How Long Do Server Boosts Last?

How Long Do Server Boosts Last?

How Long Do Server Boosts Last?

The server boost expires one-month following purchase. After one month, the server will be downgraded when the threshold for server boost has been reached. Discord informs you when the boost will expire when you purchase.

What Is A Server Boost?

In Discord, Server Boost can be a function that supplies your server with various advantages. This helps make the servers more fun for users of the community of servers.

A server boost is $4.99 per month if you’re in the process of converting to Nitro. If you’re already a Nitro membership subscriber, you’ll get 30 percent off your server boost purchases.

The server boost system could be a bit confusing, however. It’s not as simple as using the server boost to access the benefits. Instead, there are various levels, each needing a specific amount of server boosts to unlock.

Each level has distinct perks.

Level 1 Server Boost Perks (2 Server Boosts to Unlock)

  • 50 additional emoji slots
  • 128 kbps audio quality
  • 60FPS, 720P, Go Live streams
  • Custom server invites background
  • Server icon animated
  • 15 custom sticker slots
  • Three days archive option available from the last activity of a thread

Level 2 Server Boost Perks (7 Server Boosts to Unlock)

  • Everything in Level 1
  • 50 additional emoji slots
  • 256 kbps audio quality
  • 1080P, 60FPS GoLive streams
  • Server banner
  • A 50MB upload limit is set for Server users
  • 15 more custom sticker slots
  • One week archive option available from the last thread activity
  • Private thread feature
  • Icons to be used for custom roles

Level 3 Server Boost Perks (14 Server Boosts to Unlock)

  • Everything in Level 1 and Level 2
  • 100 additional emoji slots
  • 384 kbps audio quality
  • 100MB upload limit on Server users
  • Custom invite link
  • 30 more custom sticker slots

How Long Do Server Boosts Last?

The server boost expires one-month following purchase. After one month the server will go downgrade when the threshold for server boost has been reached.

Discord informs you when your server boost is due to expire at the time you purchase it. If you don’t want to lose the benefits of your server, Keep a record of the expiration date so you can renew it later. It is possible to, and of course, you can terminate an upgrade to your server at any time.

In Discord Nitro, you get two server boosts free of charge for each month’s payment. It will ensure that you remain at level 1 while paying to renew Nitro. If you’re not currently using Nitro and purchasing server boosts on a per-order basis, you’ll need to set up automatic renewal of the server boosts. In the event that you don’t, your server will be downgraded. It’s a bit expensive to keep your Discord server updated. Maintaining a server at Level 3 costs $69.86 each month. It is possible to buy a server boost to an existing Discord server. A collective effort is the most effective method to keep the server features rich if your community is huge.

How To Do A Discord Server Boost?

If you’re looking to boost your Discord server boost, make sure that you have a computer close by since it can be performed using the desktop app all by itself.

  1. Start the desktop Discord app on your desktop.
  2. Select your server on the sidebar.
  3. Click upon”Server name” to open the “Server name” to open the “Server settings”.
  4. Choose the “Server Boost” or “Server Boost” option.
  5. Tap on “Boost This Server.”
  6. Determine how many boosts would like to purchase.
  7. Select whether you want a Nitro subscription.
  8. Enter the payment information.
  9. Make sure you confirm that you are interested in purchasing the boost.

How Can I Make My Discord Server Boost Permanent?

There’s no way you could permanently create Discord boosts since they’re renewed monthly.

If you’re finding it difficult to increase your Discord each month, then you may set auto-renewal to boost your Discord with no effort.

When you sign up to auto-renew, the credit card you use will be charged regularly, which means that you can use specific features throughout the year.

Is It Worth It To Do A Discord Boost?

It is contingent on the method you are using Discord. Discord users who use Discord often and wish to use it for commercial reasons are encouraged to upgrade their Discord servers to include particular features. If you boost your Discord server is upgraded, it provides excellent screen-sharing quality and improves the audio quality. If you require features like audio and screen sharing, increasing your server’s speed can help you reach your goals efficiently.

Is There A Way To Make A Server Boost Permanent On Discord?

There’s no method to make boost server speed last on Discord. Server boosts are dependent on the monthly subscription plan. However, you can enable auto-renewal to promptly increase your most-loved Discord servers. It will charge your credit card or use any boosts for free servers promptly.

