How To Use Fight Stick On Pc?

How To Use Fight Stick On Pc?

How To Use Fight Stick On Pc?

Visit your Steam library Right-click MBTL, then select Properties. In the properties dialog, select the Control section. In the section titled “Override for Melty Blood: Type Lumina,” choose “Enable steam input.”

This will change the controller in the below list to be enabled and Launch Melty. The stick is in operation.

Can I Use The Razer Panthera On Pc?

Yes, you can use the Razer Panthera on PC. It’s an excellent controller that works perfectly when playing PC games. I’d suggest it to anybody searching for a great controller for their computer.

How to Choose the Best Fight Stick, No Matter Your Budget

Whether you have less than $100 or are planning to buy a new one, this is how you can locate the perfect arcade stick to battle it out on the internet or in the Evo tournament. If you’ve played fight games for a long time, you know how vital it is to use an ergonomic and reliable controller.

This genre of video games requires quick, precise inputs to unleash blasts of fire, linking combos and other fast moves. Therefore you require a controller that lets you do this. A basic video game controller will perform the task; however, for many members of the community-fighting games (FGC), fighting sticks, also called arcade sticks, are the preferred weapons.

Decide If a Fight Stick Is Right for You

Fight sticks are gaming controllers designed specifically for fighting games. They generally replicate the appearance and feel of the traditional Street Fighter-inspired controller with the joystick as well as the two-button-row layout that is commonly used at arcades’ uprights. The market for fight sticks was born when outrageously popular games such as Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat were made available for home consoles.

“Fighting games started in arcade cabinets that used joystick and buttons for controls, and using an arcade stick replicates the arcade experience at home,” according to Kaz Ohira, the founder of Hori, an eminent manufacturer of fighting sticks. “Joystick and buttons allow for extremely accurate input, and these parts are what players look for in an arcade stick.”

It’s the arcade-like sensation of holding a lollipop or baseball bat-style style joystick in one hand while controlling buttons with the other that draws people to get combat sticks. It’s not just a nostalgic experience also. There’s a reason you’ll see a lot of combat game players carrying sticks for events at home and internationally.

Reyes Reyes III was one of Reyes Reyes III was one of. The former tournament player had difficulty using an ordinary console controller while playing Vega/Claw in Super Street Fighter IV. Because the gamepad combined four bumpers, face buttons as well as triggers, Reyes realized that he needed to hold the controller in an uncomfortable, awkward position to reach all the buttons.

“The controller mapping was getting excessive to the point where it was a detriment,” Reyes explained at a Chinatown Beatdown tournament in New York City’s Lower East Side. “I decided to buy a $50 casing for a stick.”

Reyes purchased a PCB to fit the interior of the stick, and he found a person to wire it up for multi-system compatibility. “It feels like second nature, as I grew up in the arcades,” Reyes told me. “You don’t get a [console] controller in an arcade.”

Select a Pugilism Platform

The first step to take before buying a fighting stick is to determine the platform for which you’ll utilize it. Certain fight sticks are made specifically for PlayStation and Xbox, while others were made specifically with Nintendo and Xbox in the back of their minds. However, PC gamers don’t need to be restricted to such spaces. Because of the wide-ranging design that is Windows, and the open nature of the Windows platform, you can play with Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox fight sticks straight out of the box or by using some tweaking in software. If you own a Steam Deck, your fight sticks will work together with the handheld games of Valve’s computer as well.

I had this experience firsthand when I played with my Qanba Obsidian arcade stick to play The King of Fighters XV and other fighting games with no issue, despite that my PC isn’t one of the supported platforms. Naturally, there were some features of this stick’s PlayStation 4-specific features, including the ability to share images and use a touchpad, that was not compatible with the PC.

If you’re willing to sacrifice the features specific to your platform, You can use virtually every controller using the appropriate adapter. This adapter from Brook Super Converter is an excellent choice for current and old-fashioned consoles.

Learn Fight Stick Design

Anyone unfamiliar with fight sticks may think of these controllers as being more or less identical, with only slight distinctions. That’s far from reality. There’s a wide variety regarding the number of a button (six against. eight, and. and more) and the layout of buttons (straight alignment against. Namco Noir vs. Taito Vewlix), joystick design (lollipop and. baseball bat), the joystick gate (circle and. diamond. Octagonal vs. the square).

A majority of the fight sticks come with an option to change modes that let users use the sole joystick as a D-pad left analog stick as well as a left analog stick. Additionally, button lock switches can be included on the sticks that are tournament-ready. They are essential because they stop you from losing your tournament when you accidentally hit the Mode or Start, Home, or Options buttons.

