How to Tell If a Pokemon Has Been Hacked?

How to Tell If a Pokemon Has Been Hacked?

How to Tell If a Pokemon Has Been Hacked?

Using common-sense is the first way to check if a Pokemon has been hacked. It would help if you did not trade a rare Pokemon or one suitable for competitive battles with an average person. You should assume that the trade is hacked if you received something you wouldn’t usually trade. For example, if someone trades a competitive battle-ready Pokemon, that trade is probably hacked if they’ve obtained it dishonestly.

illegitimate Pokemon is a Pokemon that was obtained dishonestly

This article explains the difference between an illegal and illegitimate Pokemon. An illegal Pokemon was obtained dishonestly, but an illegitimate Pokemon does not have the same traits as an illegal one. Hack checkers cannot detect an illegitimate Pokemon without having a specific set of illegal traits. They are also prone to false positives.

An Illegitimate Pokemon can be created using external software or changed by exposure to external software. A list of hacked Pokemon can help you identify the illegal traits that a Pokemon might have. However, this list is not definitive. There is no way to tell if a Pokemon passes all the checks on the list unless you know the specific Pokemon. The ways to tell if a Pokemon is hacked are listed below.

PAC generates IVs of Pokemon that correspond to that PID

PIDs are generated from the PIDs of Pokemon by the PAC. A PID consists of four numbers: HP, Atk, Def, and SpA. Each of these numbers is used to generate a Pokemon’s IVs. The PAC generates PIDs for five different types of Pokemon. For example, a Tentacool PID would have a female and a male PID.

Hackers cannot access your game files.

It is vital to use a password generator when playing games. This will prevent hackers from accessing your game files and ensure they cannot access your account. This is an essential precaution because hackers can use phishing to trick you into clicking on malicious links. Some people use popular games like Fortnite to trick other players into downloading malicious software. Once you download malicious software from phishing sites, it is easy to get infected with malware.


If you are wondering if your Pokemon has been hacked, here are a few signs to look for:

  1. It may not have learned its moves naturally.
  2. Hacked pokemon don’t come with official pokeballs. If you find one with an unauthorized Pokeball, you can’t even check its moves.
  3. It may be coming in a Pokeball that’s not standard.

Fortunately, starter pokemon usually come in standard Pokeball.

Another sign that a Pokemon is hacked is an invalid Trainer ID. You might notice a shortened URL instead of a name, and your trainer ID may have the website of the hacking website. If you notice any of these things, it’s probably a hacked Pokemon. You should remove it as quickly as possible if it looks like it’s been hacked.

Bugs can be a severe problem for Pokemon games. In addition to messing up hundreds of hours of saves, a hacked Pokemon can even crash the game. This can prevent you from playing online until the game patch rolls out. And while this glitch is not as severe as losing Pokemon, it’s a significant problem. If you’re unsure of whether your Pokemon is hacked, there are some things you can look for.

Another sign that your Pokemon has been hacked is the ability to learn a new move. This can make it more challenging to beat the other Pokemon in ranked battles. Also, it may not have a Sturdy ability or learn Hydro Pump. It’s rare, but it happens. If you’re unsure of the status of your Pokemon, you can visit the forums where it’s discussed. You can find the forums where people have discussed the problem and how to find the culprit.

Fortunately, this whole fiasco was under control earlier that year. In January, Nintendo itself issued a statement warning to all the hackers that modifying the total game data- which includes the genning artificial Pokemon-could result in the bans across the various in-game functions. 

The warning is even extended to the permanent suspensions which are from the Pokemon Home in specific circumstances. For a while, surprise Trade will become usable again. After recently receiving some hacked mons myself, I decided to do some digging, and according to over the ten players I have spoken to, the issue has returned. 

Many of the people have taken to Reddit in order to air their grievances. For example, one of the Reddit users who goes by the name Zero_Wolf was also able to obtain a full team of hacked Pokemon in under just two hours just a couple of months ago. They will tell me that while they were also aware of the hacked mons being in the circulation, they never expected for the quantities to be that high. 

I was also trying to complete my Dex using the Surprise Trading which Zero explains “ After seeing the amount of the hacked mons I got in just a few minutes, I decided to run my own experiment. It also happens a lot, but it happens in the intervals only. During one of my last tests I had hours in which I did find a lot, but then paused during which I did encounter none. Zer has since released all of the genned Pokemon they did receive and is also hoping Nintendo does something to rectify the issue in the next coming months.

This is fairly very typical, although it is also worth pointing to another player who did receive a genned Eevee less than two weeks ago and I was completely unaware that it was hacked. If you are reading this article, there is a relatively very high chance that you already know what is up with the surprise Trading. It is actually worth remembering that you are in the minority here and that the vast majority of all the regular players either do not even consider this to be a problem or even recognise it as the one in the first place.