At first, it appeared that Discord had made an unwise business choice by making server boosts only temporary instead of permanent. But, a couple of decades later it looks like their decision is paying off.

If they created Discord Server boosts indefinitely, it would create the possibility of a black market for boost servers. So in the end, the only method to make a server increase “permanent” is to allow your server boosts each month to automatically renew.

It will be added to your active server boosts when you boost a server.

Here’s how to see the servers you’re boosting:

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Access the User Options (the cogwheel icon on the right side of the profile picture).
  3. Under Billing Settings, select Server Boost.
  4. If you go to Active Server Boosts, you can see which servers are currently in the process of boosting.

While you can enjoy a permanent boost to your Discord server for a long time, it will be charged monthly. If you don’t pay for the service, the boost will stop.

The best option is to purchase Discord Nitro and use the two free server boosts on your preferred server. The server boost renews automatically in conjunction with the Nitro monthly subscription.

What Does Boosting A Discord Server Do?

The process of boosting the performance of a Discord server can improve the quality of the audio and screen share, increase the upload limit, add additional Emoji slots, and many more. Higher levels also grant access to special options like banners for servers as well as custom icons for private role threads, private threads, and personalized invite links.

I believe that Discord server upgrades are usually worth the cost. One reason is that members enjoy the possibility of creating custom stickers and emoticons. However, there’s plenty more to these increases.

The improvement in audio quality and screen sharing quality is the most important. For instance, the community plan offers 384 kbps, four times more than the free plan.

Threads can last as long as three days for Friends or seven days for Communities and Groups. This is a crucial feature for all major Discord servers with important announcements, such as patch notes or open beta tests.

There are some unique options like customized role icons as well as animated server icons, too. These are cosmetic functions that can bring an interface back to life.

The customized invite link is a feature exclusive to those who subscribe to the Communities package. For instance, League of Legends’ official Discord includes the handle /lol. This allows the link to be instantly recognized. It’s not the same for other invites that use random numbers and letters.

Is A Discord Server Boost Worth It?

If you use Discord frequently and want to increase the size of your Discord community servers, then server upgrades are well worth the cost. Server boosts can add significant functionality to the Discord server such as enhanced screen share quality and more Emoji slots. Of course, if you’re required to spend money to get the server to increase, its performance depends on the frequency you’re on the Discord server, as well as the function of the server. However, if you’re looking to expand your server’s capacity, or use it to support your business, upgrading the server’s capacity is worthwhile.

Is It Possible To Transfer A Canceled Boost To A Different Server?

The process is quick if you’ve got an increase and wish to end it. It’s as easy as going through User Settings. There, you can go to servers via the Boost tab. Here you can modify the number of boosts you’re paying for and remove the boosts on Discord servers.

Once you’ve confirmed you’re planning be transferring your boost, you’ll have seven days to transfer it to a different server. During that time, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve verified your purchase. This will ensure your progress toward getting the Boosting Badge isn’t lost.

The server Boost tab is also available. The server Boost tab also has the option of canceling your subscription. Before you cancel, ensuring you’ve read and understood the Discord Terms of Service agreement is important.

Normally, you’ll have a few days to take advantage of this boost before being taken away. However, the boost may be a brief cooling period if you’re banned. You can however reactivate your boost whenever you want.

You may also give Nitro to other people. This is how you can gift Nitro to others to help boost your server. Alternatively, you can give your boost over to a different Discord server.

If you’re transferring your boost, make sure to examine all of the information. Check to see if your new account is part of your existing one. If you’re moving, you may be denied badges or other perks.

Additionally, you’ll have to verify your credit card details. After that, you’ll be able to change your boost. In most cases, you can transfer the boost from one server to another in less than seven days.

If you decide to pay to upgrade the capacity of your Discord server, then you’ll need to be sure to confirm the transaction. If not, you’ll need to begin again.

Extra Emoji Slots

The truth is that there isn’t an easy answer to this question, but the simple response is that it all depends on the way you utilize the service. If you’re looking to improve your server’s performance or simply improve your server’s appearance, a boost could make a significant impact. You can purchase an increase on your own or add it to your existing subscription to enjoy regular advantages.

