Is Bushwick Safe?

    Is Bushwick Safe? 

    Is Bushwick Safe? 

    The city still has one of the highest rates of crime. But, in Bushwick, your chances of becoming a victim are around 1 in 40. Bushwick, like many other large-city districts, has a more significant crime rate than surrounding residential areas. However, that doesn’t mean that Bushwick isn’t a generally secure neighborhood. The 83rd Precinct of the NYPD is in charge of maintaining order in the area.

    The number of petty thefts is up by 11 percent. In the last four years, the number of burglaries in Bushwick has increased by a staggering 10 percent. The neighborhood has seen the most thefts in this century.

    The area’s population is growing. The Latino population has increased from Puerto Ricans to Mexicans. There are also increasing numbers of people from Honduras.

    The number of robberies and car thefts in Bushwick is up by 10 and 51 percent, respectively. There are also increasing numbers of noise complaints. These are all indicators of the cultural change that the neighborhood has undergone.

    Some newcomers bring with them a suburban habit of not locking doors. Moreover, increasing numbers of “serious offenses,” such as auto theft, rape, and burglary.

    The most common crime in the area last year was felony assault. It had ten reports. But it was a slight drop from the previous year’s high. It was also the only despite Bushwick’s many advantages, it is still a city with a high crime rate. However, there are still a few things that you can do to ensure that your home is safe. These include taking simple measures to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

    Crime rates

    Compared to the city’s overall crime rate, the crime rate in Bushwick is a bit higher. But it is still well below the city’s overall average. This is mainly because the neighborhood is more densely populated.

    The most common crime in the area is a felony assault. The number of felony assaults in Bushwick decreased over the past two years. However, there was a time that had more than six reports.

    The city’s overall crime rate is about four percent lower than the national average. But the Bushwick crime rate is about 18 percent higher than the state average.

    The highest crime rate in Bushwick is the crime rate for felony assault. It is the most common crime in the neighborhood, and the number of reports has increased.


    Bushwick is one of New York’s coolest neighborhoods and is home to some of the city’s hottest nightlife. From swanky nightclubs to quaint cafes and boutiques, here’s a list of some of the best spots to visit in the area.

    The Mood Ring is an astrological-themed bar in Bushwick. It features a back room full of lasers, fog, and booths playing electronic disco music. The bar also features a rotating zodiac cocktail of the month.

    The Market Hotel is a popular event space in the area. It’s also home to a vintage shop and a boutique carrying merchandise from Brooklyn vendors. There’s also a tiny bar in the back.

    Birdy’s bar is one of the hottest bars in the area. It’s not an old-man dive bar but rather a trendy, artsy spot with comforting food and an energetic crowd. They also have daily happy hours and a karaoke night.

    The Cobra Club is a community center that’s also a sound bar. It has a great back patio, good cocktails, and a good scene. They also have an excellent Happy Hour, where you can get a beer and a shot for just $2.

    The Narrows is an excellent spot for a date. The bar is small, but the cocktails are excellent. They also have a great back patio, but the crowd can get pretty rowdy on weekends.

    The Pine Box Rock Shop is an old casket factory turned into a cool bar. They feature a selection of cocktails, including the Creampie Orange Colada, a rum and lime drink with a splash of coconut cream. It’s also an excellent spot for comedy performances.

    Is Bushwick Safe? 

    The Syndicated is a bar and restaurant with an all-in-one feel. They also have an educational center called the STORE & STUDIO, where you can take workshops on textiles and other topics.


    During the 1800s, Bushwick became one of the most extensive beer-producing areas in the United States. At the height of the brewing industry, it produced thirty percent of the nation’s beer. However, by the end of the century, the city had lost its rural character.

    After the Triangle Shirtwaist fire in New York in 1896, laws were passed to protect workers. This sparked a movement for labor reform. Bushwick was a significant contributor to this movement. Bushwick also had a large German immigrant population. These Germans opened breweries, beer halls, and restaurants.

    In the twentieth century, the Germans moved out of Bushwick. Italians replaced them as the dominant group. Then came the African American and Caribbean-American families. These new immigrants contributed to the neighborhood’s economic prosperity. They helped Bushwick to survive both world wars.

    The brewery industry in Bushwick dwindled in the late 1960s and 1970s. Many of the breweries moved to other areas. Unfortunately, they had to relocate due to labor and energy costs. The city’s bizarre taxation system also made it impossible for the breweries to expand. By the 1970s, only 23 of the area’s breweries remained.

