New Game Lets You Earn Bitcoin by Playing Solitaire

New Game Lets You Earn Bitcoin by Playing Solitaire

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New Game Lets You Earn Bitcoin by Playing Solitaire

The classic card game solitaire has provided hours of entertainment for many of us, as it was installed on at least a billion computers and is still played regularly by millions of users. Following this success, a version of solitaire that allows players to earn Bitcoin has now been released by THNDR Games.

More About the Game

This is a play-to-earn mobile game that goes by the name of Club Bitcoin: Solitaire. It’s one of a series of games of this type to be released by THNDR Games. Their collection also includes the likes of Bitcoin Bay: Bitcoin Bubbles and Bitcoin Snake; Earn Bitcoin. This ties in with their mission to bring Bitcoin to more people through the use of mobile games.

They state that they expect it to gain a good market share in emerging markets and with female players. The developer pointed out that classic card games like solitaire are generally among the highest-ranking in the App Store because of the mass appeal that they offer.

There’s no cost to play the basic game, but that means that you’ll need to sit through some ads at the end of each game unless you pay to remove them. The good news is that the business model in place here means that the players get a share of the revenue distributed back to them, as daily prize draws offer the main way of earning money on the app.

How Do You Play Solitaire for Bitcoin?

This game can be found on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, as it’s available for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, the first step is to download Club Bitcoin; Solitaire for free. As you play, you’ll collect tickets for each game, and those tickets are then placed into the daily prize draw.

However, the company states that everyone wins something every day. As for the game itself, it’s said to include fewer features and options than the Microsoft version that many people have on their PCs. Indeed, there’s just a single skill level and few ways to customize the game’s layout and appearance.

Since the solitaire game is so well-known and easy to play, the biggest challenge may be in dealing with any Bitcoin you earn. If you’re new to this cryptocurrency, you’ll need to set up a Lightning-enabled wallet to send your tokens.

New Game Lets You Earn Bitcoin by Playing Solitaire

The Rise of Online Card Games

Like most card games, solitaire relies on a mixture of luck and good decision-making, and this combination has helped to make online cards extremely popular these days. Solitaire does have some strategies, although they’re fewer in number than in a game like a poker. At the other end of the scale, baccarat is a game where you can’t influence the outcome in any way.

Blackjack is somewhere in the middle, as we see explained in this blackjack guide to the rules and gameplay. The basic idea is to try and get closer to the total of 21 than the dealer, but without going over this number. To do this, you need to decide when to ask for another card and when to stand with the cards you’ve already got.

The ongoing popularity of solitaire and the way that Bitcoin has exploded should ensure that people are willing to give Club Bitcoin; Solitaire a try. It’s just one example of how mixing a classic game with modern technology can provide something fresh and interesting.