How Many Missions Are in MGS5?

How Many Missions Are in MGS5?

How Many Missions Are in MGS5?

There are 50 missions in the game; about 20 of them are in the post-game. There are also side missions and collectibles.

Players have access to a vast selection of tasks in The Phantom Pain. An extensive gaming experience is guaranteed by the game’s blend of main plot missions, side missions, and other mission types. The number of primary story missions in MGSV may vary depending on how one defines a “mission,” although each contributes to the overall plot and character growth. These primary objectives advance Big Boss and his Diamond Dogs’ narrative and move the player ahead in the game’s immersive setting.

Players can explore a variety of side quests dispersed around the game’s open world in addition to the major story tasks. The activities offered by side operations are diverse and include resource gathering, target removal, rescue missions, and surveillance. These side missions provide the chance to further interact with the game’s world, enhance gameplay, and learn more about the tale.

MGS5 Main Missions List

The main story objectives in Kojima Productions’ critically acclaimed action-adventure title Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain provide a fascinating narrative. Let’s review some of the important primary missions that influence the adventures of Big Boss and his Diamond Dogs as we go into the worlds of espionage and conflict.

  • Awakening: The first objective in the game, “Awakening,” immerses players in a dark and intense setting. The task introduces the game mechanics and establishes the tone for the dark and brutal plot as Big Boss emerges from a nine-year coma. Players must negotiate a hospital filled with opponents to solve the mystery surrounding Big Boss’s nearly deadly encounter.
  • Phantom Limbs: After the tragic events of “Awakening,” the players start the mission “Phantom Limbs.” As well as demonstrating the protagonists’ friendship, this assignment lays the groundwork for Big Boss’ mercenary organization, Diamond Dogs.
  • A Hero’s Way: In “A Hero’s Way,” players must take out a rogue sniper threatening the Afghani town. Players are introduced to the expansive open-world settings of MGSV in this mission, allowing for strategic preparation and different methods. Players can take down the sniper and unravel the fight using stealth, long-range sniping, or a direct attack.

MGS5 Final Mission

An exciting finish to the narrative is reached in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with a climactic final mission. Let’s explore the titanic confrontation and solve this supreme task.

The Man Who Sold The World: Unraveling The Truth

Players in “The Man Who Sold the World” experience a mind-bending twist that tests their understanding of reality. Big Boss sets off on a quest to face Venom Snake, his identical twin, and learn the truth about the complex network of lies.

This mission exemplifies how well the game can combine fast-paced combat scenes with deep story components that engage players with their emotional resonance.

The Kingdom Of The Flies: Confronting The Puppet Master

The Kingdom of the Flies is the scene in which Big Boss faces off against the mysterious foe Skull Face. Players must penetrate a heavily guarded base in this risky operation to stop Skull Face’s ambitions to wreak havoc on the world.

The quest tests the player’s acquired skills and knowledge throughout the game and serves as the finale of their trip. Players witness the conclusion of significant plot arcs and enjoy bringing the narrative to a satisfying conclusion. At the same time, they engage in an exhilarating war of wits and combat.

Shining Lights, Even In Death: A Farewell

The story’s heartbreaking and moving ending is “Shining Lights, Even in Death.” Players are charged with respecting departed allies as they move across a lonely and eerie world. The themes of brotherhood, loss, and the effects of war are reinforced by this task, which honors the sacrifices made during the entire game.

As they say goodbye to the characters and the setting of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it reflects on the journey the players have experienced and leaves a lasting impact.

How Long Is The Main Story Of MGSV?How Long Is The Main Story Of MGSV?

The expansive and immersive universe, riveting plot, and robust gameplay mechanics of The Phantom Pain are well known. Players frequently ponder the game’s primary story’s length as they set off on this exhilarating trip. Let’s analyze the length of the main story in MGSV and the typical playtime that gamers may anticipate.

Narrative Complexity: A Multi-Layered Plot

Throughout several missions, the multi-layered core story of MGSV is revealed. The game’s plot is masterfully crafted, fusing aspects of political intrigue, personal drama, and espionage.

Complex characters, unexpected turns, and thought-provoking issues enrich the story. Players solve the mysteries of Big Boss, his goals, and the conflicts that create his universe as they advance through the primary missions. The primary story’s total length results from the narrative’s depth, which makes for an engaging and absorbing reading experience.

Mission Structure: Varied And Expansive

The primary story missions in MGSV have various gameplay features and objectives in addition to narrative content. Every task has diverse difficulties that force players to use various tactics. While other missions prioritize intensive fighting or strategic decision-making, others prioritize stealth and penetration.

The vast open-world settings provide a variety of paths and options, letting players approach quests in their own way. The structure gives the primary story more complexity and duration, which also lengthens the gameplay.

Side Content: A World To Explore

The core of MGSV’s narrative comprises the main story missions, but there is also a ton of side content that enhances the gameplay. Players can spend numerous hours playing additional objectives, side missions, and optional missions in addition to the main plot.

In addition to adding to the world and background, participating in these side activities advances the player and helps them gather resources. Participating in these side missions and activities can greatly increase the amount of time spent playing MGSV, providing a more thorough and satisfying experience.


How many main missions does Metal Gear Solid V have? The Unreal Pain?

V: Metal Gear Solid There are 50 main story missions in The Phantom Pain. These missions structure the center account of the game and advance the storyline.

Apart from the main story missions, are there any other missions?

Yes, the main story missions in Metal Gear Solid V: There are numerous side missions in The Phantom Pain. In addition to the main storyline, these side missions offer optional objectives and tasks.

Do the side missions add to the general game movement?

While the side missions are not straightforwardly attached to the principal story, they can add to the general game movement. The player often receives valuable resources, recruits, and new features or equipment as rewards for completing side missions, which can be useful for both main story missions and additional gameplay.

Is the complexity and length of the side missions comparable to the main story missions?

The intricacy and length of side missions can change. A few side missions might be more limited and less mind boggling, zeroing in on unambiguous targets or difficulties, while others can be more included and offer novel situations or experiences. The particular side mission and the way it was designed determine the level of complexity.

Can the main story missions be played again once they are finished?

Yes, you can replay a main story mission once you have completed it. This permits you to return to and experience the mission once more, possibly using various procedures or approaches.

Are there any additional missions that can be downloaded as DLC?

V: Metal Gear Solid The Apparition Torment got DLC content as extra missions. These DLC missions may include novel challenges or story elements in addition to providing additional gameplay experiences. DLC missions, on the other hand, may or may not be available depending on the game’s version and any newly added content.