Nuru Massage Gel Recipe

Nuru Massage Gel Recipe

Nuru Massage Gel Recipe | Is there any DIY recipe for Nuru gel?

Nuru massage is a traditional massage introduced back in Kawasaki, Japan, now widespread in the West. It comes with a gel sold all over the U.S. Unfortunately, the Gel shown online is usually not authentic or very expensive. 

But, we will today explain to you the complete Nuru gel recipe in this article. But, first, let’s look at the authentic Nuru massage gel recipe.

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru Massage is a ‘wet’ massage that starts with a bath or shower while applying a warmed product to still-damp skin, letting the partner move smoothly all over each other’s bodies for the ultimate in sensual massages.

The majority of the products are odorless, colorless, and non-sticky. They can be washed away with water and are water-based, so they can be used with condoms without the risk of perishing.

The main ingredient in Nuru Gel is Nori Seaweed, which is known for its herbal detoxifying effects. Natural minerals and chamomile are also included in the Nuru Gel formula. When applied to dry skin, it absorbs quickly to nourish and restore tone and energy, resulting in fresh, healthy skin that feels silky smooth.

Nuru massage recipes

Making authentic Nuru massage gel is not tricky. However, the ingredients are not readily available in stores. You only need to have a look around for the ingredients. You can search it online or check at any superstore. Moreover, there are several recipes to make Nuru massage gel, but you cannot change the ingredients of the Gel.

Recipe 1 for Nuru massage gel

The result will not be 100% the same as the Nuru gel you get from the market. But it is very close to it as this recipe is non-staining, safe, flavorless, and has no smell. Moreover, it is cheap compared to the Nuru gel you get in the market.


Food-grade sodium alginate- 1 tbsp

Boiled water- 1cup


The first recipe is simple. All you need is one teaspoon of food-grade sodium alginate and add it to a cup of warm water. Initially, it will clump, but it is ok. Keep on blending the mixture until it is smooth, then leave for an hour in a calm and dark place.

Recipe 2 for Nuru massage gel

This recipe is more easy to get but not as effective as the recipe above. In addition, it is not much similar to the real Nuru massage. 


  1. Food-grade glycerine – 100grams
  2. Warm water – 100ml
  3. Xanthan gum – ( as needed)
  4. Coconut oil – 85 grams

Mix glycerine and coconut oil, slowly add water until you get a sticky consistency. If the consistency is too runny, add some xanthan gum to give it a good consistency. 

 What are the ingredients used in authentic Nuru massage gel

The traditional Nuru gel consists of the following ingredients:

  1. Grapefruit extracts 
  2. Aloe vera 
  3. chamomile
  4. Nori is a Japanese seaweed.

It’s transparent, tasteless, and very slippery. It’s great for a hot Nuru massage from head to toe.

How to use Nuru massage gel?

When using the Nuru gel, make sure you apply it to damp skin and rub it in as desired. Make sure you thoroughly rinse it with clean water. Make sure you don’t get the Gel in your eyes. If it gets into your eye, flush it out with clean water. When applied to nearly dry or moist skin, you receive better results.

Nuru Massage in 5 Easy Steps

  • The most important step is to get in the mood for the best Nuru experience. First, make the bed with a fitted PU/PVC Hi-Gloss Sheet by preparing the bed, inflating the mattress, or making the bed with a fitted PU/PVC Hi-Gloss Sheet. Using a sheet or towels will absorb a lot of the Gel, reducing its effectiveness. 
  • Low lighting/candles and gentle music can create a soothing, sensual, intimate experience. At the same time, brilliant illumination for more excellent visuals can be combined with your favorite music. It is totally up to you how that you want to set the mood.
  • Warm a bottle of Nuru in a sink full of hot water. (A full b2b massage requires 250ml)
  • Take a warm bath or shower together; this is a great way to start foreplay. Nuru needs to be applied to wet/damp skin to benefit from the Gel’s slippery nature fully.
  • Pour the warm Gel into a wooden bowl and stir with a little warm water (do not use too much because the Gel is water based/soluble), adjusting the consistency to your liking.
  • While still wet, go to a room that has been heated to a comfortable temperature to avoid becoming cold, slather each other with copious amounts of warm Gel, and let the fun begin!

Is Nuru massage another name for s*x?

Nuru massage isn’t about rubbing the vag*nal area on the pen*s. However, because this massage is exceptionally slick and both the therapist and the recipient are entirely naked, it is possible that the vag*na comes close to the pen*s at times throughout the session.

The vag*nal canal might sometimes brush through the male genitalia. Such incidents occur because the massage is slick, and the therapist performs a body slide. However, the therapist does not provide sexual favors to the patient as a result of this massage.

It’s a massage, and the therapist maintains a strict level of professionalism, regardless of how sensual and erotic the massage techniques are.


In this article, we discussed the Nuru massage gel recipe and other details. We discussed two different recipes for Nuru massage gel. Both of these recipes work great and give you the best experience. 

We have also briefed you about the ingredients used in industrial or authentic Nuru gel. We briefed you about the five easy steps for performing a simple and pleasurable Nuru massage. For more updates, make sure to sign-up for our newsletter for the latest information worldwide.