If you’re looking to play sticks for the long term, you’ll need to select a stick made of genuine arcade-quality components (Sanwa Denshi and Seimitsu are two of the top players in the game) capable of handling any wear and tear that occurs with playing for long periods. It’s good to know that there’s plenty of time between today and the early 2000s and 1990s when purchasing sticks required dealing with defective parts that couldn’t handle the fierce combat game action.

Once you are more knowledgeable about the design of a fight stick, go to Arcade Shock.

You can push your stick’s performance to the next step; you can modify it by adding new buttons, gates, and other components. Stick makers don’t prohibit tinkering; some top sticks have easy-to-access insides that allow you to alter your heart’s desire.

Peruse Budget, Premium, and High-End Options

If you’ve wanted to get a fighting stick, you have plenty of manufacturers to consider. The mentioned Hori is possibly the most known manufacturer of fight sticks, but it’s not the only manufacturer of sticks. Mad Catz, Mayflash, Qanba, Razer, Victrix, and other companies also manufacture fight sticks.

In reality, the prices of fight sticks are all over the map. On the low end, you can get an excellent model for less than $50. If you’ve never had any fighting stick expertise, I would suggest looking into the budget-friendly options first because it is possible to purchase one without spending a fortune, and it won’t be a big loss if you don’t like the controller.

“[A budget] stick may not have all of the bells and whistles compared to our premium arcade stick lineup, but we have made sure that quality isn’t compromised with the lower cost,” Ohira explained to us. “We recommend this stick for the novice players who want to learn to play on a stick, as well as more experienced players looking for a portable stick to take on the road.”

A budget-friendly stick provides basic features, but the top models can let you in on new features. For instance, Qanba’s top-of-the-line Dragon features an aluminum interior with an LED-enhanced accent light. We’ll go over the details of that beast in the following article.

The Budget Pick

1- Qanba Drone

There are cheaper arcade sticks on the market, but few entry-level models match the PS4/PS3/PC-compatible Qanba Drone’s overall quality. With a price of $79.99, the Drone is in the upper price range of the sub-$100 arcade stick class. However, it doesn’t have the usual sacrifices found on lower-priced sticks.

At the price of this, Qanba does not use Sanwa parts. Instead, the Drone makes use of Qanba’s custom-made joystick as well as buttons. If you’re familiar with Sanwa components, you’ll experience a different sensation when you move the joystick around or tap buttons. It’s not a problem. However, it’s something different. The Drone has anti-slip smooth strips along its bottom as well as LED indicators, an area for storing its USB cord, as well as a button lock switch.

The dimensions are 4.5 by 12.8 by 9.0 inches (HWD), and at 2.6 pounds, The Drone is more substantial than the rival Hori Fighter Stick Mini. Therefore, people with larger paws are likely to be more comfortable. Due to its size, the Drone is more streamlined than other budget options. However, the stick does not have the simple-to-access panels of high-end models.

2- Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4

Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 is also an excellent entry-level option at less than $50. Though small in price and stature, the Mini 4 has the features you expect from a PlayStation-compatible controller, such as Home, Options, and Share buttons. It’s just missing an option to lock the buttons.

The $49.99 stick also misses the famous Sanwa Denshi joystick and buttons found on more expensive controllers because Hori makes its hardware in this case. However, this Mini 4 feels good in the palm of your hand.

Given the stick’s small 3.4-by-8.3-by-5.9-inch footprint, it’s good when you don’t want to lug a full-size stick to a tournament or a friend’s place. Hands with larger sizes might consider the Mini 4 a bit small. However, the controller’s modest dimensions make it ideal for those with smaller hands.

Mini 4 weighs 2.2 pounds. 2.2-pound Mini 4 works with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 straight out of the box; however, a firmware update adds PC compatibility. The same version is also available on the Nintendo Switch.

3- Hori Fighting Stick Alpha

It is officially licensed by Microsoft for use with Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, and PC. The Hori Fighting Stick retails for $199. Hori Fighting Stick is a game-ready arcade stick that comes with a variety of user-friendly features. When you’re on one side, on the Xbox side, there are the standard Profile buttons as well as the Share buttons. For the Hori aspect, players will see its own Hayabusa lever and matte-finish buttons, which are made to deliver faster response time and more efficient inputs (the firm claims the stick reduces input load by as much as fifteen percent).

