How to pass an EtG Test in 24 hours

How to pass an EtG Test in 24 hours

How to pass an EtG Test in 24 hours

If I had a court-mandated EtG test a few days back, or I was pretty sober till about these two days before this test. Suppose I went to a party where I binged on alcohol (vodka, about eight shots). While they were reaching out for this ninth shot, I realized I had just a test. 

How to pass an EtG test in 24 hours

If I put down the glass and they go home. He saw me drinking lots of coffee or water these next two days. They went to this test, and they gave me urine, or I was told I would get a call. It’s been a few these days now, and I have not had any more calls. 

What are my chances? I’m 6’2″, weigh around some 180 lbs, and they have a good metabolism, in case that helps. Also, I have heard about very few products that can induce these false positives. 

1. What is EtG?

Ethyl glucuronide, or as it is a very commonly known EtG, is a metabolite for alcohol, in particular, ethanol. 

EtG can be found in their body following exposure to ethanol. This ethanol exposure is very typically the result of drinking alcohol and these alcoholic beverages. 

Since EtG is a metabolite present in the body after drinking alcohol. It is a suitable bioindicator and biomarker to test for alcohol ingestion. An EtG test can confirm alcohol’s abstinence over a specific period leading up to test. 

2. Who should use an EtG test (and who shouldn’t)?

This EtG alcohol test detects this consumption of alcohol over a period leading up to this test. Suppose there are very numerous circumstances where an individual might want to take it, and they can pass an EtG test. 

For instance, if someone can be involved in a program where they must abstain more from this alcohol consumption, an EtG test can validate their abstinence. It could be a court-ordered requirement; they court-monitored this probation or a situation where someone must remain alcohol-free to maintain this child custody. 

These scores of some other examples exist where these courts can require a person to stop consuming this alcohol; these EtG tests for some individuals help verify compliance.

3. Are there different types of EtG tests?

There are two types of EtG tests in the conventional practice: a urine EtG alcohol test or an EtG hair follicle test. An individual can be tested for this alcohol consumption by providing a urine sample for some testing or allowing a sample of their hair to be screened for EtG. 

These tests are more similar in that they are both screens for this EtG metabolite which, if found, would produce a positive result and a failed EtG test if there are also more significant differences in these tests. 

In particular, this look-back period for each other test. A “look-back” period is a duration for this time leading up to these tests. Suppose this is the period in which their presence of this EtG metabolite is detectable. In that case, they indicate alcohol consumption during that duration. 

4. Urine EtG Alcohol Test Look-back

Look-back period for this detection from EtG in urine is about 80 hours. If they could be a variance in either direction, they are still generally. We consider these 80 hours to be an accurate period.

This means that if someone consumed their alcohol in these past three days or their eight hours, this urine EtG alcohol test would identify it. 

5. EtG Hair Follicle Alcohol Test Look-back

It might be overstating the obvious here, but still think this is very important. The only way to pass EtG alcohol test is to abstain from consumption of alcohol. It is very simple. 

It is based on what we have learned above regarding look-back some periods. Suppose you will have to submit to EtG urine alcohol test. In that case, your very safest bet is to stop consuming alcohol well in advance of this 80-hour look-back period. 

If you regularly consume alcohol, even if you are only socially active, 90 days might seem like a long time. But they are; still, it needs to be said that if you want to pass EtG hair follicle alcohol test, you need to discontinue alcohol consumption for at least these 90 days before this test.

6. Order an EtG test online

Suppose you can privately or easily order an EtG alcohol test online. The National Drug Screening (NDS) has test these locations all over the United States. They can organize a same-day test in a location near you. They can visit our ordering page: or they call one of our representatives, and they’ll be happy to assist.