How To Make Fart Spray | Video Tutorial

How To Make Fart Spray | Video Tutorial

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How To Make Fart Spray | Video Tutorial

Fart sprays are a hilarious prank that you can manufacture at home in various ways. All ingredients are pretty standard, so you’re likely to have them on hand. Although it is not unlawful to use fart sprays, you should choose your targets wisely.

Vinegar, Milk, and Egg

Gather your supplies. You’ll need one egg, one tablespoon of milk, one tablespoon of vinegar, a pair of scissors, a zip-lock baggie, and a container with a lid (or an empty soda can).


If you’re using a Coke can, you’ll only need the zip-lock baggie because it will work as its airtight “lid.”

In the can, crack an egg. You can either fully open the egg and drop the contents inside or break it open and toss the entire egg in, shell and all. Either way, it’s going to stink.

You may even throw the whole egg in without cracking it, but the stink bomb will take a bit longer to ferment. Any egg will suffice — white, brown, free-range, and so on. Whatever type you have in your refrigerator right now will suffice.

Fill the container with milk and vinegar. 1 tablespoon milk and 1 tablespoon vinegar should be placed in the container containing the egg. Any dairy milk will work, but make sure it’s dairy (non-dairy almond milk, for example, will not). Regular white vinegar will suffice. You’d need additional vinegar if you dropped the whole egg without cracking it. Pour enough into the egg to cover it completely.

Make the container airtight and store it in a warm place. Using a Coke can seal it up tightly in a zip-lock baggie. The baggie should be large enough for the can to fit inside easily and for you to be able to set the can upright on a flat surface after closing it. If you’re going to use something else for your container, ensure the lid is securely fastened. Spot the can in a warm place where it won’t be disturbed once you’ve closed the baggie. Allow a week for the stench to develop before using the bomb. The worse the odor becomes, the longer you wait.

Remove the baggie/lid from the container. Remove the baggie/lid when you’re ready to use the bomb. Remove the baggie (or lid) before releasing the smell until you’ve determined where to place the bomb!

This type of bomb works best if hidden, such as in a sibling’s room or under the kitchen table. This bomb will emit a foul odor reminiscent of rotting eggs and sour milk. Make sure you don’t get any of the mixtures on your skin — it stinks!

Sulfur and ammonia

Gather your supplies. You’ll need one plastic container with a lid, such as a water bottle (do not use glass or anything that will break). A bottle of ammonia, scissors, and one book of matches are also required. Ammonia is used as a cleaning agent. Take care with it.

  • Remove the heads of all of the matches in the book. With your scissors, cut the heads (the striking ends) off all of the matches in your matchbook. Remove the wooden sticks and empty matchbook; you’ll only need the match heads. Half-fill a plastic bottle with match heads.
  • The sulfur you’ll need to make this bomb is in the match heads.
  • You might purchase sulfur in powdered form, but this is often difficult to come by and expensive.
  • Match heads are much easier to come by, and they’re also much safer to use.

Half-fill the plastic bottle with ammonia. Pour the ammonia over the match heads in the container you’ve already set. Fill the container halfway, then tightly screw the cover or cap back on.

Allow your stink bomb to sit for 3-4 days after putting the cover. The chemicals inside will react and produce a foul odor. Take care not to spill the ammonia, and be sure to cap it and store it after each use properly.

If you mix ammonia and bleach, you’ll get a very deadly gas that can kill you.

When you’re ready to use the bomb, remove the lid from the container. Remove the cover only when you’re ready! Hide the stink bomb near the person you’re pranking (for example, in your sibling’s room or under the kitchen table).

This bomb will have a foul odor, similar to rotten eggs. Make sure you don’t get any of it on yourself!

Drano with Egg Whites

 Drano is a cleaning product; therefore, use caution when using it or near it.

Fill the glass jar with 12 inches of Drano crystals. There’s no need to use a measuring spoon; eyeball it. Pour roughly 1 inch of warm water into the glass jar after the Drano.

Again, you don’t have to be precise; you can eyeball it.

After using the product, recap and carefully store the Drano crystals.

Separate the whites from the yolks after cracking the 6 eggs. Separate the whites from the yolk by cracking the eggs one time. Remove the yolks and eggshells from the whites and place them in a basin or mug. After you’ve separated your 6 egg whites, combine them with the Drano and warm water in a glass container and stir well with a spoon.

You may always ask a parent to show you how to separate egg whites from yolks if you’ve never done it before (but tell them it’s for an omelet, not a stink bomb).

 Replace the lid on the jar and store it in a warm location for one week. The ingredients within will brew together for a week to create the stink bomb. Ensure that the jar is kept somewhere safe during this period so that no one comes across it.

Give the jar a good shake every couple of days.

  • When you’re ready to use the bomb, remove the lid from the jar. Keep the lid on until you’re sure where you’re going to put it. When you’re ready to pull your prank, conceal it somewhere like a sibling’s room, behind the bathroom sink, or under the kitchen table.
  • Make sure you don’t get any of the mixtures on your skin — it stinks!
  • Instead of hiding the uncapped jar, you can pour the contents wherever you want the bomb to go – although this isn’t recommended because you might be forced to clean it yourself by a parent or sibling.