How Often do Massage Places Get Raided?

How Often do Massage Places Get Raided?

How Often do Massage Places Get Raided?

Across the globe, massage parlors have a kind of lousy reputation whether we talk about Asian, European, or American massage parlors. According to resources in New York city, there are 36 legally approved professions, including engineers, midwife, stylists, and more. But according to state law, the massage therapy profession is still not considered a licensed profession.

Licensing process gets tough for the people who aren’t native speakers. The same goes for Asian regions, it is not a crime, but it is considered a sin. This profession is not considered a licensed profession. It often got raided by the police official. Nearly every day in New York and often in Asian territory.

According to reports, massage parlors in New York City get raided every time. The same happens in European countries and Asia, especially South Asia. The situation there gets pretty bad for the women working there. Police take advantage of the situation and ask the women to do sexual favors. Or exchange things in return for the bail. People who fail to fulfill their requirements face serious consequences.

The Asian massager who works in New York City faces a lot of humiliation, and their fundamental human rights are humiliated sometimes. When talking specifically about some countries, let’s talk about Singapore. We found out recently that approximately a hundred or two hundred people got under the fire of investigation, and some got arrested during the nighttime. 

Police accused them of being involved in human trafficking though some weren’t interested. There are about 200 massage parlors, and they raided 32 of them on a single night. Some of the women were arrested and developed an establishment where they were involved in providing the services of prostitution in the premises of the massage parlor.

Some of the South Korean women were also arrested. Police officials stated that they were working there without any work permit. They got really in trouble. They charged every parlor ten thousand dollars. It was also reported that they weren’t following any  Covid protocols.

When talking about India, one of the biggest countries in Asia. But massage parlors in India still don’t have that reputation. Police officials often raid them every week. But after raiding the parlors, they ask for sexual favors from the women just for their freedom and often demand money. Massage parlors get busted when the women refuse to give services to officers or don’t offer a freebie to the officer.

Sometimes, they also get in trouble for having unlicensed massage therapists. According to a report in Chandi Garh, the police officials raided three massage parlors involved in some illegal prostitution and human trafficking. They generated a fine and suspended their massage parlors. The same goes for Pakistan. There are very few massage parlors because they aren’t considered legal there. Some massage parlors are available in big cities. They got raided due to having an unlicensed therapist and were often involved in human trafficking.

Let’s talk about the United States of America, where talking about the New York massage parlous often gets raided every 2nd day. In New York, the unlicensed massage workers are called to be more sinister than the prostitutes. Doing the work without a license can get you in jail for three to 4 months with a five hundred dollars fine. Sometimes, massage workers offer prostitution services to avoid fines and jail to police officers who sometimes work.

Some human rights organizations consider every human at the same level. In their opinion, massage workers aren’t fewer humans than the other professions. They believe that they earn their money the hard way. Some people think that massage parlors are involved in human trafficking without that human consent which is a worst-case scenario.

But in New York, the licensing process often gets so difficult for the people who aren’t native speakers. After that, they haven’t any choice left. Some people have issued statements regarding the licensing process that it should be easily approachable to everyone regardless of what language they speak.

Looking at the other side of the story. Some advocates are constantly raiding the parlors

to arrest the women without a license. And involve them in some prostitution. Public opinions are that if trafficking is happening, their solution isn’t to raid and get the massage workers. There should be some alternative way.

A new state assembly bill was passed out when influencers talked about the case, and the bill was A8281 which decriminalizes massage work. The law doesn’t work with the licensing requirements, but it decriminalizes the profession of massage and therapy. However, supporters also wanted them to decriminalize prostitution so that massage parlors could get rid of that.

A police detective charged two women who weren’t licensed and were offering sexual services to the undercover county police officers. A woman who wasn’t a licensed therapist worked at a massage parlor on Island road in New York.

 According to reports, they charged a woman for offering offensive sexual services to the undercover officer by providing extra money. They found her doing the same to another undercover officer. County police officials said they charged her for providing unlicensed massage services and making offensive sexual remarks to undercover officers. This happened back In 2019. According to reports, the number will increase exponentially by 2022.


The massage parlors in the Americas are often raided every 2nd day, but their massage parlors have been decriminalized; however, licensing is still hard for those who aren’t native speakers. And this makes it difficult for Asians to work there. So they often get caught and charged for practicing the therapy work without a license. Asian massage parlors are frequently linked with human trafficking, and they are raided every week.

But As long as they offer sexual services or freebies to the duty officers, everything is in control; otherwise, the situation gets worse. Human right organizations are working on the matter to legalize the therapy work and prostitution so that every human being has a right to live their lives independently.