How To Get Cass To Follow You?

How To Get Cass To Follow You?

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How To Get Cass To Follow You?

When you have convinced Cass to sell the Cassidy Caravans and the Crimson Caravan, you can invite her to become your partner. She’ll always be willing to join you, unless you’ve got evil karma. After you’ve enlisted her, use the companion wheel with Cass, and she’ll tell you she would like to go to her destroyed caravan.

To allow Cass to join you in playing “Bleeding Edge,” you must first select her as the character you want to play. After you’ve selected Cass, you can begin playing and exploring the game’s world. To make her follow you, you just have to follow a specific direction, and she will follow you. It is important to keep in mind that Cass is an artificially controlled avatar and will respond to your movements within the game. Therefore, it is important to be aware not to put her in danger or create obstacles that could hurt her.

As you advance throughout the game and encounter adversaries, Cass will assist you during battle and offer support. You can also use her skills to improve your gameplay and easily beat enemies. Communicating effectively with Cass and utilizing her skills wisely is crucial to getting the best out of her.

To get Cass to follow you in “Bleeding Edge,” you just need to choose her as your character and start navigating the game’s surroundings. When you face obstacles and enemies, communicate effectively with Cass and use her abilities strategically to improve your gameplay and take down your adversaries. You will become a formidable pair in the game through practice and teamwork and secure victory together.

Why Won’t Cass Follow Me?

There could be several reasons why Cass will not follow you on “Bleeding Edge.” Here are a few possible reasons:

You haven’t chosen Cass as the character you want to play

If you don’t have Cass as your game character, she will not follow you. Select her on the screen for character choices before playing the game.

You’re too far from Cass

Cass could be unable to follow if they are far from her. It is a problem in “Bleeding Edge.” The game is limited in its ability for characters to follow each other. The game will stop following you if you get too far from Cass. Keep a distance of a reasonable amount to ensure she is close to you.

There is a roadblock to overcome

If an obstacle is blocking the path, Cass may not be in a position to follow your path. For example, if it is walls or a massive object that blocks the way, she cannot follow you. In this situation, you might require a solution to get around the obstruction or remove it completely to let Cass follow your path.

Cass is distracted or engrossed in the battle

If Cass has been engaged in battle or distracted by an opponent or a target, she might not follow you immediately. In this scenario, you might have her rest until she has completed her present task before she begins following you once more.

Cass was knocked down or defeated

If Cass is knocked unconscious or defeated in combat, she won’t be able to follow you until she is revived. The way to do this is by reviving Cass by standing near her and pressing your revive key until she’s returned to her feet.

If Cass isn’t following you when playing “Bleeding Edge,” it could be due to several reasons, like not having her chosen to play as your main character, being distant, overcoming obstacles, being distracted, or even being removed from the game. Once you’ve identified the problem, you can take action to address the issue and get back on track within the game.

How Do I Get Cass To Follow Me Back To Freeside?

Here are some actions you can take to convince Cass to come back to Freeside:

Talk to Cass

Begin by contacting Cass and starting an exchange with her. You’ll need to earn her trust and finish her task before she follows you wherever she goes. Her mission is to discover the fate of her caravan and seek revenge for their deaths.

Complete Cass’s quest

To finish Cass’s quest, you must visit several places, meet with a few characters, and finish a few tasks. The quest is dubbed “Heartache by the Number” and involves figuring out who attacked Cass’s caravan and taking revenge. After you’ve completed the task, Cass will be more likely to follow your path.

You must ensure a good reputation among the people who follow the Apocalypse

Cass is a member of Followers of the Apocalypse and will only be a follower if you have established a solid standing with them. You can boost your profile by completing quests and donating medical supplies at their facility in Freeside.

Request Cass to join you

After you’ve completed Cass’s mission and earned a positive reputation with those known as the Followers in the Apocalypse, you can then ask Cass to return to Freeside. This can be done by establishing a dialogue with her and then selecting the option of asking for her followers.

The Lead Cass back Freeside

After Cass has decided to be your follower, you’ll have to guide Cass back to Freeside. Take note that there might be risks along this route. So be sure you’re fully equipped for combat. You may also be able to speedily travel to Freeside If you’ve found the area,

To get Cass to return to Freeside and to follow you back in “Fallout: New Vegas,” you’ll need to build trust with her,  complete her back journey,  have a positive reputation among your fellow Followers of the Apocalypse, request her to follow you, and then lead the way back to Freeside and be aware of any risks along the path.

How Can I Find Cass?

How Can I Find Cass?

To find Cass to play Cass in “Fallout: New Vegas,” here are a few actions you can take:

Locate Cass

Cass can be found at the Mojave Outpost, which is located at the southern boundary of the map. It is possible to speed travel there if you’ve already located the area.

Start the conversation with Cass

Begin by approaching Cass and starting a conversation with her. You must earn her trust and fulfill her journey before she will follow your lead.

Complete Cass’s quest

To complete Cass’s mission for the quest, you must go to a couple of places, talk to a few characters, and complete a few tasks. The quest is known as “Heartache by the Number” and focuses on determining who was behind the attack on Cass’s caravan and bringing them to justice. Once you’ve completed the quest, Cass is more likely to join your group.

Check that you have a good enough bartering ability

Cass is a seller and is attracted to those with excellent bartering skills. Cass will be more likely to join you if your bartering is sufficient. You can boost your bartering skill by stepping higher and capitalizing on it, or by using chemicals that increase the skill for a brief time.

You can ask Cass to come along

After you have earned Cass’s trust, accomplished her quest, and possessed the necessary barter skills, you can ask her to join your group. This can be done by starting a conversation with her and asking her to join you.

Equip Cass with equipment

After Cass has signed up to join your team and you have her on board, you can equip her with the gear needed to assist her fight. You can offer her armor, weapons, and other items by opening her inventory and dropping these items over her avatar.

To recruit Cass to join the team in “Fallout: New Vegas,” you’ll need to find her to recruit her at the Mojave Outpost, gain her trust by fulfilling her quest with sufficient bartering skills, then request her to join your team and outfit her with equipment to assist her fight.

How Can I Convince Cass To Give Up Her Caravan?

If you’re thinking of “Fallout: New Vegas,” here are a few ways you can convince Cass to leave her car:

Talk to Cass

Begin by approaching Cass and starting the conversation. You must earn her confidence and fulfill her investigation before she divulges details about her caravan.

Complete Cass’s quest

To complete Cass’s mission for the quest, you must go to a couple of places, talk to a few characters, and complete a few tasks. The quest is known as “Heartache by the Number” and involves figuring out who attacked the caravan of Cass and then retribution. Once you’ve completed the mission, Cass will be more inclined to give details about her caravan.

Use persuasive or intimidating techniques, Cass

If you possess a strong enough barter or speech ability, you can persuade Cass to let go of the caravan, convincing them it’s best for her. In addition, if you possess the strength and ability to intimidate, you could make it difficult for Cass to divulge the details.

Locate any evidence that points to the location of the caravan

If you cannot convince or make a fool of Cass to do so, you’ll need to discover the location of the caravan. This can be done by exploring the world and searching for clues or talking to other characters that may have clues.

Offer to assist Cass with other issues she may be having

If Cass is still hesitant to leave her home, you could suggest she be helped with any other problems she might be dealing with. For instance, you could assist her with her addiction to alcohol, which is an aspect of her own personal journey.

To convince Cass to let go of her caravan to get her caravan off the road in “Fallout: New Vegas,” you must earn her trust by completing her task, convincing the girl to leave, locating evidence of the location of the caravan, or offering assistance in other challenges she may have to face.

How To Get Cass To Sel?

Here are a few actions you can take to obtain CAS to allow you to sell your products:

Recruit Cass

To allow Cass to make sales on items, you’ll require her to be a follower. You can accomplish this by finishing her mission, gaining her trust, and asking her to join you.

Equip Cass with items you can sell

When Cass has joined your game, you can equip her with things to sell. This can be done by opening her inventory and dropping things onto her avatar. Be sure to equip her with things you want to sell and not things you want to keep.

Enhance Cass’s bartering skills

Cass’s bartering skills determine the price at which she can offer things. You must enhance her bartering skills if you wish to sell things at a higher price. You can accomplish this with chems that increase the bartering skill of your child or by advancing her skill level and investing points into her bartering skill.

Make use of Cass’s whiskey rose perk

The whiskey rose perk for Cass increases the damage she takes from melee weapons and lessens the damage she sustains when she drinks alcohol. If you’d like Cass to offer things at a higher cost, then you can offer her alcohol to drink, which will enhance her perk and improve her ability to barter.

Sell your items to retailers for who Cass has a great reputation

If you wish Cass to market your items at the highest price, then you should offer them to merchants for whom she has a positive reputation. Cass is a part of Followers of the Apocalypse, meaning you can sell your products to their merchants or any other merchants from Freeside.

To allow Cass to market items and make her sell items in “Fallout: New Vegas,” you’ll need to invite her to join the follower program, equip her with items to sell, boost her bartering skills, utilize the whiskey rose perk, and sell items to sellers who have an excellent reputation.

Can You Complete Birds Of Feather Without Killing Cass?

Here are some steps you can follow to finish the quest without taking out Cass:

Get in the Silver Rush

Silver Rush Silver Rush is a weapons shop located in Free side. It is also where “Birds of a Feather,” the main quest in “Birds of a Feather,” occurs. You can sneak into the shop without being noticed by the guards.

Convince Gloria Van Graff to let Cass go

Once inside Silver Rush, speak to Gloria Van Graff, who owns the shop. Gloria will tell you that Cass has a debt to her, and she’ll let her go if she settles her debt. You can persuade Gloria that she should let Cass go without having to pay by using powerful bartering or speech skills or even offering to take on the quest for her.

Get out and about with Cass

If you’ve convinced Gloria to allow Cass to go, you’ll have to get away from the Silver Rush with Cass without being spotted by the security guards. Make sure to be stealthy and avoid confrontation.

Make use of a sly boy to elude

If you’re having difficulty being sneaky with Cass, you could use the services of a stealthy boy to be unnoticed and avoid being caught. There are stealthy boys at various places throughout the game’s world.

Finish the quest without killing anyone

Once you’ve gotten away from Cass and escaped, you can finish your quest without killing anyone. This can be accomplished by relocating to Alice McLafferty at the Crimson Caravan Company and completing the quest’s objective.

It is possible to complete the “Birds of a Feather” quest in “Fallout: New Vegas” without killing Cass. For this, you’ll have to get into The Silver Rush, convince Gloria Van Graff to let Cass go, then escape with Cass or use a stealthy thief in case you need to, and then complete this quest without killing anybody.


How do I recruit Cass as a companion?

To recruit Cass, you need to complete her personal quest, “Heartache by the Number.” You can start this quest by talking to Cass at the Mojave Outpost or in the Crimson Caravan Company in New Vegas. Follow the questline and make choices that align with Cass’s interests and goals.

What are Cass’s requirements to become a companion?

To have Cass as a companion, you need to complete her personal quest, as mentioned above. Additionally, you must have a good reputation with the Mojave Outpost and the NCR (New California Republic) faction.

How can I increase my reputation with the Mojave Outpost and the NCR?

To increase your reputation with the Mojave Outpost, you can complete quests that help or support the outpost, such as clearing out nearby threats or assisting its inhabitants. To improve your reputation with the NCR, you can undertake quests for them, aid their troops, and generally act in their favor.

Are there any specific dialogue choices that help in recruiting Cass?

During your conversations with Cass, there are dialogue options that can increase your chances of recruiting her. Showing sympathy towards her situation, understanding her motives, and expressing a desire to help her in her personal quest can all positively influence her decision to join you.

Can Cass be romanced in the game?

No, Cass cannot be romanced in “Fallout: New Vegas.” She is not a romantic companion, but rather a reliable and skilled ally in combat.

Are there any other benefits to having Cass as a companion?

Yes, there are several benefits to having Cass as your companion. She is a proficient firearms user and has a unique perk called “Whiskey Rose.” This perk grants you a damage threshold bonus (+50% DT) whenever you consume alcohol, making you more resistant to damage in combat.