Pick a Number Game Dirty 1 50

Pick a Number Game Dirty 1 50

Pick a Number Game Dirty 1 50

Few games can provide as much fun or excitement as the pick-a-number game (also called counting or dirty sixty-nine). Although the rules and gameplay are simple, the experience of playing this exciting game with your partner can be incredibly pleasurable.

For those who are curious about learning how to play or have only heard about it from friends, this guide will give you an idea of what to expect and also offer some tips to make your first time playing even better.

What you need to know about picking a number?

Pick a number is a game that seems innocent enough but can be pretty dirty.

The game’s object is to choose a number between 1 and 50. Then the person who picked the number announces something about themselves that corresponds to that number.

For example, I have slept with X people. A game is being played with any number of people, but it is traditionally reserved for small groups of close friends or couples who are comfortable talking openly about the intimate details of their sexual lives.

Why is this surprisingly dirty?

1-50 is a game that children usually play, but it can be surprisingly dirty. The game is simple: one person picks a number between 1 and 50, and the other has to guess what that number is.

When care is not taken, it is possible to choose a number that is either too low or too high in a hurry, and this is where things begin to take a shady turn.

Be cautious when playing this game, and pick the perfect number to win!

It may seem strange that a seemingly innocent little game could be considered dirty. Still, there are several numbers you should avoid picking in 1-50.

When playing with someone who may have dabbled in some naughty games in their past (or likes being slightly risqué), try avoiding specific numbers, particularly 11, 22, and 37, because those numbers have an interesting connection to sex acts.

This connection is based on numerology; 11 represents sexual passion while 22 symbolizes sexual love.

That’s a bit more complicated. In ancient Roman times, 37 was the maximum marriage age.

But it also had another association with Rome’s upper class. Because Roman law dictated that all debts had to be paid before death, 37 years of age was seen as unlucky because of its relation to debt repayment time.

If you want your child to stop bugging you about what they think is the funniest number in 1-50, then tell them 10 is the funniest number since 10 kisses mean making out without getting naked!

Numbers 21 through 25 are the worst?

We’ve all played the pick a number game before. You know, the one where someone says to pick a number between 1 and 50, and then they tell you a dirty secret based on the number you choose.

Well, it turns out that some of those secrets are dirtier than others. Numbers 21 through 25 will make your skin crawl if you’re unprepared for them.

The numbers go from 21 through 25, so we’ll go through them in order and let you know what each one is about.

Number 21 is about how girls feel when their significant other watches porn without them around.

Number 22 is about how many people have been involved in an*l sex with someone else.

Number 23 is about who has ever cheated on their partner sexually, either as the cheater or as the victim of cheating (not limited to infidelity).

Number 24 is about who has ever been involved in group sex with two or more people at once.

Number 25 is about which family member you would like to see naked. I am well aware that I should feel embarrassed about the fact that I have even participated in this game.

Numbers 26 through 30 will make you blush?

  • 26. I like to be eaten out while I’m on my period.
  • 27. I’ve had an org*sm from anal.
  • 28. I’ve had sex in a car.
  • 29. I’ve been caught having sex.
  • 30. I’ve had sex in public, and it was not with my partner. I’ve had sex in public, and it was not with my partner.

Once, after being stood up for a date, I got drunk and decided to take things into my own hands.

I had always been bored and had nothing better to do, so I decided to walk down the street until I found someone who seemed to be in the same mood as I was and was also looking to have some fun that evening. We took off our clothes and started looking at them on the ground outside the liquor store.

And then we got arrested because we didn’t have condoms (that’s always important!). Luckily, the police officer let us go after he gave us a lecture about safe sex and told us to get dressed.

In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea because we could have both gotten sick or pregnant from this unprotected encounter. But sometimes, you need quick action when feeling lonely!

Numbers 31 through 35 are suitable for laughs?

31 is boobs, 32 licks it, 33 is fu*k it, 34 is fu*k you, 35 is fu*k you, too. Laughter aside, this game can be played with any number of people and can be as dirty or clean as you want it to be.

All you need is a pencil and paper for every player. One person starts by picking a number from 1 to 50 and telling the rest of the players what that number means to them (either in person or anonymously).

After that person picks their number, everyone else has to write down what they think the first person meant by their choice.

The latter continues until one player has had a chance to get a number from 1 to 50 and explain its validity. At first glance, might seem ridiculous, but after hearing other people’s reactions, you may begin to see things differently.

Or, if you’re feeling brave, let the other players know who said what when they guessed your words correctly.

Numbers 36 through 40 might surprise you!

The Pick a Number game is a great way to get to know someone, but it can also be surprisingly dirty.

Here are some of the dirtiest numbers in the game: 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40. It’s possible that you’ll get more than you expected unless you’re careful. There is an abundance of sexual innuendos and puns in these four numbers.

There’s number 36, which has six letters (SIX!), number 37, which has seven letters (SEVEN!), number 38, which has eight letters (EIGHT!), and number 39, which has nine letters (NINE!).

And lastly, we have the infamous 40, who gets as close as possible to 50 without saying anything! It has zero letters, and we all know what that means. Sex is the word most commonly associated with this number.

No wonder many people choose this letter when playing the game. Other standard picks include F and M because they are female and male, respectively.

Naughty choices include I or C for intercourse or A or K for anal. These are good options for starting innocently before getting into the heavier stuff.

Numbers 41 through 45 are interesting?

  • 41. Do you like feet? I do. I think they’re cute, and I love getting foot massages.
  • 42. What’s your favorite position? I’m a doggy-style fan, but I also like missionary and being on top.
  • 43. What are you wearing right now? I’m wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a tank top.
  • 44. What are you doing later tonight? I’m going to grab dinner with friends and then maybe hit up a bar or club.
  • 45. Is it okay if I send you some nudes? Sure! You can send me as many as you want.

The more, the better! Just be careful not to send any inappropriate pictures because those will be flagged and blocked by my phone.

Sometimes people will ask for pictures in return which is fine. Sometimes people don’t realize that what they sent might have been inappropriate, which is why I always let them know before sending anything back.

And sometimes people end up liking each other so much that we’ll talk on the phone every day for hours and start texting each other first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

Numbers 46 through 50 will make you laugh, but don’t let your kids read them!

  1. I refuse to shower until my body smells like a landfill.
  2. I’m so old; I remember when toilet paper was a luxury item.
  3. I’m not saying that I don’t like how I look, but plastic surgery is expensive.
  4. If you can read this, you’re standing too close to me.
  5. I’m not saying that I don’t like how I look, but plastic surgery is expensive.


One of the most exciting party games is the pick a number game. This game is accessible to anyone with only a few basic guidelines.

And, with some creativity, you can make it as dirty as you want. So get ready to have some fun, and see how low you can go. Here are all the numbers from 1-50 in order.