Mouth swab drug test did not turn blue | What does the color blue mean on a drug test?

Mouth swab drug test did not turn blue | What does the color blue mean on a drug test?

Mouth swab drug test did not turn blue | What does the color blue mean on a drug test? | What does it mean?

What color does a mouth swab turn into if you fail? After 10 minutes, the appearance of a reddish-purple line in the control region but none in the test zone shows that the drug concentration is over the detectable limit. There will be no line or color in the control area if the test is invalid.

You’re about to undergo a mouth swab drug test. You’re a little worried because this is your first time. In your experience, drug test technicians always utilize drug test cups or strips. So you do your homework to calm yourself down. You come across some information about covid or general drug tests changing colors or appearing with lines when you test positive. So you’re perplexed as to why a mouth swab drug test turns blue. Why do the colors of these tests alter in the first place?

What Causes a Blue Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Let’s take a look at how a mouth swab drug test can perform to discover why it turns blue.

  1. The technician gives you a mouth swab drug test. To demonstrate that it is a brand-new, unopened item, he opens the package in front of you.
  2. He recommends dabbing the device into your inner cheek and gums, then keeping it on your tongue with your mouth closed until the saturation indication strip becomes blue.

If your mouth swab drug test turns blue, don’t be concerned. It simply means that the saliva drug test you’re doing can equip you with a saturation indication strip. This strip indicates that the swab has gathered enough oral fluid to perform the test.

What happens if your mouth swab drug test doesn’t turn blue?

It indicates that you haven’t produced enough saliva to pass a drug test. As a result, your technician will ask you to retake the exam.

Make sure you have enough oral fluid to avoid the need for a retest. What’s the best way to go if it doesn’t turns blue?

Factors that Influence Oral Fluid Production

  • To boost saliva production, some people advocate consuming sour candy. The best drink, according to them, is a lemon drop. On the other side, the citric acid in lemon candies may cause a false positive in a saliva drug test. Your mouth swab drug test will not turn blue as a result.
  • Take a piece of bubble gum and chew it. Unfortunately, this could lead to a false positive. You now understand why a mouth swab drug test becomes blue. If you want to try this form of a drug test for yourself or your company, look into Ovus Medical’s oral swabs. They’re FDA-approved, CLIA-exempt, and have a 99 percent accuracy record. They can detect THC, Amphetamines, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Opiates, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Oxycodone, PCP, and Buprenorphine.

A saliva drug test, often known as a mouth swab drug test, is a urine drug test. It captures saliva from the lips of the person inside, whether they are an employee or a job seeker. When you go forward for a job interview, you may be concerned about being tested for drug and alcohol use. Employers can require the law to provide drug testing to job seekers and workers in several industries. There are many types of drug swab tests available:

  • Drug and alcohol tests by mouth swab 
  • Drug and alcohol tests by blood  
  • Drug testing in the hair 
  • Drug testing in the saliva

Mouth Swab Drug Test or Saliva Testing Analysis: 

Saliva testing is a procedure that involves analyzing a mouth swab in a laboratory to detect drug usage, illnesses, and other diseases. A mouth swab drug test, often called an oral fluids test, gathers saliva and looks for narcotics. It is more affordable than other drug tests. The usage of illegal drugs is detected using a mouth swab. Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines can be detected using a mouth swab drug test.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test: 

Many employers use saliva testing to determine whether or not a candidate uses drugs. Oral swab tests are far more straightforward to pass than urine or blood testing. Typically, these tests cannot detect drug usage a few days earlier. The only way to pass this oral swab test is to stay away from narcotics for a few days.

Which drug test is the most accurate?

A hair drug test can be widely regarded as the most accurate drug test available. It can also tell you how much and how long you’ve been using drugs.  

  • Marijuana 
  • Cocaine
  • PCP
  •  If you use illegal drugs, your employer will do a hair test before hiring you.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing: 

A drug is any type of substance that, when eaten, induces a change in an organism’s psychology—medicines taken by mouth, injection, smoking, or dissolving under the tongue. Pharmaceutical medications are used to heal and recommend a doctor for a specific period. 

Illicit drug use has the potential to be hazardous for us. The results of oral fluid drug testing can be obtained quickly.

Drug-Testing Companies: 

Many companies use mouth swab drug tests to assess the mental health of their employees. It is beneficial to have excellent mental health to achieve more significant results. The following are the several types of drug tests:

• LabCorp oral drug test

 • Microsoft drug test

 • Hair test

• Stryker Drug Screening

What is the purpose of a mouth swab drug test?

Saliva testing can only do in one situation: see if you’ve recently used drugs. Cocaine, ecstasy, and nicotine are examples of medications. Nicotine is typically tested for government employees that offer health insurance or as a prerequisite for acquiring life insurance. Saliva can be taken from the mouth during a mouth swab drug test. The test is quick and straightforward to complete. A mouth swab drug test can be described as a screening test for detecting a chemical.

• A collecting stick with a sponge is used to conduct a mouth swab drug test.

• The sample is used in a lab or on-site.


There are a few things to consider when choosing a mouth swab drug test. First, ensure it features an indicator that allows you to read the oral test precisely. Different drugs can be detected with an oral fluid drug test. The following drugs can be detected using a mouth swab drug test:

• Alcohol

• Amphetamines

• Barbiturates

• Fentanyl

• Cocaine

• Marijuana