Discord has three levels of server enhancements. Each is designed to give you the most of the features Discord offers. Each level comes with an array of unique cool features, so you’ll have plenty of options. These boosts include Emoji slots, enhanced screen sharing quality, and custom role icons. For a nominal cost, you can receive an increase in the number of emojis that you can harass your acquaintances with. If you’re running many users on your server, A server boost could increase the number of members you have and your server profile.

The most appealing thing is that you can enhance your server’s features without cost, even if you don’t have enough money to spare. It’s just waiting some time for the upgrades to start rolling into. Then, you can see the development based on how your server is configured. In addition to the upgrade, you’ll also get an individual vanity URL. It’s essentially an attractive URL that you can use to share a link with your server’s friends. This might not sound like the other benefits you could obtain, but if you are trying to increase your server’s visibility, you should consider this.

Access To A Vast Collection Of Games

Discord is among the most popular chat apps that PC players can use. You can chat with your friends in real time through text, voice, and video. You can also buy Discord Nitro, a subscription service that grants you access to a collection of games that have been curated and a host of additional cool features.

Discord is worth exploring, particularly when you’re looking for a different method of communicating with other people. The benefits of this cool service include custom-designed server banners, animated server icons, and better audio quality. However, it isn’t possible to reap the benefits of this service without some effort.

To begin, you must go to your User Settings, then select your server Boost tab. This will reveal the number of Server Boosts you’ve bought and the current advantages that your server has. The three levels of this service and the highest level offer the greatest benefits.

If you’re still not quite enough to commit to an account, you can boost your servers’ performance. So long as the servers you select aren’t running out of fuel, the rewards will continue to accrue.

One of the greatest advantages of this kind of service can be that it doesn’t have to be a huge group of buddies to have fun. For instance, you could create a multiplayer version of the sandbox. Additionally, boosting a server can be a wonderful opportunity to contribute to your community. Furthermore, you can save boosts for other servers if you cannot play your preferred game.

Many additional benefits are available, like content planning and management of social media tools. These are features worth a look at since you can make your favorite games more enjoyable.

Refund Policy

If you’re looking for ways to improve the quality of your Discord user experience, you might consider boosting the performance of your server. However, you’ll have to make a payment for this service. Also, it is crucial to be aware that these bonuses aren’t long-lasting. The advantages you will receive from them are only for a few days.

To start increasing the performance of your server, you have to select the name you want to use for your server and then select the number of boosts you’d like to receive. The boosts are available in various levels; the higher you go, the higher your advantages. The benefits include more quality audio, enhanced streaming, and other cosmetic enhancements.

You can increase the performance of one or more servers through the Nitro subscription. The service costs $9.99 per month. It gives you access to Discord Nitro library of curated games and offers 30 percent off Server Boosts and two boosts to improve the performance of your server.

You may also offer Nitro to others. If you purchase the product, you will receive the gift link. You can gift the gift to users who require increased server performance. Be sure to enter your card information so they can access the service.

If you want your money back, you may request a refund within five days of purchasing the product. You cannot, however, offer a refund if you have already paid for the service.

Alternatively, you can move your boost over to a different server. You must, however, verify the transfer before you can do it. Then, based on the stage you’ve reached, you can benefit from larger uploads, better sound quality, etc.


How do server boosts work?

Users can support their favorite servers by purchasing server boosts, which enable them to gain access to additional perks and benefits such as increased emoji slots, customized server banners, and improved audio quality. Utilizing Discord Nitro or directly purchasing boosts, users can boost servers.

How long do boosts on servers last?

Server boosts are available for a month. To maintain their benefits and perks, users can upgrade a server each month.

If a user cancels their Nitro subscription, what happens to the boosts on a server?

Server boosts will run out at the end of the current billing period if a user cancels their Nitro subscription. The benefits and perks associated with that user’s boost will then be lost by the server.

Can a server be boosted by multiple users?

Yes, multiple players can boost the same server at the same time, and their boosts will stack to gain access to additional benefits.

What number of lifts does a server have to arrive at level 2 or level 3?

Two boosts are required for a server to reach level 1, fifteen boosts for level 2, and thirty boosts for level 3. With each level, more advantages and perks become available.

Can boosts for servers be given to other servers or users?

Yes, users can give other users or servers server boosts. Users can support the servers of friends or assist smaller servers in reaching higher levels and gaining access to additional perks thanks to this.