How Old Is Starfire, Her Sisters, Cyborg, And Robin?

How Old Is Starfire, Her Sisters, Syborg, And Robin?

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How Old Is Starfire, Her Sisters, Cyborg, And Robin?

Starfire (Princess Koriand’r) is a comic book superhero who appears in the books released in the company of D.C. Comics. Starfire debuted in a prequel story in D.C. Comics that they wrote in the hands of Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Starfire was her name. Starfire first was used (for an entirely unrelated persona) in an issue of D.C. Comic in the story The Answer Man of Space within Mystery in Space 73, February 1962, which Gardner Fox created.

In 2013 Starfire placed 21st on I.G.N.’s Top 25 Heroics from D.C. Comics.”Starfire has appeared in many animated television series and films, including as a member of the Teen Titans in Cartoon Network’s famous series, voiced by Hynden Walch. Coriander was a live character on her debut on the D.C. Universe and HBO Max series Titans as she played the role of Anna Diop.

Who Is Starfire?

Starfire was princess Koriand’r from her fictional world of Tamaran within the Vega system. She was the first to become the planet’s queen. Komand’r, also called Blackfire, her elder sister, had an intense rivalry with her following the onset of an illness in her infancy, which took away her ability to harness the power of solar and allowed her to fly, her right to the throne. 

This rivalry was rekindled and intensified as the siblings were taken to training for warriors by the Okaara Warlords. The tensions ended during a fight during which Komand’r attempted to murder her sister. In the end, Komand’r was ejected and was able to take revenge.

How Old Is Starfire , Robin and Cyborg 

The age of starfire is 15 and she is more mature than her colleagues. In addition, she has a young physical appearance. Robin is also 15 years old.  While the cyborg age is 17.

Starfire and Her Sisters

Blackfire is a supervillain that appears in American comics released through D.C. Comics. She is the elder sibling of Teen Titans member Crown Princess Koriand’r or Starfire and a lesser-known cousin, Crown Prince Ryand’r or Darkfire.

When they discovered Raven, Starfire and Raven began to behave as sisters once more and more like teenagers. The show is quite distinct from comics, but the overall feeling of the character remains the same. But Raven, as well as Starfire, are better buddies in this version of Titans.

The revenge was the form of a plot in which Komand’r swore to betray her home planet by providing detailed information on Tamaran’s defenses, adversaries, and the Citadel. They defeated Tamaran without difficulty, and the conditions for surrender included the enslavement of Koriand’r, who was not allowed to return as it could mean that the Citadel would ruin the world for violating the accord. In her devastation, Koriand’r discovered she was the master of Komand’r. 

Her older sister was also a slave. Coriander was the one who benefited from her siblings’ years of brutal servitude that included frequent punishment and s*xual exploitation. If Koriand’r killed one of her captors, Komand’r opted to execute her as a punishment.

However, Koriand’r and her sisters were attacked and seized by the Psions, a group of cruel alien scientists. As they conducted dangerous tests on the sisters to examine their sun’s energy absorption capabilities, The Psion was slain by the forces of Komand’r. Koriand’r escaped by using her new star bolts. 

They are destructive explosions of ultraviolet energy that resulted from the experiment. Because of misguided loyalty to her family, Koriand’r was freed, who was still taking in more significant quantities of U.V. energy. Not content, Komand’r slammed her sister in the same way, only with greater force and intensity, and had her confined to be executed later.

Koriand’r managed to escape by taking an escape spacecraft and fleeing to the closest world, Earth, and there she was introduced to her first Robin (Dick Grayson) and his cohorts. She joined them to form The Teen Titans. She was a founding member of the team and was a part of it for a long time, eventually landing the opportunity to model professionally under her name Kory Anders.

Who Are Cyborg and Robin?

The five prominent members of the eponymous team in the series are:

  • Robin (Scott Menville) is the intelligent and capable leader of the Teen Titans.
  • Starfire (Hynden Walch) is a quirky, curious alien princess from Tamaran.
  • Cyborg (Khary Payton) is a half-human/half-robot known for his strength and technological prowess. 

The first season is centered around his Teen Titans’ introduction to the mysterious supervillain Slade who tries to make Robin into an apprentice. The second season is a re-telling of “The Judas Contract” storyline, in which the new hero Terra joins the team, while working in secret along with Slade.

The third season follows Cyborg’s struggle with the villainous H.I.V.E. and their chief Brother Blood (John DiMaggio). It prompts Cyborg to create the superhero group Titans East with Aqualad, Speedy (Mike Erwin), Bumblebee, and Mas y Menos. 

In the fourth episode of the series, Raven finds herself unwillingly engaged in a plot that could end the planet’s existence when her father, demon Trigon is determined to take over the Earth. In the fifth season, The Teen Titans join forces with several other heroes to take on The Brotherhood of Evil, Beast Boy’s long-standing enemies, and the army of evil.

Final Words

The year 2015 saw Koriand’r receive an ongoing solo series called Starfire, which sees her return to Earth (presumably at this point her sister has been healed) specifically, returning to Key West, a city and island located in Florida. She is a friend of her local sheriff, Stella Gomez, and a powerful woman located beneath the Earth’s surface. This is called Atlee. In issue 5, she’s been able to befriend Stella’s widowed brother, Sol (who bears a striking similarity in a way to Dick Grayson, and isn’t particularly concerned about heroism.