How Does the FBI Contact You?


How Does the FBI Contact You?

If you receive letters from Target or unsolicited phone calls from the FBI, you should be aware of your rights. You can invoke your right to a lawyer and say “no comment” if you don’t feel comfortable talking with the FBI agents. However, if you need to give them information, pull back your front door and go back inside your home.

Unsolicited phone calls

Unsolicited phone calls have hounded many people from the FBI. This scam involves criminals impersonating government agencies and threatening to arrest victims unless they pay a large fee. The FBI’s Boston Division is receiving more reports of these calls. They may sound legitimate, but they are scams, and you should hang up immediately.

Never give out your personal information to salespeople. Instead, request information through the mail. Then, you can research the product or company and verify its legitimacy. When contacting the company, understand what the company offers and ask specific questions about the product or service. For example, if the company claims to have a special offer, ask for details like the delivery date and guarantee.

You should put the call on voicemail when you receive an unsolicited call. Most call centers don’t leave a message. You should also consider placing the call on the “Do Not Call” list. You can also report telemarketers to the Attorney General’s Office.

The FBI has several tips for those who scammers target. They suggest being cautious when answering unknown phone numbers and never giving out your social security number or personal information. In addition, do not send money to strangers. If you are worried about being a victim, call the police immediately.

Scammers know how to exploit the nervousness of the victims to make them pay. For example, they might tell them they are under prosecution or that their bank account has been compromised. They may even demand payment to avoid legal action. However, the best way to protect yourself from being the victim of scams is to never give personal information over the phone.