With customization with a focus on customization, The Alpha’s top can easily be removed to swap out parts or perform repairs. In addition, it’s possible to swap out the stick’s appealing design for one that is more your style. If you install the Hori Device Manager application, it allows you to alter the buttons of the Alpha and make as many as four profiles. This is a great option if you have multiple games to play.

The 4.7-by-16.1-by-11.8-inch, 5.95-pound stick also features dedicated headphone and mic controls; a breakaway, 9.8-inch cable that tucks away into the body for easy transportation; anti-slip pads on the bottom; and a key-lock switch that prevents you from being disqualified from a tournament by tapping the Menu, View, or Share buttons mid-match.

4- Qanba Pearl

The Obsidian was so successful in Qanba that they used it as the basis for a second gaming stick: The almost entirely white-priced, costing $199, Qanba Pearl. The Pearl is licensed by Sony. Pearl can be used with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 3 video game consoles (plus PC). It is no surprise that it has an interactive touch screen to play games that can support swipe gestures.

Dimensions of 5.0 by 18×10 inches and weighing 6.6 pounds, the Qanba Pearl is a hefty controller that doesn’t move even when rushing to execute actions. This stability is due to aluminum-alloy sides as well as anti-slip pads. Under the hood, you’ll find a Sanwa Denshi arcade-quality, ball-top joystick and Sanwa Denshi buttons.

Other features of the Pearl include the 3.5mm headphone connector, turbo function, LEDs, and the Noir button layout that’s larger and more functional in comparison to the Viewlix layout of the Obsidian. Viewlix arrangement (Mr. Sujano offers a helpful video on the subject that explains the difference).

The stick is equipped with an 8.8-foot cable in the body through a small, flimsy opening in the back.

5- Hori’s Real Arcade Pro V

Hori recently announced the latest the best of the best fight sticks available for PC. It’s the Hori Real Arcade Pro, for instance, is the best fighting stick available. Whether you’re an Xbox enthusiast or a PS3 gamer, this item is ideal.

The new model is a major upgrade from the old RAP since it has a sleek style and a more conventional eight-button layout. It also comes with a touchpad that is available to PlayStation 4 users.

The fight stick comes with a USB cable that is 10 feet long, and you won’t have to be concerned about running low on battery. It is also compatible with PC or PlayStation 4; it also can be used with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. But you might need to purchase an additional driver for Windows.

One of the great things regarding Hori RAP is that Hori RAP is the fact that the buttons have some wiggle room that prevents them buttons from getting jammed. It makes it extremely flexible and responsive. You can also swap the buttons out with components specifically designed for arcades.

Another thing I like in Hori RAP4 is that Hori RAP4 is its dimensions. While it isn’t as broad as the MadCatz TE2 fight stick, the surface area is quite large.

The controller also features an extremely smooth cover system that makes pressing the start button and buttons almost impossible when playing. Additionally, the construction of the joystick is robust. In addition, the microswitches inside the joystick give fairly accurate directional input.

With its original patent-pending Hayabusa components that make up, it’s no wonder that the Hori RAP feels extremely strong. That’s the reason why fighters can have confidence in Hori products. They’ve created some of the toughest and most durable gaming peripherals available.

6- GameSir C2

Arcades were long reserved for the elite. However, you can play the same games at your home. GameSir C2 is a GameSir C2 battle stick that provides a revolutionary way to bring your favorite arcade games from the past to your living room. Whether you play with a PC, Android, or console, it will elevate your gaming to the highest level.

In addition to the ooh la gimmicks, C2 has a variety of remarkable attributes. First of all, it’s compatible with the most popular gaming platforms. It also has a well-designed ergonomic design and an array of matching buttons. For added convenience, it is made to be the ideal companion to your preferred gaming console. Utilizing the original controller with cable is also feasible.

The C2 comes with features that aren’t typically found in these expensive gadgets. It has, for instance, turbo mode, which will help you improve your game abilities. Furthermore, it has many useful features, like locking your menus to prevent the game from being stopped accidentally. Furthermore, the C2 has a sleek design control panel constructed from aluminum alloy. It is a great choice for gamers looking for an extremely durable and stylish gaming device.

The GameSir C2 is available in various colors, such as red, green, and blue. The company also offers free delivery and a zero guarantee with questions. Additionally, it’s simple to construct and is even more user-friendly. With its impressive performance and ease of use, the C2 is an absolute winner. It is especially recommended for gamers seeking a gaming gadget less expensive than the hundreds of other options available.

7- Mayflash F500 Elite

F500 Elite is a high-end version of the cult Mayflash F500 arcade stick. It comes with Sanwa components and is a step from the normal F500 model.

