How to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places?

How to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places

How to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places?

It is necessary to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places as we all know that birds fascinate everyone. They can easily capture attention with their beauty and melodious voice. But once these birds start taking over your places like home, offices, hospitals, schools, ponds, they become a nuisance. If you observe that birds are making a nest in our outdoor areas, you must take action. Instead of making the situation worsen, you should take initial measures. Because they will not only block the ventilation system but also spread harmful diseases. There are hundreds of cases observed when birds are hit with ceiling fans. 

Seven most compelling ways to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places 

By considering the human concerns and bird’s safety, there are a few solutions that you can adopt to avoid these nuisances.

  • Net Installation: 

The most convenient way to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places is to install physical barriers. These nets are usually known as Bird’s Nets. They are easily available in the United States. These nets are suitable for heights or specific areas that should be off-limit to birds. They help to protect gardens lounges and also repel other pesky critters.

  • Birds Spikes: 

Bird spikes are a cost-effective and direct way to control bird infestations. Although these spikes have a frightening appearance, these are the compassionate solution that effectively inhibits birds from coming and roosting on the surface where they are mounted. This solution has been opted for by various homeowners already. 

  • Birds wires: 

Bird wires are one of the most successful strategies to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places, such as buildings and other structures. It creates a non-obtrusive, impenetrable barrier that protects buildings without injuring birds. They are like netting installation. In this solution, several poles are utilized to position wires along the ledges. The poles’ height varies, making an uneven roosting point for birds.

  • Visual Deterrents:

These solutions are inexpensive, simple to implement, and primarily operate immediately. Visual deterrents imitate predator species by adding shiny surfaces, bright colors, and motion to scare nuisance birds. Small birds respond effectively to visual bird deterrents, which activate their instincts to evacuate the area when danger is recognized. You can also use reflective bird diverters to keep birds from roosting in your perches. These reflectors should, if feasible, resemble the eyes of predators such as owls and coyotes. Certainly, birds should be afraid of these diverters as they swing and sway. People can use;

  • Scare balloons: 

These are low-cost and effective methods to scare birds. You can use this method directly because these balloons have shiny, bright-colored, and have reflective surfaces. Most importantly, it has a predator eye like an owl filled with water. It helps to confuse the birds. You can place them generally in pools, bath hot tubs to keep birds away. These methods are opted by several house owners in the United States.

  • Holographic flash Type:

This method also scares the birds with its shiny reflective surface. These flash tapes move in the breeze and produce crinkling sounds. This sound also helps in scaring the birds. These holographic flash tapes are 150ft. x 2in a roll. You can hang them in high places, branches, plants, and any visible structure.

  • Scare Bird Garden stakes:

They serve as a visual deterrent for birds. The mirrored scare eye at the middle of these stakes, designed like lovely sunflowers, causes birds to become confused and terrified. Pest birds will avoid the region since these stakes are foreign and potentially harmful objects. Scare Bird Garden Stakes are simple to set up, manufactured of suitable plastic material, and intended for use outdoors. Each set includes six stakes that can be carefully positioned for effective bird deterrence. Each stake is 2.75″ wide by 10.75″ tall.

  • Reflect-A-Bird, a wind-powered spinning visual deterrent:

It is another method to scare the birds. It’s a spinning device that revolves with the help of wind. It uses sunlight and wind to distract the birds. Reflect-a-bird produces a reflection of light that confuses the birds. It helps to flee them away because these reflectors are aluminum and plastic. You can install them on rooftops, sidewalks, and other outdoor places. 

  • Installation of Bird’s Feeders:

Food attracts the birds. They move towards places where they find food. Install their feeders far away from the respective sites to keep birds from making a nest in unwanted areas. It would be best to fill their feeders from time to time so they cannot move towards your place. It would be best to clean their feeders properly to avoid bird infections because they fly everywhere. There can be chances of carrying the infection and spreading it in humans.

  • Restricting Entrance Holes

When uninvited birds take over birdhouses, reducing the size of the entrance hole is a simple approach to keep birds away. This method is very effective when larger birds, like European starlings or sparrows, take over wrens, bluebirds, and swallows buildings. You can keep unwanted birds out of birdhouses by using a front plate or a tiny section of pipe to form a tunnel to the entrance.

  • Bird Deterrent Sound System:

Birds are better at hearing sounds than humans. The Bird Chase Super Sonic is a sound-based strategy to keep birds attentive and discourages them from building nests. It plays pre-recorded distress and predator cries for up to 22 different bird species. The mechanism is set to frighten all birds. You can use this device to turn on or off at night, and that makes the bird distressed. You can change the sound level of birdcalls by using a volume control, ranging from 65 to 105 dB. The noises are similar to typical birdcalls, so pets and people will not be bothered by them. Unlike ultrasonic bird deterrents which birds rarely hear, the Bird Chase device generates sounds that are audible to birds, making it incredibly efficient.


So, if you believe you have done all possible to prevent birds from establishing nests in your home, but they persist in doing the same, be responsible. It would be best never to use poisons and sticky gels to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places. These practices are inhumane, and they will only cause harm. Contacting professionals such as SOS Wildlife Control is the best option. These specialists can deal with the situation most humanely and effectively feasible.