In D&D, can you cast calm emotions 5e upon yourself?

 Can you cast calm emotions 5e upon yourself in dnd?

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Can you cast calm emotions 5e upon yourself in dnd?

Yes, you may easily clip yourself with an area spell in Calm emotions 5e. Let’s have a look at why. Here is the spell taken from the basic rules.

Calm Emotions 5e

  • Enchantment of 2nd level
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Distance: 60 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Concentration for up to one minute

A group of people attempts to suppress strong emotions. A 20-foot radius sphere must contain at least one humanoid. Each creature within the sphere must make a Charisma saving throwing. You can choose from the following effects if a creature fails to make its saving throw:

The spell can calm agitated animals. Although you cannot control the affected creatures, calm emotions can prevent them from fighting or enjoying their joy. These creatures cannot be violent (though they can defend themselves) and cannot do any damage. Any damage or aggressive action taken against a calmed creature instantly breaks the spell.

Any effect that causes a target to become frightened or charmed can be suppressed. Any suppressed product that caused the target to be charmed or scared will resume when this spell ends.

You can also make the target indifferent to hostile creatures. If the target is attacked by a spell or witnesses its friends being hurt, this indifference ceases. Unless the DM orders otherwise, the spell ends, and the creature becomes hostile once more.

How do you cast Calm emotions 5e?

You choose a point of origin to cast the spell. It can be within 60 feet of yourself or anywhere else in your vicinity. You are considered to be in the zone of effect if you pick a point that is within 20 feet. If you’re a humanoid, you must make a Charisma saving throw.

Although the rules explicitly mention targeting creatures within an effect area, they also state that you have the option to “choose not to target yourself”. You are not choosing any targets to cast this spell. This spell targets a specific point in space. A sphere is being launched from that point and is affecting all humans within it. It is much like a fireball.

Suppose you have been affected, and assuming that you fail your save. It is possible to choose to be indifferent to creatures of your choosing. (which you already can do because of free will). Or maybe to suppress any charmed, scared, or fearful conditions you may have on yourself. That would work perfectly. There is no negative consequence for being in your burst, unlike fireball. There are many times that you might want to be there.

How good is Calm Emotions 5e dnd spell?

Calm Emotions dnd 5e is an excellent non-combat or even pre-combat spell that players love to use against enemies who are already attacking. Then they claim it is not helpful for its intended purpose when it fails. 

It isn’t apparent. It is better to avoid combat than to risk their lives. Those encounter creatures don’t necessarily mean they have to fight them. They will usually start to understand the use of PDQ.

Calm Emotions, I believe, is a powerful spell that has been down-powered by many GMs.

Its most reliable use is to remove enemy effects on allies. That is a highly situational effect that is great for Fey-themed games, for instance.

If used “offensively”, it can transform a combat encounter into a social one. It is not as reliable against small groups, but it can be used to vs one target or pair. That will allow your Bards to leverage their high Charisma and other social spells such as Charm Person and Suggestion.