The F500 Elite includes an octagonal gate and a removable acrylic panel. It is easy to personalize and include your designs to the stick of the fight.

The interface switch is changed to direct input mode, SNK controller, or the X-Input (PC) mode. Furthermore, the joystick can be set to a TURBO function to increase speed.

Each of the F500, along with both the F500 and F500 Elite, is compatible with all PCs and consoles. They also support headsets for the PS4 as well as the Xbox One.

It is the F500 Elite is also one of the very few Arcade Sticks that are compatible with Neogeo Mini. Neogeo Mini. It is a top-quality stick that is ideal for gamers of all ages.

Its design is basic. However, it comes with lots of value. A headphone jack, as well as a vibration are just two of the other functions. Additionally, the USB cable measures 10 feet, and it is found in the side on the side of the device.

The cost is affordable. It’s a great choice for novices and an affordable option for those with a gaming system. But, it isn’t as responsive as the responsiveness found in some other more costly battle sticks available.

If you’re seeking a sturdy stick that is multi-platform, then the F500 is the ideal option. It works on a range of platforms like those the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 as well, The PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Switch.

The greatest thing about this model F500 Elite is that it is very easy to swap out the components, and it’s designed with solid construction. It’s also very sturdy and constructed from top Sanwa components.

8- Mixbox Universal Edition

Its Mixbox Universal Edition is one of the top WASD fight sticks available in the marketplace. The buttons are clear and precise. They are also simple to use. This is an absolute must-have for any keyboard player searching for a good stick for their most loved fighting game.

Although the Mixbox is designed with a keypad in mind, it’s a fighting stick that will perform well on a PC. It’s made of steel, which makes it extremely durable. Additionally, it’s lightweight. If you’re a beginner who is looking to explore fight games, this is a great place to get started.

If you’re used to traditional sticks for fighting, The mixed box is somewhat of a step back. However, it’s a budget-friendly alternative that’s a great option for those just starting. There are several modifications that you can make to increase the angle and rotation of the instrument.

The Mixbox can be used with most major consoles, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. It comes with a slanted front panel and four directional buttons close together.

The Mixbox comes with an additional touch strip. You can personalize the buttons and design to fit your personal preferences. A further benefit is the removable glass door. This door can design your artwork and other designs outside your box.

The controller is sturdy and comes with a stunning appearance. The buttons are responsive and smooth and work much like the mechanical keys on a keyboard.

While the Mixbox isn’t the most beautiful fighting stick available, its longevity is well worth the price. It is a simple plug-and-play installation, allowing easy switching between different platforms. It is also able to perform complex inputs in a matter of seconds.


How is a fight stick different from a standard game controller?

A fighting game controller that is made to feel like a joystick and buttons from an arcade cabinet is known as an arcade stick or a fight stick. It regularly comprises of a stick and a few enormous buttons organized in a particular design. A fight stick, in contrast to a standard game controller that uses analog sticks and smaller buttons, is made for precise movements and button inputs.

How do I connect my PC to my fight stick?

Typically, a fight stick must be plugged into a computer’s USB port before it can be connected to your PC. The majority of current fight sticks are made to work with PCs and should work automatically when plugged in. You may need to install drivers or modify settings in your PC’s control panel if your fight stick is not recognized.

What programming do I have to utilize a battle stick on my PC?

To use a fight stick on your PC, you usually don’t need any special software. However, in order to use a fight stick, some fighting games may necessitate manually configuring the controls or adjusting the input settings. Additionally, you may be able to customize the inputs and sensitivity of your fight stick using third-party software.

How can I personalize my fight stick’s buttons and inputs?

You may need to use third-party software or the game’s settings menu to modify your fight stick’s buttons and inputs in order to customize them. The majority of fight sticks have the same set of buttons, but you may be able to change the buttons or change the stick’s sensitivity to suit your preferences.

Can I play any PC game with a fight stick?

Theoretically, a fight stick can be used with any PC game that supports game controllers. In any case, not all games are enhanced for use with a battle stick, and some might expect you to change settings or utilize outsider programming to get the best insight. Additionally, a fight stick may not work well with some games because they were made to be played with a standard game controller.

What are the benefits of utilizing a battle stick for battling games on PC?

When compared to a standard game controller, the main advantage of using a fight stick for PC fighting games is that it allows for more precise movements and inputs. The bigger buttons and joystick can make it simpler to execute convoluted moves, and the general design can be more agreeable for expanded interactivity meetings. Additionally, playing fighting games in an arcade-like setting can be enhanced by using a fight stick.