How to Cleanse the Malz Ult in World of Warcraft

How to Cleanse the Malz Ult in World of Warcraft

How to Cleanse the Malz Ult in World of Warcraft


When you’re playing the role of Malz, you probably want to do as much damage as possible while using your ult. Unfortunately, the QSS cleanse for Malz never worked for me. Luckily, some things you can do will help you make the most out of the QSS cleanse for Malz.

Using a QSS cleanse for Malzahar will remove most of the crowd control debuffs from your opponents. It also removes most of the crowd control buffs from the target. However, this spell has a 90-second cooldown, and your ult is still 80 seconds away.

QSS cleanse for malz ult works in tandem with the Quicksilver Sash. It has the same active time as cleanse but also works against crowd control effects. It also reduces the duration of new debuffs. It can also be used to counter the effects of Mordekaiser.


While most ults can be removed with Cleanse, Malz ult is the exception. If you are a melee character and are on the enemy team, it can stun you for 2.5 seconds. Fortunately, you can remove this ability with the Quicksilver Sash for 1350 gold.

Cleanse can remove crowd control effects, but it cannot remove Malzahar’s ult. However, it can remove Warwick’s ult. Since it is a suppression effect, Cleanse can’t remove it, but you can use QSS to remove the E from an opponent under the effects of the ult. Malzahar disrupts gameplay on all lanes, provides a slow to your ADC, and is powerful enough to take critical objectives.

Cleanse Malz is an extraordinary ability that can help a champion with an excellent early-game shutdown. A team can counterplay this by using champions that are slow and have a shield that absorbs damage. The shield becomes more effective as the player’s health increases.

Mordekaiser’s ult

There are two main ways to counter Mordekaiser’s ult. The first method is to shut him down early in the game with a counter-champion. The second method involves using the shield. This shield increases in power as Mordekaiser’s health increases. This counterplay requires your team to keep attacking until Mordekaiser dies.

While the first approach is the easiest to use, you should also be aware that Mordekaiser’s ult is a suppression effect. This means that you cannot use Cleanse when Mordekaiser has an ult. This is why it is a good idea to use a suppressing item when playing against him.

Another option is to use the Quicksilver Sash. It will remove most crowd control spells, except suppression abilities. You can also use Quicksilver Sash to remove many of the ults from other champions.

Malefic Visions’ ult

Malefic Visions’ ult is a potent spell. It refreshes your mana and duration and restores 2% of Malzahar’s maximum mana. Whenever possible, you should use Malefic Visions on enemies, not in your lane.

This ult spreads a damage-over-time effect onto enemy minions, so you must be careful. It can be canceled under certain circumstances but will still grant stacks. For example, if Zz’Rot Swarm cancels malefic Visions, it will still grant stacks to the next enemy.

While QSS can remove the damage done by the ult, it can not cleanse a champion’s ability effects. It will not remove any damage reduction or silence. It will not remove damage reduction, taunt, or silence from enemies, either. However, it can cleanse other abilities.

Nocturne’s ult

If you’ve ever played a Nocturne, you know how powerful she can be. Her ult is an excellent counter ganking tool but can also be a great source of death. It deals primarily physical damage, and her next attack deals 120% of that amount to enemies. Additionally, her basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Umbra Blades by three seconds. The cooldown is also reduced by 50% when dealing damage to minions. In addition, any enemy champions hit by her ult will leave the Dusk Trail. Nocturne also gains 15/20/25/35% Movement Speed and 20/40/50/60 Attack Damage.

When playing Nocturne, you should aim to invade early. She is known as a high-end duelist, but her ult is excellent in most situations. Her spell shields get better with experience. It is best to try to gank the enemy jungler before she can use her ult. You can also look for good items like Serpent’s Fang and Chempunk Chainsword.

Null Zone

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If you want to use Cleanse against Malz, it might be an excellent option. This skill is handy for clearing Malz and doesn’t use an item slot. It also works well against CC skills. Cleanse has many advantages over Elixir of Time, such as it can kite and kill your opponent while stunned. It’s a good choice for all-out melee fights, but you need to be aware that there are better choices for sustained fights.

While the Cleanse summoner spell cannot clear Malzahar’s Ult, the QSS can remove crowd control debuffs. However, this spell only removes crowd control buffs for a short period. Also, the cooldown for QSS is 90 seconds, which is needed to clear Malzahar’s Ult.

Cheap Shot

A cheap shot to cleanse Malz ult can be a lifesaver against certain champions. This skill also increases damage when you hit Q on an affected target. It can also help you avoid late-game picks and ganks. This item does not require an item slot. The next time you encounter Malz, ensure you have the best shot to cleanse him. This will make your life easier.

Currently, there is no cheap shot to cleanse Malzahar’s ult. However, there are a few ways to remove it. One way is to use the PSA. This spell can remove crowd control debuffs, but it has a 90-second cooldown. On the other hand, the Ult itself has an 80-second cooldown.

If you have the gold to invest in these items, you can equip them as AP and healers. You can also use the Void Staff or Comet, which are both excellent for AP. However, it would help if you remembered that AP does not grant you much Ability Haste, and you’ll need to spend gold to get them. Furthermore, you won’t get much damage with the damage options. Liandries is a good choice for AP players because it gives Malz a chance to solo the baron without worrying about getting damaged.


Can you cleanse Malz ULT?

Cleanse DOES eliminate ignite, BUT it leaves suppression behind. Only QSS can remove suppression abilities, Malz’s ult, Urgot’s ult, and Warwick’s ult. Keep in mind that only QSS can remove the Mordekaiser ult; cleanse cannot.

Can you QSS out of Malzahar ULT?

Tether again breaks, and you take no more damage if you QSS Malz ult. Argument: Everyone agrees that Malz is doing well. And he is the only champion who forces people who do not employ Merc Scimtar to construct QSS.

Can you Ignite during Malz ULT?

If the target is within range, you can cast ignite while Malz is ulting; otherwise, he will stop ulting and move in the direction of the target.

What is Malzahar ult Cooldown?

Six seconds to cool down. Range: 900. Area of Influence: 400. Malzahar activates two Void portals that fire projectiles inward, dealing magic damage and silencing enemies.