My Xbox one is stuck on the green screen. What should I do?

My Xbox one is stuck on the green screen

My Xbox one is stuck on the green screen. What should I do?

For an average person, the green screen could look ordinary but for an Xbox one gamer, the Xbox one green screen means putting all their games on hold and maybe that’s why it takes the name of the screen of death. In this case, a gamer can’t do anything at all. They are stranded and can’t go by playing their favourite games which could count as a loss in case the gamer is in the middle of a competition with friends.

What causes it?

As I said, it goes by the name of a green screen of death and this means that the Xbox one console is temporarily lifeless. This has been something that most gamers have faced at one point when playing which could cause panic for first-timers. Most of those who faced it has different reviews to explain what had caused the problem and how they were able to take care of it. One of those commonly discussed are

  • Corrupted hard disk
  • System update failure
  • Communication errors

System update failure.

Systems need to update now and then and at times, they could interfere with how the Xbox one works which could affect it negatively. With that advancement of technology, comes with automatic features and with the case of Xbox one console, when it detects an update but if it isn’t successful at updating, it will go straight to green screen.

Corrupted hard disk.

This doesn’t need much depth. There are two reasons and that is if the hard disk used is either damaged or corrupted, there will be a read and write error and then the green screen of death.

How do you by fixing it?

Let’s look at some ways to fix it;

Hard Reset the Xbox one.

This should be the first method you follow. With only two steps, you can be able to try and see if it works and just in case it doesn’t work, it means that their other solutions to look at.

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Maximum 10.
  • Wait for it to reboot then try to see if it’s working.

Update offline using a USB

Another way to go by it is using a USB for offline updates. With this solution, you need to have both a USB with not less than 4 GB storage formatted as NTFS and a windows computer that is equipped with a USB port. Then follow the next steps.

  • Download the offline system update file onto the USB.
  • Copy the system update file onto the USB.
  • Power off your console and unplug it from the source. It will completely go off for a maximum of 30 seconds then power it on
  • Look for the Bind button and Eject then press and hold for about 15 seconds.
  • Two sounds will be heard and then release those buttons
  • When the console turns on, go to the startup troubleshoot.
  • Connect the USB drive to your console then click the offline system update file troubleshoot will be there.
  • Go to the D-pad button and the A button on the controller and then click offline system update
  • The offline update from your USB will start to update.
  • For the last part, the console will update once finished and then check if it is still working.

Format the hard disk

Here you need to use the  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard in case your data is deleted which is already guaranteed. When you format the hard disk, all the data will be gone.

  • The first thing you have to do is to go to your file explorer
  • Right-click on the corrupted hard drive and then click format.
  • Your data will be gone.

Looking at the issue of the hard disk is either corrupted or damaged. They both have different solutions which are when it is physically damaged it means that the only way to repair it is by replacing it and when it’s corrupted that’s when it needs formatting as discussed above.

For those who haven’t faced the problem and just need advice for future reference. One thing you have to do is not to save your game files directly on the Xbox One hard drive, save them on the computer hard drive. follow the steps below to see what to do.

  • Connect the Xbox One hard drive to your computer
  • Click on the data recovery software of your choice
  • Leave the software to scan all your lost games and data.
  • After, click recover and all your games will be restored.

Factory Reset the Xbox one

You need to make sure your data and information are safe which at this point is pointless, to be honest. For a factory reset, it means that any information you have stored in your console will be gone. The only to get back that information is by using the drive recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which will help restore all your lost data. If you download it, you will be good to go. Follow the steps below for a factory reset

  • Hold both the eject and sync button and click the power button.
  • When you hear the 2 startup sounds you will see the menu, click on factory reset
  • When that is finished, you will see a question of whether you want to keep your installed games or not.
  • If yes, Click keep and update the games will update.
  • Your console will boot again and all your games will be restored.



Those are solutions as explained above and there is no need to panic at any stage because solutions are all over the internet and you are not the only one having this issue. For first gamers, it’s a good idea to read in case you find yourself in that disturbing situation. If all these issues can’t be solved, you can always ask for professional help which at times could be on a rare occasion unless otherwise.