Is Post Malone Gay Or Bisexual?

    Is Post Malone Gay Or Bisexual?

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    Is Post Malone Gay Or Bisexual?

    There has been a lot of speculation about Post Malone’s sexuality. He has never publicly addressed this issue, and he has dated only women in the past.

    However, we can speculate that he might be gay or bisexual based on his style and relationships with women. Let’s take a closer look at his sexuality to find out.

    Post Malone’s Sexuality

    Post Malone has never come out publicly about his sexuality. Although most tabloids have claimed he is straight, some reporters believe he is bisexual. It is unknown what Post Malone’s sexuality is, but it’s not surprising that he has stayed in the closet.

    The singer has been linked to several women recently, but he has never admitted to being gay. He was rumored to have dated Dallas advertising executive Ashlen Diaz before his 2015 breakup with Diaz. The two reportedly met at a Dallas nightclub and felt passionate feelings for each other. The two were the inspirations for Post Malone’s 2016 hit, “Bad Boys.” His sexuality is unknown to fans, but his net worth is believed to be around $ 14 million.

    Despite Post Malone’s apparent lack of solid sexuality, he has earned considerable attention from his fans. According to his social media profiles, he has 22 million followers on Instagram and more than 7 million followers on Twitter. However, he has also received numerous criticisms for his drinking and drug use and has denied the accusations.

    Post Malone’s sexuality is not publicly known, but his girlfriend, Ashlen Diaz, dated him for almost two years. In June 2018, the two were photographed together in Los Angeles and on the red carpet at the American Music Awards. In September 2018, Post Malone got a tattoo of Ashlen’s initials on his arm. However, the relationship ended in late 2018, and rumors have since surfaced.

    His Relationship with Diaz

    While the relationship between Post Malone and Diaz seems to be on the rocks, the two have been open about their troubles. Although their Instagram posts have since been deleted, the singer and actress were recently photographed cuddling on a yacht in St. Tropez. The couple was reportedly there to film a music video.Is Post Malone Gay Or Bisexual?

    The pair met in high school and were immediately attracted to each other. Diaz was shy before they began dating, but now she is comfortable on camera and promotes playlists and artists. Although Post and Diaz do not have children, it’s safe to assume that the relationship remains close.

    Though Post Malone and Diaz did not get married, they had been romantically linked for three years before calling it quits. Despite this, the couple has no children, and the relationship is short-lived. After the breakup, Malone went on to date the Korean music promoter Ashlen Diaz, which ended in a split last year.

    While the relationship between Malone and Diaz ended in divorce, the singer remained in touch with his ex-girlfriend. Diaz was promoting a show in Dallas at the time and followed Malone on Instagram. The singer was also in touch with Diaz’s manager.

    His relationship with Ashlen

    Despite the high-profile nature of Post Malone’s career, the relationship between the musician and Ashlen has not been easy to maintain. The two were seen together at many public events, including Malone’s birthday party, and Ashlen has supported him at various events. However, as of late, the relationship between Post Malone and Ashlen is on the rocks. Though the couple has not publicly discussed the reasons for the breakup, Malone has acknowledged that fame had put too much strain on their relationship. In 2016, he admitted on The Breakfast Club that balancing his career and family was difficult. He has also claimed that his ex-girlfriend inspired his song “Deja Vu” featuring Justin Bieber.

    Post Malone’s relationship with Ashlen Diaz was not publicized until last year. The pair met on a television show and began following each other on Instagram. In June 2017, Post Malone appeared on a show with Ashlen Diaz, but it was difficult for the audience to see them. Ashlen later posted a photo of herself with the same bag that Post Malone was carrying. On Valentine’s Day 2018, Ashlen confirmed that the two were dating.

    The relationship between Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz had a complicated history. They went through several breakups but ended their relationship in August or September 2018. Although neither party publicly acknowledged their breakup, they did refer to the breakup in deleted social media posts. According to the Us Weekly source, the pair’s relationship ended around August or September 2018. It is unclear when the two split, but one month between them can make all the difference in cheating rumors.

    His Style

    Although Post Malone is not publicly gay, the rumors have been around for a long time. The singer and songwriter have not commented on his sexuality and have always been private about his love life. His sex life is also unknown, and he has never been photographed wearing a sexy dress.

    Post Malone has spoken about his love life in the past, but he has never said he was gay publicly. However, he has confirmed that he has dated women in the past and has been photographed with a few women. These photos have led to speculations about his sexuality. Regardless of the source, Post Malone is a talented musician and has the clout to let the world know when he wants.

    In recent years, Post Malone has been linked to several women. His most recent relationship was with model Ashlen Diaz. While neither of them has officially confirmed their relationship, the two have been photographed together in tabloids. Although their short-lived relationship, Post Malone has never publicly revealed his sexuality. In addition, he is engaged and has a daughter.

    Malone started his music career at a young age and has several hits to his credit. His singing style and versatility have made him instant success, and his music has been praised. His single debut reached the Top 10 rap chart in the United States.

    His Past Relationships

    Post Malone is a 26-year-old American rapper. Born Austin Richard Post, he began his career in 2013 and rose to fame in 2015. He has won several music awards and received nominations for six Grammys. Many of his songs have been included in the top Billboard charts in the US. Recently, he has been linked to Korean rapper MLMA.Is Post Malone Gay Or Bisexual?

    Despite these rumors, Post Malone has never commented publicly on his sexuality. Instead, he avoided the subject during interviews but made some comments indicating that he was not gay. While this is not proof that he is gay, it does indicate that he has not dated men in the past.

    Post Malone has been in several relationships in his life. His longest relationship lasted for three years. He had a long-term relationship with Ashlen Diaz, a music producer. He met Diaz while working on a music video. The two dated for three years before their relationship ended.

    While there is no solid evidence to suggest that Post Malone is gay, his public relationships with women make him appear gay. In addition, while Post Malone is a very talented artist who has sold over 80 million records, there is a lingering question about whether he is gay or bisexual.

    His Relationship with Baek Ye-jin

    The alleged girlfriend of Post Malone is a Korean national named Baek Ye-jin. She is 28 years old and a visual director, painter, and model. The couple has been dating since 2020, and their relationship is still a mystery.

    While their relationship is long-distance, Malone and Diaz have also been linked to one another in the past. Their relationship began in 2015 when they were in South Korea on a concert tour. Although the two did not spend a lot of time together, they were reportedly very friendly to each other. They have tattoos of each other’s initials on their arms.

    However, the relationship between the two begins on a false note. Initially, Hee-do does not appear to like Ye-jin. She does not believe that her relationship is genuine and later lashes out in anger when Ye-jin confronts her.

    Though the two have not publicly announced their relationship, MLMA has not made any public comments about his past relationships. However, she has shared intimate pictures of herself with the rapper and even praised his mother, MLMA. She has never publicly revealed the child’s mother’s identity, but many have speculated that the couple is gay.

    Despite being a famous musician, Post Malone has never publicly addressed his sexuality. While his public statements have encouraged his relationships with women, his private sexuality is unknown. Nevertheless, he has never denied that he is gay, but it seems he is avoiding the topic.