How Old Is Zero Two?

How Old Is Zero Two?

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How Old Is Zero Two?

Although Hiro appears to be approximately 13, this could be the case. However, it’s possible that 0 2 is older than all of them. Everyone have a happy Zero Twosday! I can talk from experience. DARLING in the FRANXX’s subreddit for anime and manga (DarliFra).

You are not alone if you are wondering how old Zero Two is. So many fans are curious about this character’s age, especially since the new Zero Two series is coming out this December. In this article, we’ll look at Zero Two’s Height and Pseudonym to see if he is as old as he claims. So read on to find out!


Chika is Zero Two, the Klaxosaur Princess’s clone, created by Dr. Franxx. She is the first female character in the series and is the romantic rival of Ichigo. She joined the game in the winter season of 2018 and made her Main Tournament debut. She survived the first three group stages and the Emerald period, and then she was eliminated in the second split of 2020’s Single Round-Robin format.

Zero Two is a popular character in Darling in the Franxx and is highly regarded by fans and critics. She is the 18th most popular female character in the MaL database. Zero Two’s childhood was a bit different, as she had longer horns, sharp teeth, and light skin and red blood. However, she grew up with these attributes and is a ‘dangerous child’ with a deadly intent on killing.

Partner Killer

How old is Zero Two? We can answer this question by asking him how many years has he been in the movie franchise, or by asking him in person. It is important to note that a movie adaptation of a comic book will not necessarily be accurate. The premise is that one character is more “age appropriate” than another. However, Zero Two is younger than the average human in the series. As with most animated characters, he will likely appear in several different age groups, so it’s important to look into his age to find the correct answer.

The anime adaptation of the popular movie, Darling in the Franxx, is directed by Code:000. Yabuki, the manga creator who created the original series, Black Cat, is also responsible for the anime adaptation of the same name. His other anime works include the sexy alien comedies To Love Ru Darkness. So this is the perfect pairing for a movie based on his beloved comics.

While Zero Two’s age is unknown, she is described as a “masculine girl” who is not afraid to play around. She is taller than Hiro and is described as athletic and playful. She has a playful personality and does not like to follow rules. She has a lot of energy, and is known for stealing clothes and trying to steal them from other people. In addition to her acting skills, Zero Two also teases Hiro, a girl who loves anime.


The character known as Zero Two is an elite pilot who flies a Franxx. He goes by “Partner Killer” pseudonym because his co-pilots usually die within a few outings. Despite his pseudonym, Zero Two is likable and playful with Hiro. Despite his dangerous nature, he does not seem to care about following rules.

Zero Two is extremely fond of Hiro and often teases and flirts with her. When they pilot the FRANXXX, Zero Two kisses Hiro, which he did not understand. However, the two start on good terms, as they work well together to help the rest of the squad. If you’re wondering what Zero Two is thinking, you’ll find out soon enough!

Zero Two was created by Dr. Franxx, the first character introduced in the movie. The movie is based on a book by the same name and author. He was a villain in the previous movie, and his role was to manipulate Hiro and Mistilteinn. In the sequel, Zero Two helps Hiro rescue Mistilteinn. In addition to saving the humans from the VIRM, he also fights against the villains.

While fighting the villains in the movie, Zero Two always tries to make Hiro feel better. She’ll even go as far as sacrificing herself to save Hiro. This is why she’s called Zero Two. It’s because her horns resemble those of Hiro, which makes her look like a woman. However, she will always be loyal to her friend and do whatever she can to keep him safe.


The height of Zero Two is mentioned in the game Angel Hunter. The character was very colorful and striking. The fangs were longer than normal. Its sclera was red instead of white. Its horns were also larger. He also had long hair, which was lighter pink. His headband was a flower, which was worn in episode 17.

The relationship between Zero Two and Hiro is very similar to that in the anime, although the relationship between the two changes when she gets obsessed with being human. Hiro tries to open up to Zero Two and is met with an aggressive reaction. Eventually, Zero Two apologizes and vows to stay with Hiro for life. Hiro and Zero Two fall in love the following year and become partners. This relationship is a great one.

Zero Two is taller than the other female members of Squad 13, including Hiro. She is athletic and towers over her squadmate Hiro. Zero Two is also more rebellious than the other members of her squad. While Hiro is more refined and sweet, Zero Two is the most dangerous, and almost kills her partner. Zero Two has long pink hair and red horns on her head. In the show, Zero Two is a slender, athletic woman. In the manga, she’s a bit shorter than Hiro, but her height is comparable.

How Old Is Zero Two?

Relationship With Hiro

The Relationship between Zero Two and Hiro is portrayed as a loving relationship. Both characters are very close and adore one another. Zero Two is so obsessed with Hiro that he would rather die than let her go. Hiro is equally as fascinated with Zero Two. The two begin to date, and both are deeply in love. Zero Two is particularly fond of Hiro, who is a good pilot. The two share a fondness for each other, and the relationship between Zero Two and Hiro is romantic.

How Old Is Zero Two?

After gaining Zero Two’s trust, Hiro partnered with him despite knowing he was in danger. While Hiro lacked self-confidence, heroism, and self-pity, he could only prove his worth in the eyes of Zero Two. By allowing him to join Zero Two’s mission, Hiro could fulfill his destiny: to become the wing that Zero Two needed to fly.

When Zero Two first meets Hiro, the two are friends and are good at helping one another. They share a similar outlook on life and have the same goal. Although their relationship is complicated, the two share similar values. When Hiro’s physical condition worsens, Zero Two gives him hope and motivation to grow stronger. Despite the distance between them, their relationship is very strong and they are both proud of each other’s abilities.

Desire To Be Human

In the FRANXX anime series, Zero Two is a hybrid human-ape, showing interest in the main character, Hiro. However, his horns and Klaxosaur blood make him lonely and he does not know what it is like to live a normal human life. Therefore, his ultimate wish is to be human. However, until he achieves this, he cannot live a normal human life.

The narrator of Zero Two says that “two individuals can’t exist without linking.” He also refers to two individuals as perfection, and they can share a wing. This makes them beautiful even if they are imperfect. This is one of the many Zero Two quotes I have cited in my reviews. While some of the Zero Two quotes are rather clichéd, others are incredibly powerful.