have you
  12. experienced a loss of a loved one
  13. experienced profound loneliness
  14. laughed so hard you cried

Which option from the following do you enjoy?

  1. Film
  2. Music
  3. Painting
  4. Book reading
  5. Checking your social media page

What do you think about the following?

  1. Years
  2. Your zodiac sign
  3. Your favorite vacation spot
  4. The longest-lasting relationship you’ve ever had
  5. The number is the biggest insecurity
  6. Your intense desire
  7. The total number of couples’ relationship

To what extent do you understand the following?

  1. Daydreaming
  2. Having a companion
  3. Conviction in one’s abilities
  4. A permanent body marking
  5. A fervent hope
  6. Smoking
  7. Ghosts

What is your opinion?

  1. Lesbian and gay people should have equal rights
  2. Chances to give it another go
  3. Have an abortion

Could you send me a number?

  1. Post a picture of yourself.
  2. The most recent lie you said.
  3. Name of your crush.
  4. Share a photo of your sweetheart online.
  5. You’re hoping to go to…
  6. What was the most recent film that you watched?
  7. If you can somehow only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  8. You would be lost without
  9. Preferred dish.
  10. This really is the best joke you’ve ever told.
  11. And which color is the exterior of your home?
  12. What does your room look like?
  13. What did you wear today?
  14. Upload a throwback photo of yourself.
  15. Most-loved television series.
  16. My Tumblr crush.
  17. Favorite movie.
  18. A phrase you will never forget.
  19. Your lucky number.
  20. What was your ex’s name?
  21. Post a picture of your pet.
  22. Name of the person you hate

Some other dirty Questions:

The game “Would you rather?” is well-known. The situation presents you with a choice between two alternatives. However, sometimes there are too many alternatives to choose from.

At times like these, it’s essential to enlist the aid of friends and family. Some of the most raunchy “Would You Rather?” scenarios we could come up with are below. They’re not for the weak of heart, that’s for sure!

These questions are:

  1. Exactly how many young ones do you have in your care?
  2. Where do you stand in the dating world?
  3. Are you hoping to start a family someday?
  4. Take any birth control pills?
  5. So, tell me, have you ever carried a pregnancy to term?
  6. How often do you get your period?
  7. At what point in time did you undergo tonsillectomy?
  8. In the bedroom, what’s your go-to position?
  9. Is it better to have sex with someone attractive but mean, or someone ugly but nice?

If you want to win the heart of the one you love, use these questions in your next naughty pick-a-number game.

Let’s get dirty and talk about the game 21 Questions:

Why You Should Play This Game

You have 21 questions to which the respondent must give an honest answer. When playing a question-and-answer game, the possibilities for questions are endless.

Many would assume that asking only 21 questions wouldn’t be sufficient to learn much about someone, but this isn’t the case if the questions are chosen well.

The game’s widespread appeal stems from the fact that it provides an excellent setting to learn everything there is to know about someone you know very little about, regardless of age or gender.

Everyone can learn something new from playing, whether they’ve just met or have been friends for years.

Questions for this game should be chosen with the type of discussion in mind that you hope to spark.

If you know whether you want to play the game for laughs or to learn more about the other person, choosing the right questions will be a breeze.

Questions to Ask a Guy/Girl for 21 Questions Game

When you want to learn more about the other person’s personality and preferences.

When playing a question and answer game, you should ask:

  1. Please describe the genres of media (film, TV, etc.) that most pique your interest. Why?
  2. Please share your favorite and most minor favorite aspects of school life.
  3. If you had the option to stay in your hometown indefinitely or move away, which would you pick?
  4. What would you do if you were dirty, tired, and hungry? Eating, sleeping, or taking a shower?
  5. Which of these things do you secretly dislike but everyone else adores? What gives with that?
  6. Do you prefer to see updates from your best friends when scrolling through social media or from famous people you’ve never met?
  7. If someone offered to give each of your classmates $10 or $100, which would you choose?
  8. Would you prefer getting an entire month off from college/school (with no homework) with the caveat that you won’t be able to get in touch with your friends for that period, or would you prefer school for one more month (with homework) with the condition that your friends would come too?
  9. Which internship would you rather have: one in which your boss is a total softie and lavishes praise on you at every turn or one in which you are forced to pull your weight and learn the ropes?
  10. To spend a day as (either) a living or dead person, who would you choose? Why?
  11. Please list the five most essential items you want most.
  12. Tell me the most significant, nastiest lie you’ve ever told. For what reason?
  13. Who knows how you’d spend your last day on Earth if you knew that was the case, but what would you do if you found out?
  14. Which of the following would be the worst possible outcome for you if you were to fail?
  15. When did you last intentionally hurt someone?
  16. I was hoping you could give me the name of a film you can repeatedly watch and still enjoy.
  17. What would you make for me to eat if you had to cook for me?
  18. Can you think of a time when someone you loved hurt you deeply? How?
  19. Suppose you finally had some spare cash to spend on yourself. What would be the first thing you would buy?
  20. Please give us the one thing about you that you want to be known for.
  21. Please describe your first date together.

Dirty Questions for 21 Questions Game

These are the kinds of questions you can choose for the question game if you want to have fun, explore the other person’s sexier side, and have the game lead to something funny and sexy,

  1. Is it possible that someone accidentally caught a glimpse of you in your undies? How did they feel about it?
  2. How old were you when you gave each other your first French kiss? How would you rate it?
  3. Do you think we’d do something hilarious if we drank a lot?
  4. Let me know your thoughts on sexting. What do you think about doing it?
  5. Is it true that no one has ever caught you masturbating or engaging in self-abuse? How did people respond to this?
  6. Please explain what regular sex and making love entail. In what ways are they dissimilar?
  7. How would you rate your kissing skills?
  8. At what point did you become a virgin? Would you make a different decision if you could go back in time?
  9. To what extent do you approve of the idea of thrilling foreplay?
  10. Did your partner make fun of you when you got naked for the first time?
  11. Which of these is your most extraordinary sexual attraction?
  12. Name the strangest place where you have had sex.
  13. What physical characteristics of the opposite sex do you find most appealing?
  14. What’s your wildest s*xual wish?
  15. What do you wear before retiring?
  16. Which item of clothing would you remove from my current ensemble if you had the option? Why?
  17. Give an example of the naughtiest demand your partner has ever made of you. So, did you comply?
  18. Are you someone who likes to engage in naughty language?
  19. Do you currently have any undergarments on?
  20. How did you feel the first time you experienced sexual intimacy?
  21. Is it true that you’ve had sexual fantasies about me? Inquire about the specifics.


Whether playing with friends, family, or strangers, these pick-a-number questions are sure to get the conversation flowing.

Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new about the people you’re playing with. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing!