How To Decorate a Two Story Wall | Video Tutorial

How To Decorate a Tall Wall In Living Room | Video Tutorial

How To Decorate a Two Story Wall | Video Tutorial

A two-story wall in your home shouts richness and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Alternatively, if you like a more minimalist style, fill the space with one or two carefully chosen items.


However, the sheer size of particular two-story walls gives not only an opportunity but also a challenge. For interior designer, the height of massive two-story walls makes it tough to develop ideas, and things can rapidly swing from minimalist to stark. On the other hand, a large fence may add drama and presence to your space, which your visitors will love, and we’ll teach you how to do it properly here at House Digest. Let’s look at some decoration ideas for a two-story wall.

For the height — Use Wallpaper

Although there are many different perspectives on the usage of Wallpaper, it can be just as effective as paint in framing a room when done correctly. And, trust us, that paisley pattern you’ve always wanted for your walls is quite challenging to replicate with paint. As Wallpaper from the 1970s notes, using Wallpaper on a two-story fence is a sensible decision. It may either call attention to the height or decrease the intimidating sense that a taller wall can provide when done appropriately.

Darker wallpapers can give a place a more intimate atmosphere. At the same time, brighter colors and more dynamic patterns will take the sting out of that towering experience instead of giving a visual party.

Leave a gap between the Wallpaper and the ceiling to shrink the area and make it feel less enormous visually. On the other hand, lighter tones will help generate a sense of airiness and space if you want to highlight your two-story wall. Just keep in mind that wallpapering a two-story wall is a potentially dangerous undertaking that may necessitate the use of scaffolding, depending on the height of your area. To avoid any mishaps, make sure you use an experienced contractor.

Make a statement with your bookshelf

Have you ever had a problem with storage in your home? Your issues are ended, friend, if you’re the proud owner of a two-story wall. Making some extremely tall floor-to-ceiling shelves is an excellent way to make a statement while also giving a functional storage solution.

According to Expert Designers, mixing the media on your shelves is an excellent method to keep them visually interesting in the broader space. Consider combining books with artwork, which can be layered and arranged in various ways. After all, you’ll have plenty of room!

Make sure that you use your shelf space to be consistent with the design of your area. “When arranging goods on the floor-to-ceiling shelves, make sure they fit your living room’s color scheme. “Simple ceramic decorations and potted plants would look great if the space is designed in neutral tones.” Will makes an excellent point: the last thing you want to do is figure out how to get that bright-red ornament down from two floors high!

With a striking adornment, you can make a statement.

Everyone must choose whether to hide from something or go all out at some point in their lives. That moment may come for you when you come face to face with your two-story wall, contemplating how to make it as inconspicuous as possible.

While you have a wide range of options for eye-catching design, from neon signs to large artwork, an oversized clock on a two-story expanse can be just what you need. As The Fancy Place points out, a super-sized, enormous clock may take center stage on a large wall, with older-style watches matching a more classic design aesthetic and modern metal clocks firmly bringing things into the contemporary space.

Just bear in mind that if you’re hanging your metal clock high up, you’ll need to be cautious. Before securing the clock, double-check that it has a stud behind it. The last thing you want is for it to collapse without warning.

Two-story walls can be enhanced with hanging lighting fixtures

Two-story walls lend a sense of natural grandeur and elegance, especially in living rooms or entry halls. So, what’s the point of fighting that sensation? Lean in and enjoy the luxury of a two-story wall with a hanging light fixture. With an extravagant antique chandelier, you may give your home the Versailles treatment or go for something more modern and focused with low-hanging pendant lighting.

If you’re working with a two-story entryway, Experts recommends using the second level as a rough height point to hang your lighting. The lighting’s height won’t feel aimless, and you’ll have a visual focal point from both the upper and downstairs stories.

If your two-story home has windows along the higher margins, it could be good to align your lights with them for a unique perspective from the street.

To create a sensation of softness, use two-story curtains.

While there are many architectural alternatives with two-story walls, some wind up looking austere. 

Two-story curtains can be utilized on windowless walls to help frame space as a purely ornamental feature, which is especially effective if your two-story wall is large and has furniture against it.

If you have tall windows, two-story curtains are the best method to let light in during the day and keep it out at night. Choosing neutral hues for your two-story curtains can help them blend into the décor without being overpowering. Maintain in mind that closing two-story curtains are complex, so you may want to keep them as non-functional elements to avoid the inconvenience of having to draw them every night.

A two-story wall can be brought to life with large wall art.

Every home should have some art, and your two-story wall could be the ideal spot to display your favorites. A two-story wall is a perfect place to make a statement with just one super-large piece of art, creating a gallery-like atmosphere in your house.