    The last brewery on Brewer’s Row shut down in 1976. After that, the area was primarily gentrified. However, it has become an affordable, excellent neighborhood in Brooklyn. In the 2000s, the Bushwick Revitalization Initiative dramatically reduced crime in the area.

    Today, Bushwick has several good breweries to try. Interboro Spirits and Ale, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery, and Queens Brewery are some of the best places to enjoy the local craft beer scene. You can also check out the Brooklyn Beer Garden, which hosts live music and street art.

    Latin cuisine

    Those seeking to sample some of the most interesting Latin cuisines in Brooklyn have their choice of more than three dozen restaurants. Most are located in the neighborhood, but visitors can also try their hand at the many food delivery services available.

    The Mexican and Latino eateries offer various meals among the most popular of these. For example, Tacos la Carcachita offers affordable food. Also, La Isla serves tasty, freshly cooked beans.

    La Loncheria serves tacos made by hip, young Mexicans for a more expensive meal. The tacos themselves are tasty. But the natural attraction here is the ambiance. The tacos are cooked in a giant wooden block, and the pork is sliced with fat cleavers.

    In addition to its signature tacos, La Loncheria also serves quesadillas. The tortillas at this taqueria are made from imported heirloom grains.

    Another option is to get your fill of vegan Latin cuisine at Grilled. This restaurant focuses on affordable vegan meals, and its menu includes a full kids’ menu. The menu also includes a choripan; a traditional Colombian burger made with arepas.

    Another good option is the wood-fired pizza at Ops. Ops’s pizzas are a bit less famous in Bushwick, but they are worth a try. OPs offers a custom wheat flour blend and a basil-topped Margherita. The pizza also includes pork jowl, pecorino, and onion.

    Other places to try are D’Montazo, La Rubia, and El Dorado. The former is a casual chafing dish affair, while the latter is a formal Dominican restaurant.

    Is Bushwick Safe? 

    In the spirit of the pandemic, classic Bushwick haunts like El Salvador and Sofreh have reinvented themselves, and chefs have turned to the neighborhood to try their creative concepts.


    Located in Brooklyn, Bushwick has a fantastic collection of schools. There are two public high schools, two junior highs, and one K-7 charter school. The schools in Bushwick serve many students who are English language learners. There are also a high number of immigrant families in the neighborhood.

    The city Department of Education surveys shows that most Bushwick residents are satisfied with their schools. A recent poll found that Bushwick parents are very involved with their children’s school. They are also pleased with the level of communication that occurs in the classroom. The school’s involvement in the community is also high.

    In 2007, Bushwick High School closed, and smaller schools were relocated into the building. The school was overcrowded, and the school board and city officials accused administrators of forcing out students who were failing. As a result, only two classes have graduated.

    Last year, the school enrolled 425 students. In addition to their academic work, the students participate in a social justice mission. They are also partnered with Brooklyn College and the Institute for Student Achievement. They have been rated an “A” for the past five years.

    Students also participate in the Bushwick Angels program, which involves volunteering for local nonprofits. They have also started an award-winning community garden. The school has also started mandatory Saturday classes for fifth graders.

    Bushwick Community High School is placed in the top half of all schools in New York for reading proficiency. In math, it is placed in the bottom half. It has a 50-59 percent proficiency rate. The school is also in the top half for the percentage of graduates who can pass state exams.

    The school has a whole section dedicated to plants and growing plants. In addition, students can participate in composting workshops, greenhouse tours, and field games. The school is also partnering with a local nonprofit organization, EcoStation: NY, which organizes community projects and events every season of the year.

    Is it reasonable to live in Bushwick?

    There are lovely parks, the area is bikeable, and several trains pass through it. In most areas of Bushwick, it takes 20 minutes to get to Manhattan. Along with the locals who have lived in this area for many generations, there is a very youthful, artistic bunch.


    What makes Bushwick so favored?

    The neighborhood has attracted young people and the hipster community because of the artistic ambiance provided by the excellent cafés and street art that have appeared in recent years. In summary, Bushwick offers a secure area and a desirable lifestyle open to all kinds of individuals.

    What kind of area is Bushwick Brooklyn?

     Bushwick is a neighborhood in New York City, New York, with a population of 112,051. Bushwick is in Kings County. Living in Bushwick offers residents a dense urban feel, and most residents rent their homes. In Bushwick, there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.


    Is Bushwick’s water safe to drink?

    It is safe to consume the water provided by the New York water pipe system. However, lead and other heavy metals may leak from ancient pipes in historic buildings and pipes that run through the streets.