Hunger of hadar 5e conjuration spell for Wizard in dnd darkness

Hunger of hadar 5e conjuration spell for Wizard in darkness
Hunger of hadar 5e conjuration spell for Wizard in darkness

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Hunger of hadar 5e conjuration spell in d&d

The blinded evidence in 5e dnd Hunger of Hadar comes from the magical darkness. Meaning true sight, which explicitly states the creature can see through magical darkness, would provide vision into, out of, or within the area of effect. It was a conjuration spell for warlocks that used the power of Hadar, the Dark Hunger, a Far Realm-infested star that existed within Realmspace.

dnd Hunger Of Hadar 5e spell

  • Spell Lists: Warlock
  • Origin: Player’s Handbook
  • Level 3 conjuration
  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 150 feet
  • Components: V, S, M (a pickled octopus tentacle)
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You open a gateway to the darkness between the stars, a region plagued with unknown horrors. A 20-foot-radius sphere of murkiness and bitter cold appears, concentrated on a point with range and lasting for the span. This void fills with harsh whispers and slurping noises that could be heard up to 30 feet away. No light, magical or otherwise, can illuminate the area, and creatures entirely within site are blinded.

The void creates a warp in the frame of space, and the area is difficult terrain. Any creature that begins its turn in the area takes 2d6 cold damage. Any creature that ends its turn in the area must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 2d6 acid damage as milky, otherwordly tentacles rub against it.

When can you cast Hunger of Hadar 5e spell?

You can cast Hunger of Hadar upon an enemy’s item to make it move along with them.

 Spells cannot help you to move or cast on an object unless they specifically state that.

That would be disastrous balance-wise. That could suffer automatic blindness, halved mobility, 4d6 damage/turn for ten rounds, or until the item is dropped (which could take more than ten rounds with armor). It would be incredibly OP. Anyone with armor on will take 40d6 damage if they are kited. Only half of that can be reduced by a saving throw.


 A spell that allows an object to move or cast on it will enable it to move. It will usually limit the item to one that is not being held (or only you can hold it) or provide a saving throw for an opponent’s objects.

For instance, see the darkness spell. “If the point that you choose is on an object that you are holding, or one that you’re not wearing or carrying, the darkness emanates and moves with the object.” Other spells such as the cloudkill, light, and other aura spells specify whether they can be cast on an object or if it can move.

The language of Hunger of Hadar is not like that. It is similar in form to the silence spell (“centered at a point within range”), which Mearls & Crawford have confirmed that it does not move or cast on any object.

How can the Hunger of Hadar be used effectively?

How can the 3rd-level spell Hunger of Hadar 5e be effectively used to cause damage?

  • The spell’s radius is 40 feet in diameter and Creates difficult terrain. However, enemies can run through the terrain or out of it to take minor damage.
  • The spell’s blinding effect does not help the rest of your party: the devil’s eyes can’t see through the area–the area is just black and not of darkness.

This spell is very effective when used in the right conditions or against the right opponents. These are the possible uses:

  • An opponent has significant defenses but very little HP. Cold is rarely resisted by enemies (so far), and the cold effect does not allow for a save or require an attack. This 2d6 damage is guaranteed to affect every creature at least once.
  • The enemy is now in your hands (or they are already in yours). This spell can be helpful to fill in the entire battlefield area of the enemy or their allies. So they are likely dead even if they were at a higher level than you. They cannot leave the area as your allies are there. Your partners can block off the only way out. They all take 2d6 (no save) cold damage and possibly 2d6 acids damage each turn. The spell can last up to one minute. If the spell is fully activated, it will deal 20d6 cold damage to all in the area. If you can keep the dragon in place, two full casts will suffice to eliminate an adult red dragon. That is two castings of a third-level spell that could take out a CR 17 creature. This use case is rare unless you do it yourself. However, you can set it up quite nicely for encounters in small rooms by having your allies nearby and closing the doors right away after casting.
  • It matters where the caster centered the darkness. It should be set with 30 feet in front and 10 feet in the back. An enemy who is blinded or unable to see boundaries will be confronted by a 30’+30″ through the difficult terrain, leaving them within the area.
  • The repelling blast invocation is combined with the eldritch blast is very dangerous. Each beam hits the target at 10 feet.
  • The target takes 2d6 damage at the beginning, then runs to the edge for 2d6 more. They get repelling blasted back in the area of effect the next turn for an additional 2d10 (if both hits). Take another 2d6 at the beginning of their next turn. They can’t see clearly because they are still in the dark area. It allows them to run 30′ (out 20 or back 20) because their terrain changes to routine.
  • You can blast them again if they run out, pushing them back 20 feet into the darkness. Then they will take 2d6 to start the next round. It would be cleared if they could move normally and attack, provided they aren’t pushed back by their front line before the warlock blasts again.
  • It is very effective to stop fighters from moving just before the wall exit for the warlocks to blast them back.
  • The above combination can deal two rounds of damage. It is up to 4d10 +8d6 if you are in a dark area. You and your friends are safe if they use a dash 5e.
  • But just because you cannot see or light doesn’t travel, it doesn’t mean that a fireball spell will not work. To stop them, use the combo hunger of Hadar and fireball 5e the area.
  • You are fighting zombies, skeletons, or other mindless creatures who just march towards your face and attack you no matter what. You can create a perimeter around them, so they don’t get in the good stuff. However, you don’t have to close off any exits. You may not want to do this to let more zombies in. Skeletons won’t make it to your line at all, and Zombies will be killed before they do. That is due to their speed, hps, and saving throws. It is especially true if you’re playing older D&D modules where they may be encountered in groups up to 50!. A single spell can quickly kill as many as 320 undead with one casting.
  • Escape down a tunnel or street less than 40 feet in length. You can make use of this advantage by having your enemies stay out of the spell’s reach. Cast the spell behind you and your party while they flee. Your allies should guard the edge for a few rounds. You kill all enemies who try to force their way through the spell. You withdraw, and they will delay for several rounds before following you. Suppose you have enemies that are impossible to fight. Total concealment and difficult terrain can be a massive help for your party, even if it means not running around.
  • You are fighting one opponent in melee open. Has it surrounded? It might be the big bad. If not, this is likely a waste of a third-level slot. The spell is cast 43 feet above the opponent. It blinds and damages them but leaves your allies uninhibited. All have an advantage over the enemy on attacks vs. The enemy who suffers disadvantages in attacks. And it takes 2d6 to 4d6 damage per round.
  • Your last name is Whateley. This spell does more than blind and kills stuff. It opens up a portal to the darkness between the stars, the realm of the Great Old Ones. A spell is a good place for you to begin if you want to summon the Spawn of YogSothoth, Shub-Niggurath, or other similar beings. You can hear whispers and other things through the Gate. It’s possible they can also listen to you. If you are so inclined and prepared, you could use the Gate to travel one way to the realm of Utter dark and Insanity. It is up to you to decide the consequences and how likely it is for any entity to cross the portal when the spell is still active.
  • You want to kill a Godling. Imagine you are a Warlock and have the Great Old One patron, or your BBEG has a Warlock and a Great Old One Patron. You’ve decided that the Great Old One is going to die. This spell allows you to open a portal that leads you to the location, depending on which Old One you are using. You can then throw stuff through it without actually getting there. 

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